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Hi everyone…I am back guys with the next part

Recap:Swara’s engagement with Rajat and sumi invited sanskar for swara’s marriage.


Now let’s start the next part guys..

I don’t want to give any of rituals because I can’t make swara sit with that Rajat.So directly I am going to the marriage day.


The day arrived and today swara is going to get married with Rajat.
The marriage is going to held in Bose house itself so it is decorated like a newly wedded bride..Laksh and Ragini are seeing through the arrangements.Guests started arriving.Even sekhar and Dadi r also present there as Sumi invited them.After arrangements Laksh went to swara’s room where she is getting ready.She is looking beautiful in her bridal attire.

Laksh:Arey wah Swara today you are looking really beautiful.

Swara:Thank u laksh.

Laksh:Waise Swara r u happy with this marriage??

Swara: I am happy as Mom is happy and I also know Sakshi aunty from many yrs so I am fine


Laksh came down after talking to swara for sometime.At that time  Sanskar arrived there.He met Sumi and took her blessings.Then he greeted Laksh.Both started talking to each other when the Baarath arrived.Sumi along with others received Rajat’s family…

Soon it is the muharat time.Rajat is sitting in the mandap.Ragini brought swara down and made her sit beside Rajat.Marriage rituals started.They started taking pheras then suddenly a girl comes and shouts


All including Rajat towards the source of the voice and Rajat is shocked seeing her there.

Rajat (whispered):Kavya

Kavya:This marriage cannot happen.I can’t let him ruin any other girls life like me

All r shocked hearing her.Sakshi went and slapped kavya and asked her to stop talking non-sense.

Sakshi:Stop ur non-sense.How can u say about my son like that.

Kavya:Aunty I am saying truth.He married me 3months back and when he came to know that I am pregnant with his child he left me and got ready to spoil one more girls life.

Saying this she showed their marriage certificate and pics.Sumi and swara shocked after hearing Rajat’s truth.Swara slapped Rajat hard that he fell on ground.

Swara:How dare you do such a cheap thing.

Rajat:What is wrong in that baby i married her for my needs and when i got u I left her.


Soon police came and arrested him(Finally I kicked out that Rajat).
Sakshi came to sumi and told her that she is ashamed of her son’s deeds and asked sorry from them and left the place with her husband.

After sakshi and her husband left swara is sitting in the mandap like a lifeless body.Sumi is crying seeing swara thinking she is the reason for swara’s condition and Ragini is consoling her.

Sumi(crying):I am only responsible for all this happenings.Without thinking anything I agreed for this marriage.

Ragini:Maa pls don’t get like this.It is not ur mistake.

While Ragini is consoling sumi some ladies along with dadi started badmouthing swara.

Someone from the guest : hey bhagwan Poor girl Now who will marry her
Dadi: hey bhagwan…. Now I have to tolerate her whole life. Apsaguni kahiki.Now because of her even my ladoo will not get married.Now what should I do.

Ragini:Stop it Dadi.Why r u talking like this.what is swara’s mistake in this.

Dadi:Ladoo u r not understand this girl is left alone in the mandap now no one will come forward to marry her and because of her even u have to stay like that.She is really curse to our family.Like maa like daughter.

Suddenly they hear a voice

Voice:I will marry her.

All turns towards that direction and r shocked to see sanskar.

Saying this sanskar goes towards sumi and start speaking to get

Sanskar:Mam I know i want to ask ur daughter’s hand from u man.I will marry her.

Sumi:But sanskar(interrupted by sanskar)

Sanskar:Mam I didn’t take this decision because of what happened today but I want to tell u that I like swara from the 1st  day i saw her with u but I didn’t tell because I don’t want to spoil our relation but now I promise u mam I will take care of swara like a princess.pls agree for this marriage.

Sumi looked towards swara for her decision and swara nodded her head in agreement.Sumi smiled and agreed for the marriage.

Sumi:Sanskar I am believing u and agreeing for this marriage

Saying this she hugged sanskar.Laksh also hugged sanskar and felt happy for his brother.

Soon sanskar is made to sit in the mandap beside swara.Ragini did their Ghatbandhan.They took 7 vows then sanskar filled swara’s maang and made her wear mangalsutra.The marriage is completed and they took blessings from elders.

Soon it is time for bidaai.Swara is hugging sumi and  both r crying.Ragini and laksh also have tears in their eyes.

Sumi kept swara’s hand in sanskar’s hand and told:Sanskar pls take care of my daughter.

Sanskar:Don’t worry mam I promised u and I will fulfill my promise.

Laksh also hugged them and wished them:Bhai I am so happy for u and swara anyway you will meet mam everyday in clg right so stop crying and smile now.

Swara smiled little and hugged him.She also hugged ragini and now bid her bye

Soon she is made to sit in car with sanskar and they headed to SM mansion.

Screen freezes on crying face of swara

Precap:What do u want???

So guys finally our swasan r married.Hope u like it.
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