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Hii Friends
Here I am back with the first part of my story…Enough of my bak bak now lets go to the story…

A room is shown with the walls of the room painted with pink colour and there r many teddy bears in the room.In the middle of the room a bed is seen where a girl is sleeping with angelic smile on her face.Suddenly a lady’s voice is heard


Lady:Shona wake up its getting late(Yup the girl is our Swara and the lady is her mother sumi).

Swara:Mom pls just 5min

Sumi:shona get up fast you have to go to college and this is ur final year right

Swara:Oops sorry mom I forgot

Saying this she got up and went to fresh up.After getting ready swara came down ate her breakfast and went to college with Sumi (Guys I already told Sumi is working as a lecturer.So she works  in the same college where Swara is studying)

At college

As swara entered the college a girl came to her running and Hugged her tightly

Girl:Omgg Swara u came u know I missed u a lott during these holidays

Swara:Ha ragu even i missed u a lott (Yup the girl is ragini)

Ragini:Where is maa??(Guys even Ragini calls sumi as maa)

Swara:She went towards staff room.

Ragini:Ok.I have class now.Will meet u later.Bye


Same evening

Sumi and swara reached home and after freshing up swara went to meet her friend and sumi is doing some work at home.Suddenly she heard a knock on the door.She opened the door and she saw her collegue Sakshi Gupta and her husband Anurag Gupta r standing there.She invites them inside.

Sumi:Arey sakshi come inside.Take ur seat.

Sakshi:Thank u

Sumi:Tell me u here at this time?Is there anything important??

Sakshi:Actually I want to talk an important matter with u

Sumi:Say na What is that

Sakshi:Actually I want to ask ur daughter Swara’s hand for my son Rajat

Sumi is shocked hearing this but also happy as she knows Sakshi’s family from many yrs that it is a good family and they will keep swara happy so she agreed

Sumi:I don’t have any problem with this relation.infact I will be so happy that my daughter will be going to my friends house after marriage

Sakshi:But what about swara will she agree for this marriage.

Sumi:Don’t worry she will definitely agree.

Anurag:Then we will keep the engagement after 2 days and marriage next week

Sumi:But what about her studies??

Anurag:She can continue her studies even after marriage.We don’t have any problem with that.

Sumi:Then I don’t have any problem.

They greeted each other.This whole conversation is heard by swara who is standing at the door step..

Screen freezes on shocking face of swara

Precap:Swara’s engagement and Sanskar’s entry (may be)

Hufff!Finally some with the first chapter.

Guys this is just a short story of few shots.Hope so u like it
Special thanks to my sissy’s Husna and Srijah for encouraging me to write..love u loads both of u😘😘

Give ur views through comments

Take care-:)

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