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Recap:Swasan’s outing and Sanskar won the best business man award.


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Next Day

Finally it is time for the awaiting moment of Sanskar it is time for them to go the award function to receive his award.

Sanskar is looking handsome in his outfit and is waiting for swara to get ready..He got irritated that she is taking much time to get ready and started calling her.

Sanskar:Swara come soon yaar we r getting late.We have to pick mam also while going.

Swara:Ha sanskar coming jst 5 min.

Sanskar:Ok come dear

Soon after 5 min swara came down.Sanskar mesmerized seeing her wearing saree as she is wearing it for the first time after marriage.Feeling his continuous gaze on her she blushed slightly.She went towards him and shaked him.With that he came into his senses.

Sanskar:swara you r looking beautiful.

Swara(smiled):Thank you

Sanskar:Shall we leave

Swara:Ha chalu

Soon both left the house and picked sumi and went to the venue.

(*Most of them didn’t saw SM and they didn’t know that sanskar is only SM.In Maheswari family also except Laksh no one knows that sanskar is only SM*)

At Venue

Most of the delegates already reached there.Even Maheswari family including Laksh reached there.Laksh is so happy that his bhai got the award.All r eagerly waiting for SM.Media people r ready to shoot their questions..

At that time a black benz entered the venue.Everyone got alerted by the arrival of SM and r eager to see how he looks.

At that time Sanskar got down the car .Maheswari family is shocked to see sanskar as SM.They r double shocked when swara also got down the car with Sanskar(*Guys though Laksh stays with his family he don’t talk to them much so he didn’t inform them about how marriage.Reason is going to be revealed later.*)

Soon as they got down the car media surrounded them and started firing their questions.

Person1:Sir Why didn’t you come infront media till today??

Sanskar:I started my company just a few years so I want to reach my company to high level and then I want to come infront of the media that is the reason why I didn’t come till today.

Person2:Sir can u introduce ur family to us??

Sanskar:Ya sure.He pointed swara and introduced her as his wife Mrs.Swara SM and pointed Sumi and introduced her as his mom.

Like this reporter’s asked him many questions.He answered all of them confidently and moved inside the venue holding Swara’s hand.

Maheswari family is shocked seeing all this and looked towards Laksh.Laksh ignored them and went to Sanskar.

Laksh hugged sanskar and congratulated him on his biggest success.Then he went towards sumi and took her blessings and hugged swara.

Sanskar saw Maheswari family standing there and got angry.He folded his fist to control his anger.They tried to talk to him but he completely avoided them.

Swara noticed change in his behaviour hold his hand to control his anger.Laksh and sumi understood the reason for his behaviour.(*Swara knows that sanskar has some problem with his family but don’t know what is the problem*)

Soon everyone is seated in their seats and the function started.After some cultural programs the host called sanskar on stage to receive the award.

Host:Good evening ladies and gentlemen.This is the most awaiting moment for all of us.Time to present the award for the best business man of this year.So let’s welcome Mr.SM to come on stage and receive the award.

Sanskar went on to the stage and received the award.Host asked him to speak few words on his success.

Sanskar thanked sumi for helping him achieve his goal of establishing a company of his own and also thanked his employs for their support and finally he thanked swara for being in his life and being with him always.

Soon the party is over and everyone headed towards their homes.


As soon as maheswari family reached home they started firing their questions on Laksh.

Dp:Laksh if you know before that sanskar is only SM then why didnt u tell us??

Sujatha:And why didnt you tell us that sanskar is married that too Bengali??

Laksh:Why should I inform you all?It is because of u all people that Bhai is in this condition.He lost 2 important people of his life just because of u people.Because of ur prestige.

Ap:But Laksh (Interrupted by Laksh)

Laksh:And coming to his marriage what is the problem if she is a Bengali swara is very good girl and Bhai is very happy with her.It is because of her that bhai is smiling now a days.I am staying in this house just because of bhai’s promise otherwise I could have left this house when bhai left.So pls if u want me to stay in this house just leave me alone.

Saying this he went to his room.The whole family is shocked with laksh’s burst out and r crying.Soon everyone left to their rooms.

At SM Mansion

Swasan reached home after dropping Sumi.They went to their room.Swara changed and came out.She saw sanskar standing near the window thinking something deeply.She went and called him.


Sanskar turned listening her and immediately hugged her.She noticed that her shoulder is getting wet and breaked the hug.She noticed that sanskar is having tears in his eyes and shocked.

Swara:Sanskar what happened??


Swara:Sanskar r u missing ur family??

Sanskar:No swara that is not my family.

Swara:Sanskar i know that u have some problem with ur family but they love u so much

Sanskar:No swara you don’t know about them that’s why you r telling like this.If u know what they did you will never forgive them.

Sanskar is shocked as she is seeing him in this much devastated for the first time.So she wanted to change his mood.

Swara:Sanskar do you know you r looking so cute when you r crying

Sanskar:Swara cute is not used for boys.You can call me handsome no

Swara:No sanskar for me u r only cute.(Saying this she pulled his cheeks)


When she is busy in laughing to herself he pulled her and started to tickle her.She laughed loudly and begged him to stop but he didn’t listen her.After some time he stopped tickling and both bursted out laughing.Soon both slept in each other’s embrace.

Precap:Sanskar’s past…

So what do you all think who would be the two persons whom sanskar lost??

And what would be the mistake of the family Laksh is talking about??

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