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SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-9}


Sahil pulled swara closer to him to kiss her …their lips were a inch apart …swara was closing her eyes something was stopping her but still she ignored everything ….sahil smiles and was abt place his rough lips on her soft yet juicy pink lips but inmean time ….




Sanskar was driving the car very harshly and speedly …his eyes were turned red like he is controlling all his tears his pain not letting it to flow …. But wat pain??? Y is he feeling so ???

He stopped his car at once … Looks outside the window … He was looking at a clg gate …. It’s swara’s clg … He stepped out of the car and walked towards it …
….he stopped near the gate and turns a lil ….looks at the box .. It’s a same box in which swara used to get letters of her secret admire he touches the box ….a drop of tear escapes his eyes to cheeks

Sanskar: I LOVE YOU


Sahil’s cheeks were burning coz he got tight slap …. Swara immediately opens her eyes hearing the slap sound … She looks at sahil who was holding his cheeks in with shock …and holds him by shoulder

Swara:Sahil …

Swara turns to look at the person who is the reason for slap … And gets shocked seeing laksh with fury and angry eyes 😡

Swara:bhai …y did …

Before she could …he holds sahil’s collar …

Laksh:😡 how dare u … U bl**dy jerk …

He punches him hardly ..sahil falls on the floor ….ragini and shlok also comes there …
Swara was standing with shock expression … Laksh makes sahil stand and was abt to give another punch …but

Swara:😡 stop it bhai …stop it
Y r u doing thz …y r u beating him
Laksh:😡 how dare he try to kiss u swara …how dare thz bustard

he was abt to punch him but yet again

Swara:😡enough is enough bhai
He loves me ..I love him too
He has a right to kiss me …

Laksh gets angry and was abt to slap her ..but ragini holds his hand

Ragini:wat r u doing laksh … She is ur sis

Laksh clutches his fist with anger and punches sahil … He falls on the floor ..his lips started bleeding ….swara looks on shock and was abt to go towards him but laksh holds her hand not letting her to do tat …swara looks

Swara:😡bhai leave me …bhaiii
Ragini:(tears) laksh y r u behaving like thz …. U r hurting her
Laksh:(shouts angrily) aur kya karon mai ….ragini tell me wat should I do ….(looks at swara) thz girl …don’t u have heart swara
Or ….

Swara:(cuts off) bhai sahil loves me bhai
Laksh:oh love huh! …he met u .. U became frnds and now u love him huh! ….then wat abt the person who loves u from years
Swara:oh stop it bhai…sahil loves me truly …and (realises wat laksh told) …wait ..wait a min
Aap ka matlap kya hai … The person who loves me from years is my secret admire ..my love .. And he is sahil ….
Laksh:wat r u gone mad swara …

He understood everything and looks at sahil angrily …goes towards him and angrily kicks him

Laksh:😂so he is ur secret admire .. Huh! (He kicks him again ) r u her secret admire …answer me u *****
Swara:bhai …y r u beating him … He is only…..
Laksh; no swara he is not …he is not ur secret admire …

Saying thz he beats sahil black and blue ..swaragini tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen to them …..shlok was continuously scratching his head not understanding anything ….laksh
makes him stand and gives him a punch

Laksh:answer me ..😡 (he was abt to punch him but)
Sahil:I …will…I ..will …plz don’t beat me …

Laksh leaves him …he takes a relive and looks at swara

Sahil:swara ..laksh is right I’m not ur secret admire …wo just one day I listened ur talks with ur frnds abt ur secret admire … And I got to know u love him …so I ….

Before he could complete …swara gives him a tight slap ….her eyes filled with tears ….now she got to knew y her heart stopped her to accept him as her love

Sahil looks at her and holds her by shoulder

Sahil:(tears) but swara I truly love u ….from the 1st day of clg when I saw u ..I fell for u … So I became ur frnd …but got to know tat u love someone else whom u never saw …so I did thz swara ..to get ur love …I love u swara

Swara was broken she couldn’t say anything …she was standing like a statue by thz betrayal which she got by tat person to whom she considered her frnd

Laksh withdraws …sahil’s hand
From her ..
Ragini also gets angry on sahil seeing her best frnd condition

Ragini:😡 don’t u have shame sahil ….after doing soo much how can u stand here and say tat u love her ….just get lost from here
Laksh:(cuts off) ragini ..her name is ragini …and leave from here before I do something to u 😡

He pushes him …he leaves from seeing laksh’s anger in fear
Laksh turns towards swara and hugs her …she hugs him back and cries

Swara:bhai I’m… I’m ..sorry..😢
Laksh: (releases the hug) ssshhh don’t be sorry ..swara tumhari koi galti nahi hai …
Swara;no bhai ..it’s my fault only how can I trust anyone like tat ..😢
Laksh: haan wo tho hai …u shouldn’t have trust him …

Shlok:(confused) lucky now everything is solved kya ??
Laksh:yes …
Shlok:(confused) okay …then y my intelligent brain is saying tat there is something left (thinks)..hmmmm…haaa .. Haan
How do u know ki sahil is not swara’s secret admire

Swaragini looks at laksh confusedly and questionly

Ragini:right shlok bhai …zindagi mai apne pheli baar kuch intelligent baath kahi hai
Shlok:😯😮 u r praising me or insulting ..ragu
Swara:(to laksh) haan bhai how do u know tat sahil isn’t my secret admire

Laksh takes a sigh and holds her hand

Laksh:okay come

He walks towards MM…ragini and shlok also follows them
Trio where looking at laksh confusedly
He enters MM and goes to Sanskar’s room …

Swara:(looks around & confused) bhai hum yahan…
Laksh:(cuts off) swara come here

He takes her towards a shelf of books

Shlok:do anyone have exam here tat u r showing thz books (confused) don’t ask me to read thz books u know right I hardly know ABCD
Laksh:😠can’t u shut ur mouth

Laksh slides the shelf …there was a door ….swaragini along with shlok was shocked and suprised to see tat

Ragini: how come thz door in sanky bhai’s room

Laksh opens the door …and gestures them to enter … Swara enters with confuse ….100s of questions were running In her mind….raglak and shlok also enters …
Laksh ons the light …trio was shocked and suprised to see the room which was filled with swara’s images ….every images of swara from her childhood to today’s morning ….but at the same time they were confused
Just then swara’s eyes on the wall were there was written a beautiful lines just below her photo

Screen shifts to sanskar

Teri Aankho Me Dekha Hai Ek Suroor
(I have seen a spark or magic in ur eyes)

Ae Haseena lazmi Hai Tera Guroor
(Ur beauty is ur attitude )

Par Ek Baat Yaad Rakhna Ae Hujoor
(But keep one thing in ur mind )

Aashiq Hai Hum Mahobbat Karenge Jaroor
(I will always love u coz I’m mad for u)

Sanskar saying thz with teary eyes filled with pain


Swara reads the same quotes and gets teary eyes coz the same lines was written in her secret admires 1st letter
She looks at laksh with trembling lips

Swara:bhai ….Sans…
Laksh:yes swara …sanskar is only ur secret admire …he loves u swara

Screen freezes on ragshlok shock faces


Precap:swara:I wanna meet sanskar (teary eyes)
Laksh:u can’t swara he left from here …& I don’t know where did he left

Sanskar is seen sitting in plane



Swasan you r my life




Swasan I Love you



Hi guys Hope u liked thz epi plzz do comment if u liked it …waise bhi if u aren’t commenting I will end thz ff too in more 2epi
Thinking tat u dnt like it

Thank u all ….love u …bye tc

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