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SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-4}


Swara walks inside a room along with Sanskar who was just staring her with lust all thz time

Swara: apka room …apko kuch chaheye ho tho bata dijiyega

He was yet again lost in her melodious voice which is so soft and sweet …..

Swara was abt to go …but her gaze falls on the curtains covering the window ….. She walks forward …Sanskar raises his eyebrows looking at her questionlyq

Swara:(hesitatly) wo..curtains …If u don’t mind i..will … Move them and open the window so tat the fresh air come in the room

Sanskar nodes still staring her Lustly …she moves towards the window getting his permission …
And moves the curtains … Opens the window ….the fresh air touches her soft skin …her hairs swings causing some fringes on her milky soft face ….due the air Her duppata slid down a lil from her shoulder waking the carving and inner lust of him …

He walks towards her…stands behind her and stares her lustly
Her soft hairs were touching his rough skin by now … He moved more closer and kept his hand on her waist …. She widens her eyes in shock feeling the touch ….
While he smirks and pulls her closer to him …crushing her back to his hard tone chest …he nuzzles his face in her sliky hairs inhaling her fragrance
Whereas she gets scared and tries to free herself from his grip
But he was strong enough for not letting her to do ….

Swara:aap kya karahe ho …. Plzz leave me …

She pleads still struggling in his arms …..he smirks and turns her pulling her more closer to him ..
He touches her soft cheeks and
Carsess it lustly

Sanskar: I will leave u …but before tat let me feel u

She looked up in shock ….

Swara:(fumbles) w…at … Wat .. Do u mean ….

Sanskar: oh let me tell u clearly

He smirks and pulls her closer to him……moves closer to her face and whisphers in her ears

Sanskar: (huskily) I wanna f**k u …hard so let’s have a s*x … I wanna ruin ur beauty ..m

Saying thz he rubs her shoulder lustly
Her eyes filled with tears hearing his talks …..she immediately pushed him and left from there
Sanskar looks at her going ..

Sanskar: hey stop …

He was abt to go behind her ..but just then Johan comes there

Johan:SM sir ….tat fellow Mr Randy our men caught him ..
Sanskar: (looks at him) (bossy tone) hmmm good … I will come ask them to take tat bustard to our site
Johan: okay sir

He leaves from there ..

Sanskar: hmm I will see her later let me 1st finish thz bustard’s chapter …

He leaves to the washroom to fresh up


Johan: SM sir is going out so don’t prepare dinner for him

He say’s thz to kaveri and kavitha …..for which they nodes

Swara who overs hears them … Takes a relief …thanking god for not facing him now ….me

Sanskar comes there looking at his mobile ….Swara see’s him and immediately runs to kitchen unnoticed by Sanskar

Sanskar:(bossy tone) Johan .. Let’s leave …

Johan nodes ..both leaves from there

Soon they reaches to a isolated place ….Sanskar gets out of the car … A bodyguard puts a chair … He sits on the chair

Sanskar: (bossy tone) Johan..
Johan: yes sir ..(to bodyguards) get him

Bodyguards nodes and drags a man out of the car …. The man’s hands were tied and face was coverd with a cloth … Johan goes towards him and takes off the cloth from his face ….
The man shivers seeing Sanskar
Sanskar smirks

Sanskar: welcome to hell Mr Randy …
Randy:(shivering tone) … S..M.
Sanskar: yes..Mr Randy time to die

Saying thz he takes a gun from his coat ….and points towards randy ….randy starts sweating in fear badly…he goes towards Sanskar and falls in his knees

Randy:plzz forgive me Mr SM … Forgive me…..don’t kill me … Don’t kill me ….
Sanskar: okay ..I will not (all looked at him in shock ) … I will not kill u …par ek sharth pai let’s play a game .. Look at tat gate (points to a gate.. Randy looks) …u have go there as soon as possible … If u reached there within 1min I will not kill u .. If not I will kill u …
Sanskar: then start

He nodes and runs towards the gate …while Sanskar smirks pulling the trigger of the gun ..
He shoot him ….randy falls on the Floor ..Sanskar smirks and goes towards him …

Randy;still 1min didn’t over ..u said u will…
Sanskar: (cuts off) Sanskar Maheswari doesn’t leave the person who tries to harm his loved ones ….u how dare u … U tried to kill my dad …Sanskar Maheswaris dad ?

He say’s thz so dangerously as
He was turned raged …randy gupls in fear ..
.sanskar shoots bullets to him till the bullets came to an end

Sanskar: Johan …
Johan:yes sir we will complete the rest of work ….

Sanskar shakes his head leaves from



Soon Sanskar reaches
Gadodia house and finds it dark as it was night

He walks towards his room but stops as his eyes falls on the beauty of divine doing some work in kitchen …he smirks and walks towards the kitchen
Swara feels someone’s presence and turns …only find Sanskar standing there with a smirk staring her lustly ….she gets scared as she reminces his words

Swara:app…app ..yahan .. Kuch cahiye tha ..

Sanskar moves closer to her … As she moves backward …he pulls her closer to him and keeps his hand on her duppata ….she widens her eyes in shock
And clutches her duppata tightly
Sanskar smirks and pulls her more closer …she feels uncomfortable and struggles

Sanskar:look I know u r servant of thz house for how long will u leave thz life ..let me feel u ..in return I will give the amt u want u can enjoy ur life

She immediately lifted her head to look at him .. The moon light falls on her fairy face in the dark room …her eyes which is filled with tears …was shining like a pure water …..her trembling soft lips which is closed due to fear all thz of her made him spell blind ….

Sanskar p.o.v

Wat girl she was …her everything is so perfect …..oh heaven …her lips like a soft petals …I just want to turn tat into a rough ..I wanna ruin it to the extend of hell ..
Wait …wait. ..was I thinking of kissing a girl on her lips which I never liked and feel to …!!!!
But she is different …I soooo lost in her beauty tat I didn’t realised
When my grip on her got loosen and she immediately ran from there ……..huh! Life is a game for me and so she …she is interesting ….and I just wanna satisfy my lust with interesting girl … .which I will do for sure

Cause I’m Sanskar Maheswari … Who nevers loose anything

Sanskar p.o.v ends


Hope u all liked thz epi
Thank u all
Love u all?????

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