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SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-17}


Swara was walking alone on the dark road ….. Tears were rolling down from her beautiful eyes wetting her soft milky cheeks … Remincing Sanskar’s slap …


Swara:(tears)😢 how he can slap me for a girl …he slapped me I hate him …I hate him

She reminces Sanskar holding kavitha’s hand …. She is feeling heart broken and gets teary eyes

Swara:😢y it’s bothering me … It’s shouldn’t bother me … Let him be with any girl ..I don’t care .. I hate him ….

She was soo much hurted by his behavior towards her ….tat she didn’t realised tat she is walking alone in the road which is so dark and silent as it is late night

Soon she comes to sense & lifts her head ….. looks aaround and gets scared finding herself in a unfamiliar place …

Swara:how come I’m here 😳

She gets scared as there was no one except her ….just then her eyes falls on a car coming towards her with full speed
She gets happy ….

Swara:car… Let’s ask for help …

Before she could shout for help … The car stops near her shocking and surprising her …. .she gets scared seeing many mens sitting in the car….a man whoz face is coverd with a cloth comes out of the car
She moves back in fear seeing him moving closer to her … The man smiles evilly and pulls her holding her hand ….takes a white cloth from his pocket and keeps it on her nose …..she screams. ..and falls unconscious
Cause it was chlorophyll
And he takes her inside the car …

The man’s removes the cloth from his face ..he is birju ..he calls bhaya ji

*on call*

Birju: hello bhaya ji ..
Bhaiya ji: Haan …bol
Birju:ur work is done bhaiya ji
Bhaiya: (smirks) good .. Now I will show thz Sanskar Maheswari my real power ..by using his weakness (smiles evily)
Birju:(smiles evily) haan bhaya ji

*call ends*

Birju: (to a man) chal start the car ..

The man nodes and Start’s the car ….they leaves from there



After dropping kavitha at her house …Sanskar returns back
He parks his jeep and sits outside on a bench

He keeps looking at the window of swara’s room …remincing how he slapped her …his love … He admits and claims to love her but wat did he do ..he slapped her is thz was his love … He gets teary eyes remincing tears in his love’s beautiful eyes which was cause of him …he is the reason for her tears

Sanskar: I’m sorry swara I’m sorry love …I know wat I did was wrong but I didn’t had any other option …..ur talks would’ve affect kavitha’s health ….she recovered just now after the dreadful thing happen in her life …..how can I let her put in danger …

He wanted to speak her …ask apologies from her … But he thought she might have slept by now so decided to talk her at morning ….

He lays down on the bench looking at her window …hoping to take a glance of his love
He hurted her but wat abt him didn’t she hurted him !!!!he gets teary eyes …

Sanskar: (tears) and how can I cheat on u …I LOVE YOU …only u swara …how can u think tat .. Thz heart (points his heart) just beats for u only u my love ….

His eyes dried …he got tried of everything ….he was just staring at her window hoping to see his love just for once …soon he dozes off outside on the bench itself


Next day

Ragini and laksh comes out of their respective mansion
Both smiles looking at eachother
Laksh goes towards her and hugs her ..

Laksh:good morning sweetheart 😃
Ragini: (hugs back) good morning😊

He releases the hug … Just then his eyes falls on Sanskar who is still sleeping on the bench outside the mansion … He looks surprisingly

Laksh:(surprise) Sanskar…
Ragini:(confused) ..wat …sanky bhai …

He points to Sanskar …she looks at the direction and gets suprise
To see Sanskar

Ragini:😳 sanky bhai … Yahan .. Y is he sleeping here ..outside the mansion
Laksh:thz ur bhai sab can only tell …so come let’s wake him

Ragini nodes ..raglak goes towards Sanskar and shakes him in order to wake him

Ragini:(shakes him) sanky bhai … Bhai ..utto …wake up …
Laksh:arrey sanky wake up yaar

Sanskar opens his eyes and looks at them …who were smiling looking at him … He rubs his eyes sitting on the chair he was still in sleep

Laksh:sanky …y r u sleeping here ….outside on the bench ..

Hearing thz sanskar got up from his sleeping world …and looks around confusedly ….

Sanskar: (confused) I don’t know
Ragini:😳u don’t know y did u slept here last night ???

“Last night ” thz word made his mind refresh his memory … He reminces last night incident … His slap to swara ….he gets teary eyes …..raglak looks confusedly yet gets worried seeing tears in his eyes

Ragini:(worried) sanky bhai .. Y thz tears in ur eyes …r u crying

Sanskar doesn’t reply to her … He bendsband holds his head … Raglak looks more worried cause thz was the 1st time they r seeing Sanskar in thz condition …

Laksh: (worried ) wat happen dude …any problem …

Laksh says …sitting beside him .. Keeping hand on his shoulder …
Sanskar lifts his head … Looks at him and hugs him

Sanskar: (tears) I’m sorry … Lucky….. How I hurt her … I’m sorry
Ragini:😞 sanky bhai kya howa tell na ….y r u crying
Laksh:yes sanky …wat happen

Laksh releases the hug and ask him…….Sanskar wipes his tears and looks at him

Sanskar: lucky wo swara (he tells everything)
Ragini:😠wat ..u slapped swara .. How can u …bhai ….
Sanskar:(bends his head in guilt) I’m sorry rags …I’m sorry lucky
Lucky:sanky … I know u love swara ..I’m aware of how much u love her …..and I also know tat u wouldn’t have slapped her intensionally …so dude don’t blame urself
Ragini:😠no lucky ..I don’t agree with u …sanky bhai is …..

Her words left incomplete as Sanskar’s phone rings … He lifts the call

Sanskar: hello ..
Sanskar: (shock) wat ..

Raglak looks at him confusedly

Laksh: (confuse) wat happen dude…

Sanskar looks at him and keeps the mobile on speaker

*on call*

Sanskar:(confused) Birju???
(It’s birju’s call)
Birju:haan I’m birju ..bhaiya ji’s man …u heard right I kidnapped ur love swara (laughs sarcastically) last night I kidnapped her …

(Sanraglak looks on shock … Ragini goes to gadodia mansion to check swara)

Sanskar: oh so u r tat idiot’s man
Birju;idiot kis ko bola bai …u r over now ….(serious yet dangerous tone) and if u want ur love swara back then come to ABC place or else we will not leave her

He thought Sanskar would fear and will beg him to not to harm swara …but instead he hears … laughing sound …..yes Sanskar was laughing … briju gets confused

Sanskar: 😂😂😂 Hahaha ..nice joke ….Hahaha 😂😂😂 go a head don’t leave her…

Saying thz sanskar cuts the call leaving birju confused …

Whereas ragini who didn’t find swara in gadodia mansion …
Gets angry to see sanskar laughing taking it has a joke
She goes towards him …

Ragini:😠sanky bhai …..u r laughing here ..huh! I guess he didn’t joke .. He really kidnapped swara coz I searched her she isn’t anywhere in gadodia mansion …(worried) but y did he kidnapped swara

Sanskar looks at her and gets up from the chair

Sanskar: I know rags. ..I know tat he kidnapped swara …
Ragini: then y r u so calm … And y did he kidnapped swara

Sanskar pats her cheeks and leaves to Maheswari mansion …
Ragini gets angry yet confused … She looks at laksh …

Ragini:😞lucky …wo swara …
Lucky: (interrupts) bye sweetheart…

He say’s thz with a smile and was abt go …but ragini holds his wrist not letting him to go …he turns and looks at angry ragini

Ragini:😠 lucky ..aren’t u worried abt ur sis …abt swara …huh! .. She is kidnapped and u r smiling here……how can u both be so calm …😢 not worrying abt swara
Laksh: (smiles) yes I’m not worried…and u will get to know the reason of my not worrying abt her…very soon sweetheart ..

Saying thz he leaves from there
Leaving her again confuse yet angry seeing their calm behavior…. She is angry cause even though they r aware tat her frnd …their love and sis respectively swara is kidnapped ..there is no worries on their faces ….


So guys how was thz epi hope u all liked it …thank u all
Love u 😘😘😘

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