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Recap:Swara’s entry and her marriage fixed with Rajat.

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The episode starts with Sumi seeing swara standing near the door.She goes to her and hugs her with happy tears.Swara too reprociated the hug.Then sumi takes her near Sakshi.Then sakshi asks her opinion about this marriage.

Sakshi:Swara beta r u ready to marry my son Rajat??

Swara:If my mom is happy then I don’t have any problem aunty.

After listening what swara told Sumi is very happy.Sakshi and Anurag blessed Swara and left to their home happily..

Engagement Day

It is the engagement day of swara with Rajat (Hate this Rajat yaar swara aur sanskar ki beech mein aa gaya).Whole Bose house is decorated beautifully.Sumi is seeing all the arrangements and Ragini is helping her.Suddenly a boy came there who is wearing blue colour Sherwani.Seeing him Sumi felt happy and went towards him.

Sumi:Arey Laksh Thank God you came..I am so happy seeing you here..(Hehe what you all thought is wrong he is not sanskar)

(*Guys sanskar and laksh are students of sharmistha and also both r very close to her..*)

Laksh:Why not mam afterall you r my favorite mam who thought me to live and gave me a btr future and swara is like my little sister and it is my duty to attend her engagement.(Guys Laksh and swara share brother-sis bond with each other but swara doesn’t know more about sanskar.she only heard his name from her mother)

Sumi:Where is Sanskar??

Laksh:Mam Bhai said that he has some meeting

Sumi:Its ok.I can understand after what happened with him in the past is completely changed.Hope someone will come to his life who will bring him out of his past.

Laksh:Hope so.BTW where is Swara??

Sumi:She is in her room getting ready.


Soon Rajat’s family reached there.Sumi and Laksh received them.It is time to start the ceremony so sumi asked Ragini to bring Swara down.Swara came down with Ragini.She is looking beautiful in her pink lehanga and cream colour duppatta.She is made to stand beside Rajat.



Rajat:You r looking beautiful.

Saying this Rajat is continuously staring Swara.Swara felt uncomfortable due to his continuous gaze but composed herself.

Swara:Thank you.

Soon they exachanged rings and everyone blessed them.The ceremony for over and everyone went to their home.

Next Day

An Office is shown named Karma Company.A big car comes and stops infront of the office.From that a man in his mid-twenties comes down.He is looking handsome in his black suit. (Finally sanskar ne entry maar liya 😀😀).He went inside the office.Seeing him all the staff members stood up and wished him.He wished them back and went straight towards his Cabin and started cheecking some files.At that time someone knock his cabin.

Sanskar:Come in

Just then his pa Aman entered his cabin and started to speak

Aman:Sir conference room is ready for the meeting and clients will be here in 10min.

Sanskar:Ok.Inform me when they arrive.

Aman:Ok sir

Jst then Sanskar’s phone started to ring.Seeing the caller id sanskar smiles and signalled Aman to leave the cabin.After Aman left the cabin Sanskar attended the call.

Sanskar:Good morning man

Sumi:Good morning sanskar.BTW Why didn’t u come yesterday??

Sanskar:Sorry mam I got an urgent meeting.

Sumi:Its ok.And ha next week is my daughter’s wedding and this time no reasons you have to come for sure.

Sanskar:I will try to come mam.

Sumi:No try sanskar you have to come otherwise u will see the worse of me.

Sanskar:Ok mam I will be there

Sumi:That’s better.

While sanskar is busy with phone Aman came and informed him about the arrival of the clients.

Sanskar:Acha mam I have to attend a meeting will talk to u later.Bye man

Sumi:Ok bye sanskar

Saying this she cut the call.

Screen freezes on smiling face of sumi

Precap:Swara’s marriage but with whom???

Sorry guys for no swasan part but don’t worry from next part it will be swasan

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