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SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-16}


Swara was blushing reading the letter given by her secret admire I.e Sanskar ….she kept it in her hand bag ….she was feeling so happy perhaps it’s a new feeling for her ….
She sits on a chair and keeps remincing her moments with Sanskar with a cute smile playing on her rosy lips

Just then the cabin door opens…
Hearing the door knob sound … She comes to her sense and looks at the door …..finds raglak & Sanskar standing there scanning the whole cabin with widen eyes eyes and open mouth 😮😮😮

Swara:(smiles) bhai …rags u came

She gets happy to see raglak and goes towards them …. Laksh looks at her in her anger

Laksh:😠 wat is thz swara
Swara:wat bhai ..(innocently)
Laksh: 😠don’t act innocent …y did u messed the cabin ..is thz a way to behave
Swara:😠ask the same question to ur frnd
Laksh:😠swara I…
Sanskar: (interrupts) arrey lucky don’t scold my darling …. Wat is mine it is her also …wat is her’s
It is mine …. And today she proved by messing my cabin … I’m happy😉😉

He say’s thz pulling her cheeks & winking at her
She jerks his hand from her cheeks in anger
Ragini chuckles

Laksh:😠but sanky thz isn’t good
She is acting childish
Swara:😠enough bhai … U r a Hilter idiot always point out my mistake …. Wat abt ur thz soo called frnd huh!

She looks at sanskar …pointing him ….he raises his eyebrows

Laksh:😠swara I know abt him very well ….and abt u also how…
Ragini: (interrupts) arrey stop fighting u both …(to Sanskar) and bhai wat did u do with swara

Sanskar was abt say but swara interrupts

Swara:😠ur bhai is a big stupid rags …. He locked me in the cabin and went out ….so I took revenge from him by messing his cabin … How dare he ….

Sanskar looks innocenty

Laksh:😠if he locked u ..u would have waited for him to open right wats the need of messing the cabin and all …it’s his office not house
Ragini:😠stop it lucky ….swara is right at her place …. Is thz a way to behave with the person whom u love ……will also do thz to me .. Will u lock me also in cabin

Sanskar chuckles … Swara looks on angry ….laksh words struck were in his troth …as he thought to tease swara but himself got trapped in it

Laksh:I…didn’t… Me..a..n t..at ..
Ragini: (cuts off) 😠enough lucky thz is too much … Y r u always scolding swara …it was sanky bhai’s fault …do u think u boys r perfect huh!
Laksh: (sweetly) arrey sweetheart …
Ragini: I don’t wanna hear u …

She leaves from there angrily

Swara: huh! From now onwards dare u scold me bhai 😏

Swara smirks looking at laksh ..
Laksh looks at her in anger..
Sanskar smiles looking at swara

Laksh: 😠l will see u afterwards

He says thz to her and leaves from there …. Swara looks at sanskar and smirks …she was abt to leave from there ….but Sanskar holds her wrist not letting her to do so
…she looks at him in anger
He pulls her closer to him wrapping his arms around her milky waist …while she struggles in his arms to free herself but he tightens the grip

Sanskar: where r u going sweetheart😉
Swara;(struggles) 😠 u will never change …leave me u idiot …
Ragini might be waiting for me
Sanskar:darling … Lucky has gone behind rags …then obvio they might be together ….. So don’t disturb them ….let them spend sometime and so us 😉😉
Swara:😠but I don’t want to … Leave me …
Sanskar; no never in my life I will leave u😉

He pulls her more closer to him …looks at into her big doe eyes lovingly while she struggles in his arms

Just then shlok comes there with a hot chocolate in his hand
And widens his eyes seeing swasan position

Shlok:😳wat r u guys doing

Sanskar comes to her sense and looks at him irritatingly

Sanskar: bad timing huh!
Shlok: (confuse) wat
Sanskar: nothing

Shlok eyes falls on sanskar’s pic on which swara had shown her talent 😜…..he brust into laugh.

Shlok: hahahaha 😂😂 hahaha 😂😂😂

Swasan looks on confused
Swara gets irritated

Swara:😣y r u laughing gorilla …
It’s irritating
Sanskar: dude stop ur laugh ..
It is irritating my darling😉
Shlok; hahaha …wat can I do sanky hahaha 😂😂… Look at there ..haha

He points towards the pic … Swasan looks on … Sanskar widens her eyes …shlok walks towards the pic …laughing

Shlok:😂😂 haha look at thz pic .. It’s ur pic …hahaha I guess who made thz extra fitting in thz pic is any physco hahaha ….

Swara gets angry coz she is one ..
Sanskar chuckles ..

Sanskar: (mind) dude u r gone now ….

Shlok: hahaha look at thz …tat person would’ve thought to make u look a like baby 😂😂😂 hahaha but instead it finished up with a bandar ….hahaha u r looking like a monkey

Swara had enough of her insult of her talent😜 she get angry and slaps shlok hard ….shlok face turns due to the slap and looks at sanskar 😯😯😮😮
Swara leaves from there

Shlok:😯😮wat did I do dude … I said ki u r looking like monkey then y thz devil slapped me

Sanskar :not only slap ..she should have kick u

Saying thz he also slaps shlok … And leaves from there …. Due to the slap shlok’s hot chocolate falls …..he cries

Shlok:😭😭😭aaaaa my hot chocolate ….aaaaa thz world is so cruel ….aaaaaaa



Swara’s room

Swara was looking at sanskar’s bedroom via window his room was dark … She was unknowingly waiting to see him coz he wasn’t there in his room
Even though she tells tat she doesn’t love him …is it true .. If yes then y she is eagerly waiting for him ? Y he has become a habit of her ..need of her???

Swara:where is thz idiot …. I’m waiting for him from past 1hour and still he didn’t came to his room …..(realises) wait …wait but y am I waiting for him … No no I will not wait for him …. Swara let’s sleep

She was abt to go …but just then her eyes falls on Sanskar standing outside the mansion ..
He was standing with a girl cupping her face
Swara widens her eyes

Swara; 😳 kavitha … Same girl here also ….I frgt to ask abt her to him ….. (Looks at them) but wat r they doing Herr at thz time ..it’s late night

She looks at sanskar … Who was talking with kavitha still cupping her face …. Swara looks doubtedly ….she didn’t like his way of cupping other girls face ..
Her eyes turned into anger of pure jealousy …..

Swara:is …she his gf … Then wat abt me …wat was tat which he was saying me all thz time

“Doubt ” is wat she can do now ..
She knew he loves her …but abt thz girl …whom he is talking for so Long ….

She see’s him hugging kavitha ..
Caressing her hairs ….tat is for her …..her anger raised to the high level

Swara:😡is he cheating on me .. How dare he let ask him

She walks out ….she comes outside the mansion and finds
Sanskar and kavitha who were still hugging …she fumes and goes towards them and claps sarcastically
Sanskar and kavitha brokes the hug hearing it ….and looks on shock seeing swara

Sanskar: (shock) swara …
Swara:😡wah wah …Sanskar wat a game u were playing with me really hats off for u…
Sanskar: (confused) wat r u talking swara
Swara:😡 oh so u wanna listen from me…huh don’t act innocent Sanskar …wat were u doing with a girl …at thz time
Sanskar: swara …
Swara:(interrupts) oh sorry wat questions I’m asking ..waise bhi .it’s ur person life whom I am for questioning to u
Sanskar: r u gone mad swara

He sounds anger understanding wat she means ….kavitha was sobbing silently

Swara:😡oh shut up Sanskar u r a cheater …one side u will say tat u love me ..and at other side u r romancing with thz girl (points kavitha) …if u love ….

Her words left incomplete as he slapped her hard ….yes Sanskar slapped swara …tat Sanskar who used to say tat he loves swara ..
Slapped her ….

Swara looks on shock holding her burning cheeks ….tears rolled down from her beautiful eyes

Sanskar was eyes turned red due to anger …he transfers his gaze from swara to kavitha hearing her sobs ….he looks concerned and goes toward her ….holds her hand

Seeing thz swara runs from there ….Sanskar looks at her going and takes a sigh looking at kavitha

Sanskar: kavitha come I will drop u ..
Kavitha :(sobs) no…but…
Sanskar: (cuts off) I said I will drop …come

He sounds anger so she nodes …
He takes out his jeep ..soon both leaves from there


So friends how was epi hope u all liked it ..do comment guys

And plzzzzz watch swaragini …if no swasan them no tanu😞😞😞

Thank u all
Love u all

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