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Here I am back with my next part to Bore u all…So let’s directly to go the part…

Recap:Sanskar won the award..His encounter with Maheswari family…Laksh’s burst out…



The episode starts with our heavenly couple sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.Sun rays fall on our swara.She slowly opened her eyes and saw Sanskar sleeping peacefully hugging her.She smiled seeing him.She freed herself from his grip and went towards washroom .Soon sanskar also got up.Both got ready and went for breakfast.After having breakfast sanskar left for office as swara is having a holiday.

After sanskar left swara immediately rushed towards their room and started checking his cupboard for any clue as She is determined to know abt his past so that he can help him get out of it..

After searching for nearly half an hour finally she got a photograph of sanskar with a girl.Both r looking very happy with each other.She is shocked to see the pic of sanskar with a girl..

Immediately she called laksh.

Swara:Hello LAKSH

Laksh:Ha swara what happened u called me early in the morning??

Swara:Laksh i want to meet u now.

Laksh:What happened swara??Is everything ok??

Swara:I want to talk to you abt Sanskar.

Laksh understood what she wants to talk to him and told her that he will reach in 1hr.

After 1hr

1hr has been passed and laksh reached SM Mansion to talk to swara.Soon both were seated in the garden and swara initiated the matter…

Swara(Showing the pic she got in Sanskar’s cupboard):Laksh who is she??

Laksh(Shocked seeing the pic):Swara where did u get this pic??

Swara:Laksh this is not the answer for my question

Laksh:Ok fine.She is our I mean mine and sanskar’s sister UTTARA MAHESWARI (hehhe what u all thought abt that girl😃😃)

Swara(Shocked):What!!But where is she now.Yesterday also I didn’t see her in the party.

Laksh:No one can see her swara because she died 5 yrs back

Swara(Double shocked):What r u telling Laksh say it clearly…

Laksh took a sigh and started narrating the flashback

Flashback starts

A big mansion is shown written MAHESWARI Mansion at the entrance.Screen shifts to a room where a boy is seen sleeping peacefully hugging a pillow.A girl enters the room and tried to wake him.

Girl:Bhai get up its getting late u promised me that you will drop me to college(yup the girl is uttara and the boy is sanskar)

Sanskar:Uttara pls let me sleep.For today u go with Laksh.

Uttara:No bhai yesterday also you told the same thing

But sanskar did not get up.Suddenly uttara got an idea and smiled naughtily.She went towards washroom and came with a bucket full of water and poured on Sanskar.Sanskar woke up with a jerk and started chasing Uttara..soon uttara went to get room and closed the door.Sanskar stamped his foot and came back to his room to get ready..

Soon sanskar came down for breakfast and joined everyone.At that time sanskar’s friend sahil came to meet him.

*Guys sahil is best frnd of sanskar.Whole maheswari family except sanskar and Laksh does not like him as he is an orphan and also he is not marwari.He works in Maheswari company*

Sanskar and Laksh smiled seeing him but remaining members r not happy.He gave a file to Dp for signature and started to go.Sanskar asked him to join for breakfast but he refused saying that he has some work (Guys Sahil knows the families dislike towards him)

After sahil went Dp told everyone that he fixed uttara’s marriage.He told that the engagement will be in 3 days and marriage after 15 days.

Everyone r shocked hearing this.Especially uttara.There is utter silence.Finally sanskar broke the silence

Sanskar:But badepapa uttara is still studying and also this is not her age for marriage.

Laksh:Ha papa we did not even see the guy once how can we did her marriage with him.

Dp:Will u both stop this nonsense.She is a girl There is no need for her to study more than this and about seeing the boy Rp and I met with him and his family so u no need to worry at all.

Rp:Yes what bhaisa told is crct.This marriage will happen that too in 15 days.

Saying this both left from there leaving everyone shocked.Uttara is having tears in her eyes.Soon she composed herself when sanskar called her.He dropped her at college and went to his office thinking about morning incident…

At evening

Soon the time passed and it is evening time.Sanskar came to uttara’s college to pick her and is shocked seeing her hugging some one and crying.He went near them and hided behind to listen their talks.He is unable to see the boy’s face.

Uttara(crying):Pls do something I don’t want to marry him.i love u sahil and I want to marry u.Pls sahil..

Sanskar is shocked hearing the name sahil but continues to listen their talks.

Sahil:Ha uttara even i love u but what to do ur family will not agree for this marriage as they don’t like me.

While talking suddenly they turned and shocked seeing sanskar watching them.Sanskar made a serious face and started walking towards them and both sahil and uttara gulped in fear

Sanskar:So this what u both r doing

Sahil:Sans…Sanskar woh

Sanskar bursted out laughing seeing both of them.Both r startled seeing his reaction..Suddenly sanskar hugged both of them..

Sanskar:Woww u both love each other I am really happy for both of u guys.

Sahil:Sanskar r u not angry on me??

Sanskar:Arey duffer why will I be angry in fact I am very happy that my sisters choice is crct..

Uttara is very happy on hearing this and hugged him tightly

Uttara:But bhai will badepapa agree??

Sanskar:Don’t worry my doll I will talk to him.

They talked for sometime and sanskar left home with uttara.

At home

During dinner time sanskar told abt sahil and uttara’s relationship to family and asked them to accept saying that sahil is a nice guy..

Dp after thinking for sometime agreed.All r shocked hearing that he accepted sahil as their son in law.Laksh and sanskar are happy for their sister and frnd.They happily completed their dinner and left to their room to inform sahil.

After the trio went to their room all the family members bursted out their questions to which he told something to them which is mired

Next Day

At office

Next Day Dp called Sanskar and laksh to his cabin

Dp:Sanskar laksh today u both have to leave for Mumbai for a meeting with Mehta’s.

Laksh:But papa the meeting is next wrmeek right.

Dp:Ha but it is preponed to tomorrow morning so must leave today only..I already booked ur tickets.


Soon both Sanlak left for Mumbai.As soon as they left Dp called his men and ordered to kill Sahil..As per his orders his men killed him and called Dp to inform him.

Dp:Is the work over

Os:Yes sir he is dead..

Dp:Thank god now that Sahil is dead.Don’t worry you will get ur money by tomorrow

Saying this he cut the call.This whole conversation is heard by uttara.She went to her room crying .She immediately took her mobile and tried to call sanlak but their mobiles are switched off.She then sent a msg to sanskar telling him whatever happened here after they went and then switched off her mobile.


After their meeting has been successfully completed sanskar swithched on his mobile and found the msg of Uttara.Both Sanlak r shocked after reading the msg and immediately started to kolkata.


After reaching Kolkata sanlak directly went in search of sahil and found his dead body.After doing his last rites sanlak reached MM fully devastated and went to uttara’s room only to find her lying on the floor dead.Both r shocked seeing her and screened


Hearing their scream while family came there and r shocked to see uttara.They r about to go near her but stopped hearing Sanskar.

Sanskar(Anger):Stop!Don’t touch my sister.You all have lost the right to touch her.it is because of u all that today I lost the two important persons of my life

Dp:Sanskar what r u talking

Sanskar:Not a word Mr.Durga Prasad Maheswari.I know that u only killed Sahil..

Dp is shocked hearing that.Sanskar continued

Sanskar:why r u so shocked.R I thinking how I got to know the truth right.He told abt Uttara’s msg to them

He took uttara’s body in his arms and started leaving but stopped by SUJATHA

Sujatha:Where r u going sanskar with her.We must perform her last rites

Sanskar:Not we I will perform and ha i am leaving this house forever

Laksh:Bhai I will also come with u

Sanskar:No laksh you r not coming with me you will stay here only this is my promise..

Saying this he left the house with uttara’s body in his arms..

Flashback over

Swara is having tears in his eyes after listening to laksh and laksh continued speaking

Laksh:After that day bhai lost everything swara.He forgot to smile even.He is guilty that he could not Safe his bst frnd and sister.It is when you came into his life he started to smile swara…Pls now only you can bring the old sanskar back swara pls do this for me

Swara:Laksh you don’t worry I can do anything for sanskar’s happiness..I promise you I will bring the old sanskar back..

Laksh smiled hearing her and hoped that it will happen soon…

Screen freezes

Precap:Don’t know
Finally done with this part…Hope u all liked it…Let me know ur views

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