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SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-11}


Swara reaches airport …she looks here and there searching for Sanskar….just her eyes falls on him who was sitting on a chair with a red eyes controlling all his emotions …his pains
She takes a sigh ..her phone rings …she looks at the caller I’d it was laksh’s call …. She lifts the call


*on call*

Laksh: hello swara ….wo Sanky
Swara: (interrupts) haan bhai as u asked the plain authority to delay the flight timings after 1hour they did it ….Sanskar is here only in front of me
Laksh: (sighs) oohh thank god
Did u talked to him
Swara:no bhai ..I will now
Laksh:ohhk ….go talk to him
Swara: okay

*call ends*

She looks at Sanskar and goes towards him ….he wás lost in his thoughts like a lifeless body …
She sits beside him and looks at him …who was still was in his own world thinking abt their moments ..she takes a sigh

Swara:H..I …

Hearing her voice …he immediately looks at her … And was surprised to see her

Sanskar:swara …(he rubs his eyes not believing it) no no how come swara here (sad) it is my hallucination ….swara can’t be here …she might be enjoying with sahil

He turns His face not wanting to see her ….Swara who heard him gets angry and pinches him on his hand ….

Sanskar: aaahhhhh …

He looks at her ..who was looking at him in anger …by now he got to know it is real swara not his hallucination …he was surprised yet shock to see her

Sanskar:(surprised) u … how come u here …wat r u doing here
Swara:I came here for the person who loves me
Sanskar: (mind) she is talking abt Sahil 😔😔

he gets sad and a tear drop escapes his eyes he wipes it immediately & smiles fakely
She can clearly see the pain in his eyes …she knew tat he saw sahil’s and her confession which was just a lie ….she wants to clear tat with him

Swara:waise wat r u doing here ..
Sanskar: (avoids eye contact) wo
Actually I got some important work …so have to leave from here swara:ohhk …but u left from engagement without informing anyone??
Sanskar: haan wo actually as the work was imp so dnt got time to inform
Swara:hmm okay

Now there was a deep silence
B/w them …swara don’t know wat to speak..where as Sanskar doesn’t want to speak … Coz he feared if he talk to her he may be unable to control his feelings
….or he might fall for her more and more …which he doesn’t want now coz it hurted him .. For loving her
But at last swara decided to talk

Swara:Sanskar do u remember y we used to call each other as Amul baby and wild cat

Sanskar lips curved into a cute smile hearing thz …and remembers


Lil swara was sitting on a chair eating chocolates …lil Sanskar who was passing by her ..see’s her .. Thinks to teases her
He smiles naughtily and goes towards her …her back was facing him ….he immediately jumps and snatches chocolate from her and eats it in one go
Swara gets angry and turns
…she gets more angry seeing him eating her chocolate smiling and teasing her ..

Swara:😡 u stupid idiot ..how dare u eat my chocolate .. Give it back to me
Sanskar: hahaha😂 it’s in my stomach take by urself

She gets angry and holds his collar

Swara: 😡I don’t know buy and give another chocolate to me
Sanskar: nope ..I will not 😂

He pulls her cheeks …she gets irritate and pushes him …he falls on the floor ..she comes top of him and began to beat him by her tiny hands

Swara:give my chocolate …give my chocolate …giveeeee 😠

Sanskar :hahahaha😂😂 okay okay …wait ..

He puts his hand in his pocket .. takes the chocolate ..shows her she gets happy and was abt to take it …but he immediately puts it into his mouth and shows her tounge 😜😜

Sanskar: hahahaha …😂😂😂

Swara gets angry and irritated by his teasing …and bites his cheeks by her teeth’s hardly

Sanskar: aaahhhhhhhhh

She leaves and gets up from him
And gives ” don’t u dare to tease me look* …

Sanskar: (rubs his red cheeks) u have Teeths of cat kya? Huh!

Swara leaves from there angrily

Sanskar:wild cat (rubbing his cheeks which was paining him)


Maheswari and gadodia’s were having breakfast together

Sanskar: (to sujatha) mom feed me
Sujatha:(smiles) k beta

She feeds him …he looks at a doll which was in ragini’s hand

Sanskar: mom I want tat doll (points )
Sujatha: k beta ..we will buy for u
Sanskar; no mom I want tat only
Ragini:but bhai ..it’s mine
Sanskar: (cries) no no no it’s mine …give it to me …
Ragini:(cries) it’s mine ..swara gave me thz …
Sanskar:no it’s mine ….

Both holds the doll ..and were pulling it ..crying
Swara was already irritate by Sanskar’s behavior ..she gets angry seeing her frnd Ragini crying coz of him

Swara:😡(shouts) shut up ..(both become quite & looks at her) (to Sanskar) u stupid r u small kid
Always…(mimicking) mom I wants thz ..tat …feed me mom ..put my clothes ..removes my clothes huh!
Sanskar: mom see thz Swara …
Swara:shut up ..idiot 😡😣 always be a Amul baby ….

Flashback ends

Both SwaSan were laughing remincing tat cute moments …

Sanskar: hahaha😂😂 how can I frgt haha😂😂

Sanskar’s eyes falls on swara
He remembers her confession to Sahil …he stops laughing and get teary eyes …she also stops laughing looking at him whoz eyes were filled with tears … He turns his face …she gets sad coz never in her life she saw tears in his eyes which was filled with pain
She composes herself and….

Swara:hmm Sanskar I love someone
Sanskar’s heart was already booked into pieces … Her statement was like a blood from the pieces …which was stabbing and paining him like hell

Swara:the person I love is …
Sanskar:(with pain) I know ..it’s Sahil Right
Swara:no wrong it’s my secret admire ..whom I love …he loves me too

Hearing thz he immediately looks at her in shock …

Swara:yes Sanskar I love my secret admire….I came here only for him ..as he wants to leave to London ..leaving me behind I came here stop him …tell him not to go ….will u listen to me Sanskar

Sanskar gets surprise by her talks …he don’t know wat to do he is happy tat swara loves her secret admire but wat abt sahil then . .abt their confession ?? Was the questions running in his mind
Just then raglak comes there …he looks at laksh

Sanskar; lucky …wo…(confused)
Laksh: (cuts off) I know sanky wat do want to know …actually sanky tat Sahil….

He tells everything …at first he gets angry on Sahil ..but later gets happy to know tat swara loves only her secret admire who is he …he looks at swara

Sanskar: do u know love me??
Swara:(serious tone) no I don’t love u ..

Raglaksan gets shock by her rply

Laksh:swara it’s not the time for joke ..u.love him right …u love ur secret admire right
Swara:yes bhai I love my secret admire …but not him …. I don’t love him …
Ragini:but both r one swara
Swara:haan I know ragini … But I don’t love him ..he always irritate me ….I love my secret admire ..not Sanskar
Laksh: swara r u gone mad …
Sanskar: laksh it’s k leave it ..
Waise bhi I’m only her secret admire …she loves me only 😉

He becomes the old Sanskar ..
Swara looks at him angrily

Swara; oh hello 😡 I don’t love u
….I love my secret admire
I know u r only my secret admire but I don’t love u …I love my secret admire
Ragini: arrey swara …y r u soo confused
Swara:😞 haan rags I’m confused
Dekho Sahil ki baat was different I thought him a good frnd … So when he proposed me I trusted him and accepted his proposal only coz I thought he is my good frnd …but ur bhai he always irritate me …I love my secret admire but not ur bhai rags
Laksh:but swara….
Ragini:(interrupts) laksh …I guess she needs time ..leave thz

Laksh nodes …
Sanskar:oh tho all thz year I wrote letters to impress u is waste …huh!
Ragini: nope bhai it isn’t waste still now u impressed her as a secret admire …now impress her being u …being sanskar Maheswari
Sanskar: (smiles) okay…(looks at swara) anything for u 😉

She smiles but hides it with anger on her face

Just then shlok comes running

Shlok: swara …swara …swara …

He stands panting heavily

Swara:wat happen shlok…. Y r u running
Shlok:(panting) wo ..wo…

All gets worried seeing his condition which is so serious

Ragini: wat happen bhai ..say it clearly
Shlok: swara …u didn’t eat my burger right which I kept in the car …say it fast….

Swara gets angry and slaps him

Swara:😡stupid gorilla I got scared …huh!

She leaves from there
Raglaksan Laughs …shlok looks at them keeping his hand on his burning cheeks

Shlok:u r laughing at me …laugh laugh …my time will also come …
(To Sanskar) waise Sanskar …
I heard swara came her for tieing u in a raksha bandan ..

Sanskar who was laughing ..stops and gives him a slap …
Sanskar: i will kill u 😠 she is my love ..u want me to make her sis huh!

He leaves from there
Shlok holds both the cheeks

Shlok:😯😮wat did I do …y thz both r 😭😭 playing hot hands on my cheeks ..wat did I do…
Ragini: hahaha😂😂 instead of love bandhan…..u said rakksha bandhan ….then obvio …u will get slaps and kicks na
Shlok:😯oh is tat so ….ohhh

A sister and brother will going …he goes towards them

Shlok:😀 u both r also in love bandhan na …congratulations…

Sister & brother: wat did u say u 😡 fatty cow

They makes him turns and gives a kick on his bump
He falls…..raglak laughs
Shlok:wat did I do now 😯😮😮

So how was thz epi guys Hope u all liked thz epi …thank u all guys love u all bye 😘😘😘

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