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SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-14}


Swaragini reaches the clg
Both walks towards the gate …
Swara stops and looks at the box in which she is used to get letters from her secret admire


She goes towards it and touches it with a sweet and cute smile remembering abt sanskar

Ragini:(teases) ahem ahem thinking abt my bhai haan …
Swara:(comes to sense & avoids eye contact) no…no … don’t I have better work rather than tat
Ragini:oh is tat so

Kavya comes there

Kavya:swara and rags..come lets go to class

Ragini: haan come swara …. Waise bhi nxt class we r bunking right so let not miss thz one
Kavya: wat bunk …but y ?
Ragini; wo actually Kavya me and laksh r going for a ride …. As we r going to a ride swara should come to drop me at laksh’s office na ….so bunk …
Kavya:oh enjoy rags (smiles)
Swara:haan she will ..now come let’s go to attend the class (smiles)

Ragini & kavya nodes with a smile….trio leaves from there


Sanskar’s cabin

Sanskar was staring laptop without blinking eyes …his eyes were still red filled with anger and possessiveness …. Remincing abt the morning incident

Just then laksh comes and looks at him who is lost in his own world

Laksh:hey hi sanky
Sanskar: (comes to sense) … Lucky u here ….I mean anything important
Laksh:nothing much dude I just came here to tell …tat swara will come Here now 😉

Hearing his love’s name his lips curved with a cute smile .. He looks at laksh in surprise

Sanskar: (surprise & happy) swara … Here
Really laksh …but y ?
Laksh:(smiles) wo actually dude me and rags r going for a ride so she is coming here to leave rags
Sanskar: (happy) ohh let her come …I will not let her to go from here😉
Laksh: hahaha i know😃

A semi dark room is shown
A man is sleeping on a bed covered with bandages and connected with Wier’s and the other equipments to his body it is looking like he is in a very terrible condition fighting with his life and death

Next to him another man is seated on a chair … He is dressed in a kurta and was chewing the paan …he had a beard which he was caressing thinking something deeply staring the man on the bed

Just then birju and goons comes there

Birju:bhaya ji

The beard man is bhaya ji ..

Bhaya ji:(still staring the man on the bed) bol birju
Birju:bhaya ji … The boy abt whom u asked to collect information is Sanskar Maheswari …. Son of a famous businessman Ram Maheswari
For now we know abt him thz only …but soon we will get to know more as I asked one of my men to spy on him

Bhaya ji:hmm good ..(to man on the bed) 😡 see chote he is only responsible for ur thz condition right ..I will not leave him… I will not ….

He looks at birju and goons
….gets confused seeing their condition as they were beaten up by Sanskar …..they had wounds all over their body

Bhaya ji:wat is thz wounds and all
Birju;(downs his head) wo bhaiya ji ….it is done by the same boy wo actually (he tells everything)
Bhaya ji:he can ….I knew it .. He can do thz …he can fight with anyone ….so tat ..only …I’m waiting to know his weakness jisse mai usse tadpa tadpa kai maar sakon 😡 😡


Sanlak and shlok were waiting for swaragini to come at a parkin area

Shlok:y they r taking so time to come dude ….
Laksh:have patience dude…they will come
Shlok:huh same dialogue u are saying from 2hours ..but see … We r waiting still now 😤
Sanskar:hey com’on shlok can’t u do thz much also for ur frnds right

Shlok :ahh coz of ur both love life I’m getting thin by thin everyday my mom will scold me now for sure😖😖

Just then swaragini comes there

Laksh:look they came …

Sanskar and shlok looks …
Sanskar looks at swara …but she turns her face in anger …he smiles
Swaragini comes towards them

Laksh:okay guys we r leaving enjoy sanky😉 ..(to rags) come sweetheart

Sanskar smiles
Ragini nodes with a blush … They leaves from biding bye to them

Swara was abt to leave …but Sanskar stops her holding her wrist

Sanskar: where r u going
Swara:(looks at him) it’s non of ur business 😠

Sanskar smiles and pulls her towards him

Sanskar: it’s my business only my darling love (pinches her nose)
Swara:(rubs her nose in pain) aahhh …
Sanskar: oh sorry baby …it is paining more right …wait I will lessen it in my way 😉

Saying thz he kisses her tip of nose …and winks at her she widens her eyes 😳

Sanskar:how it is now😉
Swara:😠😣 …aaaaaa leave me … I have to go …
Sanskar: (tightens the grip) nope u aren’t going anywhere …I will not let u go 😃
Swara:😳 wat…
Sanskar: yes …today is our day just u and me 😉
Shlok:(confuse) dude I’m also here
Sanskar: then leave …give us some privacy
Shlok: 😳chi chi … How rude u r …coz of a devil u r forgetting abt ur angle frnd huh

Swara looks at him in anger understanding wat he means …
He gupls in fear

Shlok: (fear) …wo .. I mean .. Ahem ahem … Zoor ki lagi .. I’m leaving😮😮.

Shlok leaves from there immediately
Sanskar chuckles and looks at swara

Sanskar: see how all r scared of u
Swara:😠 even u should be tat
Sanskar; me …and scared of u …
Hahahaha😂😂😂 nice joke hahaha😂😂 …. Y would I be scared of a 4fut 2inch wild cat

Swara looks at him angrily 😡😡
Sanskar stops laughing and

Sanskar:okay okay leave thz ..now come

He holds her hand and was abt to walk ..but swara doesn’t move and stand still

Swara:I’m not coming anywhere …leave me😡
Sanskar: (raises his eyebrows) oh is tat so …let’s see …

Saying thz he lifts her in his arms in a bridal style..she widens her eyes 😳

Swara:wat r u doing
Sanskar:lifting u …my darling
Swara:😡 stubborn person …waste to talk to u ..

She turns her face in anger …he smiles seeing her anger


How was the epi guys …hope u all liked it …plz do comment guys
Thank u all guys
Love u 😘😘😘

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