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SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-3}


Kaveri and kavitha’s eyes shines seeing the man standing in front of them with soo many bodyguards around him ..y not the man wasn’t any ordinary person he was the great Sanskar Maheswari … the whole world Drool’s behind him and so they !!!


Kaveri runs towards him and folded her hands in gesture of greeting him

Kaveri:😃 Namaste beta ..

He just passes a smile not replying to her gesture and travels his gaze to the mobile in his hand and got busy in it!!
Kaveri smiles back!!

Kaveri:ayy Swara ….swara Arthi ka thaal le aa


Swara who was busy in kitchen work …hears her voice and shivers in fear …. She immediately took Arthi plate and leaves to hall


Kaveri turns & finds swara who was coming with the arthi’s plate in her hand

Kaveri:ay chori come fast

Swara nodes in fear and comes there …still she doesn’t see Sanskar as her head was bend in fear and so with Sanskar as he was busy with his Mobile

Swara:Maa (she gives the Arthi plate to kaveri)

Her melodious voice tickled in his ears ..he immediately lifted his head to take a view of the owner of such a melodious voice

Alas!! Wat he saw just dazzled him off…. He was dazzled by the beauty standing in front of him
He was just staring him with widen eyes …though she was dressed in a simple churidar … Though her face was pale with no make over and all … Some spark in her made him attract towards her ….wait wait was he attracted towards a traditional girl which he never was !!!
He smiles looking at her way of bending her head and playing with her duppata

Kaveri does Arthi of him and gives back Arthi plate to swara .

Kaveri:welcome Sanskar beta ..

He smiles still staring swara and enters the house ….at thz swara’s heart started beating heavily … She just lifted her head and looked at sanskar who was just stunned seeing her big doe eyes filled with lot of emotions …
The eyes which she was covering still now as her head was bend
Made Sanskar realise tat she is the one …yes she is the one …

Kaveri:(looks at swara) go and arrange the table for lunch

She say’s gazing her angrily … Swara downs her head noding in fear and leaves from there

Sanskar: (mind) oh dad I didn’t thought ur choice will be soo awesome ..

He thinks staring at swara whoz back was facing him by now
But Alas!! …he was thinking tat swara is his dad’s choice which is actually not …but soon his misunderstanding cleared as kaveri introduce ..kavitha to him

Kaveri:Sanskar beta …lo meet her she is one and only daughter of shekar gadodia …kavitha gadodia ur dad choice for u

She say’s with a smile keeping hands around kavitha’s shoulder
He was surprised as he thought swara to be his dad choice …but did he cared of course not …. So he just looked at kavitha
Kavitha blushes and forward her hand to a shake

Kavitha: Hi Sanskar (blushes)
Sanskar: (smirks) hello kavitha

He smirks seeing his effect on her which isn’t new to him coz he always had a strong effect on the girls drooling behind him …
But he wasn’t lusty seeing kavitha cause his Lusty mind was captured by the beauty who just left from there …itseems like the moment he saw the Beauty of jewel …his lusty mind made up to start and end with her …. Itseems like now she is only his LUST perhaps never ending LUST …

Kaveri:beta come lunch is ready …have some …later u both can talk
Sanskar: okay …Mrs gadodia
Kaveri:arrey beta u can call me aunty or maa

Sanskar raises his eyebrows warning her through his dangerous eyes not to order him….she gupls in fear cause no one was unaware of how danger he is …

Kavitha: okay okay beta plzzz come have lunch

Sanskar shakes his head still with raised eyebrows ….

Soon they made a way to dinning where each and every dishes looking yummy and delicious were kept by Swara

Kavitha: aoo Sanskar ji ..app betiye

Sanskar sits …kavitha sits beside him blushing looking at him … Who was least bother to look back ….kaveri also sits

Kaveri: swara ….swara …

Swara comes there

Swara:haan maa
Kaveri: who will serve the food in the plate huh!😡
Swara:(fear) I ..will…I will ma

Yet again sanskar who saw her was just lost in her beauty ..he was staring her continuously who was serving the food to kavitha and kaveri …. Now she came towards him to serve the food …

Sanskar p.o.v

She came and stood beside me serving the meal in my plate …her fragrance
Oh god! Her fragrance was making me crazy …crazy to have her right there ..on my bed … Feeling her …making her mine day and night …which I will soon do!!! ….but who is she …I just asked Mrs Gadodia

Sanskar p.o.v

He smirks
Sanskar: who is she Mrs gadodia (pointing to swara)
Kaveri:😏she …she is servant our house …swara

Her eyes filled with tears hearing thz …Sanskar could see pain in her beautiful eyes which was shining in the form of tears ..
A tear drop from her eyes falls in his glass of water which was noticed by him …..

He immediately took the glass and drank the water in one go …
Expressing his lust to taste each and everything belongs to her
Expressing his lust to drink the full of her ..in the same way ..
But she was a servant …did he cared of it ….no he didn’t he just cared to satisfy his lust which he found in her

They finished with their lunch

Kaveri:hmmm kavitha take Sanskar beta with u …talk for sometime …spend sometime with eachother

She say’s thz with a smile for which kavitha noded happily with a blush …. Sanskar looks at his p.a Johan gesturing him something… He nodes and

Johan;Mrs gadodia … SM sir have to fresh up right..so…
Kaveri: (interrupts) haan ..haan .. We have arranged a room for Sanskar beta ….which is clean and designed as well …. (Smiles)
Johan:then …u …

He says thz gesturing her ..”to show the room..as Sanskar have to fresh up” … She understood the gesture and nodes

Kaveri:haan ..(to Swara) …swara
……Sanskar beta ko unka room dekha aa

Swara just nodes …..whereas
Sanskar smirk…looking at her so desire filled eyes which is full of lust ….

The LUST begins


So guys how was epi hope u all liked…
Thank u all
Love u all😘😘

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