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Swasan: love of my life – Episode 1

Hi guys I’m back with my second swasan ff before this I’ve written swasan-jealousy pls read that and comment

My ff starts when ragini pushes Swara in the river and raglak marry


Let’s begin
Swara was lying on the hospital bed
Sanskar came inside
Dr:Mr Sanskar she is fine now but needs a little rest
Sanskar nods and the Dr goes
Sanskar sits beside Swara
Sanskar:I’m sorry Swara bcuz of me you r in this condition
Swara gains consciousness
Sanskar sees this
Swara:Sanskar I want to go to baadi

He completed all the formalities
Swara was ready to go but she couldn’t walk due to weakness so Sanskar carried her in his arms
Swara was looking at him
They sat in the and drove for baadi

On the other side in baadi
Shomi:I’m sorry ragini bcuz of Swara you had to listen so much I couldn’t give her good upbringing
Ragini:no maa don’t say like this it’s not your fault
Parvati:yes shomi don’t cry for that girl
Shekar:its not your mistake if that girl is a betrayed

Raglak get married
Swasan enter the baadi and are shocked to see raglak married

Parvati sees swasan
Parvati:haye khatu shyam ji only this was left for me to see this chorizo has come in her lover’s arms no respect
Sanskar keeps her down and helps her to walk
Swara:no Dadi
Parvati:chup ‘re dont call me Dadi
Shomi:Swara I never thought that you will do like this shameless girl
Shekar:mishti don’t waste your time on this characterless girl

Swara was crying
Swara:no maa baba I didn’t do anything ragini pushed
Laksh:oh pls Swara now don’t blame ragini for your cheap doing everyone can see how characterless you are you have come in Sanskar arms
Swara:no Laksh trust me
Laksh:trust you Swara why if you didn’t want to marry me then why you did all this drama
Ap:Laksh let’s go don’t waste time we have to perform ragini’s grahpravesh

But no one left everyone continued to accuse swasan mainly Swara
Swara controled as much as her could but now it was becoming unbearable for her
Same goes for Sanskar
Swara shouted:enough if I’m quite that doesn’t mean I’m guilty no I’m not bcuz I’ve not done anything then why should I bear
Parvati:yes you have done something which is unforgivable
Sanskar:everything ragini has done and the blame is on Swara wow I agree that I supported ragini
Parvati:you are a stain on us from now onwards you are not a part of my family
Sanskar:enough now Swara will not listen to anyone’s allegations Swara I want to marry you
Swara and everyone get shocked
Swara:Sanskar don’t tell anything out of sympathy
Sanskar:no Swara trust me I’m not doing this out of sympathy
Swara looks at Sanskar she could see genuineous in his eyes

She agreed and they got married
Laksh:Sanskar you’ll regret for marrying this characterless girl
Sanskar:shut up Laksh don’t forget you are talking about my fine
Then ragini bidaai is done
Swara while going tells
Swara: Mr shekar gadodia and Mrs sharmishta gadodia forget that you had any daughter named Swara bcuz you showed me today that you don’t need me and now I also don’t need you

Pls comment if you want me to continue

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