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SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-2}


Sanskar will be going in his car
Just then He gets a call …he looks at the caller I’d it was showing “lucky” .. ( his friend) He smiles and lifts the call


*on call*

Sanskar: hello lucky …Hw r u my frnd
Lucky:I’m in shock dude …after hearing tat The great sanskar Maheswari agreed for marriage and now leaving to meet his would be to Kolkata

He sounds shock and surprise
Sanskar smiles ..

Sanskar:well it’s only cause of dad’s happiness I’m going there to meet the girl whom dad selected for me
Lucky: chalo it’s nice … Now u r gonna tied in a relationship so tat ur Playboy life comes to an end

He said thz in serious tone for which sanskar laughed

Sanskar: nah …no lucky … Sanskar Maheswari would agree to marry a girl for dad’s happiness …but will never end my tat life …u know right a single girl couldn’t satisfy me to the end of the life ….and I’m not a one girl type man

He said thz with so proud with smirk …

Lucky:but …

His words left incomplete as sanskar saw a girl standing asking for lift ..so

Sanskar: accha..take care of Ragini and talk to u later ..bye

*call ends*

Hanging up the call he looks at the girl from top to bottom ….
She was dressed in a hot fork above her knees …. She was looking hot and s*xy for him
His inner beast was craving with lust now …he smirks and stops the car near the girl
The girl looks confused while he downs the window glass and looks at her …..his eyes were
Clearly showing tat how lusty he is !!!

The girl was just lost in his charm …it’s not new to him so he smirks and

Sanskar: lift …(raising his eyebrows)

The girl comes to her sense hearing his voice … And looks at him with a smile and nodes …
He smirks and opens the door ..
She gets in …he starts the car

Girl: thank you

He just smirks not replying her

Sanskar: well wats ur name beautiful (winks)
Girl: (blushes) samaira …. Urs??
Sanskar: Sanskar Maheswari..

He looks straight and says thz with so proud ….Samaira’s jaw dropped down knowing tat he is Sanskar Maheswari the great business tycoon …while smirks

Samaira:😳u mean Sanskar Maheswari the great business tycoon

He looks at her who was looking shocked …he smirks and stops the car….moves closer to her and keeps his hands on her milky bare thighs …and rubs it sensuously ….while breaths heavily ….he moves more closer and whisphers in her ears ..

Sanskar: (huskily) yes baby … I am ….look back

She looks back and widens her eyes in shock …seeing so many cars following them …and looks at him in fear

Sanskar:don’t worry they r my body guards

He said thz nuzzling his head In her neck …while she also didn’t pushed him back cause she was also enjoying his touch … He smirks

Samaira:wat r u doing …(huskily)
Sanskar: let’s have s*x …

He asked her directly cause he is the man who does everything directly …. Whereas she widens her eyes not accepting thz rply from him ….while smirks and pulls her closer …travels his hands to her back and opens her frok zip in one go …. Began to rub her back sensuously …
While she breaths heavily … He downs her sleves from the shoulder to take a view of her cleavage which raising up and down due her breathing …

Now his inner beast was out … He starts biting ,nibbling and sucking her soft bo**m while she starts moaning in pleasure … “Pleasure” it’s sounds nice … But with in a moment thz pleasure which she was feeling …was replaced by pain ….yes pain coz if there is a lust there is not any pleasure ..

Soon both were seen in the back seat …fully naked making s*x .. Yes s*x coz it’s not love … Sanskar was biting her soft skin trusting her hard. …while she screams In pain …. But he didn’t show any mercy to her … Coz there is no word of like mercy in his dictionary ….
Samaira pulls him and was abt kiss his lips ..but no he didn’t let her to do tat …cause he never liked to kiss a girl on her lips …
He would have satisfied his lust with many girls …but never liked or feels to kiss any girl on her lips …she looks confused…

He just smirks and pulls her … Continues the incomplete work

After sometime

There was knock on his car window …he lifted his head only to find his bodyguard standing …
He immediately got up and weared his shirt …

Samaira:(confuse) y r u….
Sanskar: (cuts off) wear ur dress

He said thz and got out of the car not letting her to question further
Soon she also comes out wearing her dress and looks at him confusedly …he sits in the car
And looks atp …wears his shades ..

Sanskar: well I have to leave now

Samaira leans a lil seducingly traces her fingers on his face

Samaira:when r we going to meet again???

Sanskar:(looks straight) Sanskar Maheswari …uses the girl just for once …not again and again

He says thz with proud with smirk ..

Samaira: but…
Sanskar: (cuts off) nah don’t argue with me baby ..or else it will cause worse for u … And whole world knows thz and so u

He says thz with a dangerous tone ….she just gupls in fear and moves a back … He smirks and leaves from there


Kaveri:ay swara everything should be perfect my would be son-in- law is coming here meet my kavitha…koi bhi kadbad hoi tho u know me 😬

Swara just nodes

Just then they hears horns sounds of car
Kaveri gets happy

Kaveri:my son-in-law came … Kavitha ..kavitha …

Swara smiles sadly
Kaveri walks towards the hall calling kavitha’s name

Kavitha comes there …

Kavitha: wat mom …

Kaveri was abt to say …but just then both their eyes falls on the person standing at the door .. Their eyes widen in happiness

Kaveri: Sanskar

…yes it is sanskar Maheswari


So Sanskar’s entery in gadodia house …wat will it cause for swara ???

Wat will be the beginning
Lust or obsession or love


Hi friends I know thz epi wasn’t good ..but it was much need fir the start but from the nxt epi
It will be more interesting inshallah….
Hope u will comment and encourage me to write the nxt epi
Thank u all 😘😘😘

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