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SwaSan: meri aashiqui tumse hi five shots ( first shot)

Hey guys Sriya back with first shot of swasan…!!! Thanks guys for your encouraging comments luv you all 😘😘…!!!

First shot

Scene 1 : ~

A girl is seen in dark room with revengeful eyes she picks a photo and sees ” I will destroy you like hell that you will not able to show your face in front of anyone it’s payback time mr sahil sengupta this is SG promise I have no other mission than destroying you..!!!”

She wipes her tears and wears sunglasses….and gets ready in formals and left to office….!!!

Scene 2 : ~

A boy is seen sleeping peacefully while snoring his phone starts ringing he picked up the call and said ” subah subah kya kam hai yaar kyu disturb kar rah hai meri acchi khaasi sleep kharab kar di mujhe sapne mein best businessman of the year ka award Milne wala tha..!!”

( he said ” in morning morning what work you have why are you disturbing my sleep in dream I was about to get best businessman of the year awards….!!”)

The other person said ” sorry dude but if u don’t come fast to office then our boss will eat you raw”

Sanskar said ” ya…ya I will reach in 5mins ”

He ended the call and run fast to washroom he took a shower and get ready in formals and left for office…..!!!!

Scene 3 : ~

Sanskar reached to office and gone to his cabin and started doing work……his boss comes there…he stands up scared and said ” what happened mam..??? ”

Boss said ” mr Sanskar you always come late and ask as if u don’t know anything if it next time it repeats then you will be fired understood..!!!”

Sanskar said ” okay mam I will come please don’t fire me ”

Boss said ” you can call me ms SG”

Sanskar ” okay mam…no no ms SG ”

She left from there he sighs and sat down and drinks water in one gulp and said to himself ” khadoos boss…!!”

After saying he gets to work and finished he goes to boss cabin with some files…he said ” ms SG may I come in..???”

SG ” come in..!!! ”

Sanskar ” ms SG once read these files and sign them..!!!”

Sg ” fine keep them here and you may leave..??”

Sanskar nods and leaves from there…!!!

Scene 4 : ~

A person is seen partying in the pub with his friends he gets closer to a girl…!!! He kneels down in front of her and proposes her and the girl accepts readily he hugs her and shows thumbs up to his friends a person is seeing all this with angry eyes…!!!

Precap : ~ swara revenge to start and Sanskar ‘s love revelation..!!!


So guys how was it? Hope it was upto the mark. Suggestions are always welcomed luv you guys 😘😘 take care bye next shot coming soon…..!!!!

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