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SwaSan! I Love You!! {Episode-17}


Swara will be sleeping in a room on a bed …. The sun rays falls on her disturbing her sleep she opens her eyes rubbing it with her tiny hands


She looks around finding herself in a unfamiliar room

Swara:(confused) which place is thz ….How come I slept here …last night tho….

All her questions stopped at “last night” …she reminces last night incident …..sanskar’s slap then some goon’s kidnapping her everything flashes on her mind
She gets angry remincing his slap!!

Swara:😡he slapped me I hate him …I hate him … I hate him … Stupid idiot …I hate him …

She shouts loudly in anger


Bhaiya ji ,birju,and other goons hears her shout as they were seated out of tat room and evilly smiles thinking tat she got scared

Bhaiya ji:birju open the door

Birju nodes and opens the door

They enters the room and was shocked to see scenario … swara was messing the room ..throwing things here and there … Shouting loudly in anger

Swara: (shouts in😡) he slapped me ..I should’ve also slapped him
I hate him ….I will not talk him .. Let him ..go anywhere thz time I will not stop him …stupid fool bustard …******

Bhaiya ji and birju’s eyes widen in shock😳 ….swara turns and gets surprised to see them .. Yet again she looks around reminding herself tat she is in a unfamiliar room …..she looks at them

Swara:who r u all ?where I am ?

She asks with a confused look for which they smirked evilly

Birju:u r kidnapped 😏
Swara:😳wat kidnapped … But y the hell I’m kidnapped … Huh!
Bhaiya ji:(smirks) cause of ur so called lover Sanskar Maheswari

At thz she gets angry …as he was naming Sanskar as her lover

Swara:😡 lover my foot … He isn’t my lover …I hate him
Birju:haan haan we know u hate him …..he loves u ..and we kidnapped u cause u r his weakness …so ….
Bhaiya ji:😡(interrupts) so tat we can kill tat bustard easily

“Kill him” thz word made her shake ….a fear created in her heart as she got their trick …
She very well known Sanskar loves her ..she was afraid tat thz love of him …will cause him in trouble ……she instantly looked at them in shock and questioned them with trembling voice

Swara:….w…a…t .. do ..u m..ean .. By …kill ..him ..and y …do u want …him t..o k..ill
Bhaiya ji:😡 y do we want to kill him huh! ….come here ..come

He holds her hand walks out of the room …followed by goons
He takes her to the same room where a man covered with bandage was sleeping on a bed and all machines and equipments connected to him
Swara looks confusedly …

Bhaiya ji:😡 look at him .. he is my small brother see how he is suffering b/w life and death it is all cause of tat Sanskar only .. I will not leave him …I will kill him…

Swara was taken a back .. She was unable to believe tat sanskar would harm anyone to this extent… at least not intentionally he could do thz …. She was caring for him …the slap given by him and her shouting of hating him was no more in her memory
She was caring coz it was all abt his life….she was just standing in shock

A goon and old lady comes there
Bhaiya ji looks at them

Goon: Bhaiya ji ..wo we have to…
Bhaiya ji:(interrupts) I’m coming

He looks at swara who was standing still in shock … And transfer his gaze on the old lady

Bhaiya ji: maa I will be back .. Still tat keep a eye on her (points swara) and dare u go against me

Lady nodes in fear …Bhaiya ji and goons leaves from there … Lady looks at swara and smiles sadly ….she goes towards her and keeps hands on her shoulder

Lady:beti …

At thz swara comes to sense and looks around not finding Bhaiya ji … As hundreds of questions were running in her mind and she want answer of it ….she looks at the lady

Swara:where r there ….tat goons and all …Sanskar couldn’t harm anyone unintentionally …there is a reason behind all thz …I know I Want the answer ….where r they ..

She shouts in anger yet worriedly …. The lady interrupts

Lady:sshh come with me ..

She holds her hand and takes her to the another room …closes the door while swara looks confusedly

Swara:(confused) y did u …
Lady:(interrupts) u want know the actual reason y they want to kill sanskar Right
Swara:do u know?? …who r u? And who is tat man who wants to kill sanskar??? And the man on the bed ..who is he???

The lady smiles sadly and

Lady: I’m a bad mother who couldn’t able to give a good thoughts to my sons … (She looks at confused Swara) yes they both r my sons ..actually da man who wants to kill Sanskar is my elder son who wants to take revenge of his chote’s condition …which is done by Sanskar (swara looks on shock) but wat Sanskar had done is right …he deserve it my younger son deserves it …cause he had done crime ..

Swara:(confused) wat crime …

Lady:actually 4months ago chote had been to U.S.A … he visited a pub …there he saw a girl and took her forcedly with him and raped the girl

Swara: wat raped .. 😨
Lady: .. Haan My son raped her for almost 10-15days …not showing any mercy on her …she became life less body ..I saw her when I visited there to see my son and I was shocked by all thz … I pleaded him to leave her but he became a beast ..devil he didn’t listen to me

She says thz with guilt …whereas swara was feeling disgusted and angry hearing thz

Swara: 😡 chi … still know I was feeling bad for his conditions but not now …(she looks at the lady) then wat happen to tat girl and Sanskar how is he connected in all thz ??

Lady:Sanskar was a friend of tat girl ….actually I saw Sanskar in a mall ..with a pic of same girl .. He was searching her ….so I thought to tell him and I did so …


Sanskar:😡 where will he get me now aunty …

His eyes were turned red due to anger

Lady:in house

He left from there angrily

Flashback ends

Lady:Sanskar found him in the house and beated him tat let him now hang b/w life and death and he took the girl to the hospital who was already living like a dead body …cause my son ..I’m ashamed of myself … Ashamed of my parvarish

She gets teary eyes saying all thz .. Whereas swara’s eyes filled with tears …..cause it was all abt a girl who suffered which other girls can easily understand

Swara:who is she???
Lady:(looks at her) her name is Kavitha …

“Kavitha” thz name made her shock to hell…a layer of guilt formed in her heart …knowing tat she doubted him ..the words which she told him last night in front of kavitha … was really bitter to a girl who had gone through all thz ….being a girl she can understand it …and now she got to know y did he slapped her

Her anger on him was replaced with proud and respect towards him …he is actually a gem
..isn’t he? But there was something more she was feeling abt him….is it *LOVE* she blushed on her thoughts …


Maheswari mansion

Sanskar and shlok will be having breakfast .. There was a last roti
Sanskar takes the roti and keeps on his plate …shlok looks at tat graps it in no moment …Sanskar looks irritatingly

Sanskar:y do u eat too much ..and trouble the washroom soo much
Shlok:huh! ..y do u love devil swara soo much even though u r scared of devil too much … Hahaha 😂😂..I made it as a😂😂 rhyme …I’m so talented ..it is nice na
Sanskar:😕 it is like ur face
Shlok: ohh jealous ..hahaha 😂😂 hahaha …
Sanskar:u had enough roti .. Now have my kick ..also
Shlok:😠 wat u will kick me ..huh! Enough is enough .. Wat am I looking to both of u .
Sanskar; (confused) both ..
Shlok: u and tat devil swara .. Am I ball tat u both always beat me
Sanskar: u urself agreed tat 😂😂😂😂😂
Shlok :did I agreed tat 😮😮😮😮

Ragini comes there and gets angry to see Sanskar laughing when her friend is in a trouble
She goes towards him….
Sanskar keeps quite looking at her

Ragini:😡 wat is thz bhai … How can u ….

Just then Sanskar Mobil rings

Sanskar: 1min rags

He lifts the call …ragini takes the mobile from his hand and keeps it in a speaker …he looks at her and sighs

*on call*

Sanskar: hello
Os : Sanskar Maheswari

Voice comes which sounds anger .. For which Sanskar smirks

Sanskar: oh wat happen Bhaiya ji u called me
Bhaiya ji:😡 hey don’t u know tat we kidnapped ur love .. Swara
Sanskar: yes I know

He say’s thz calmly ..for which ragini looks angrily

Bhaiya ji:😡 then wat r u doing there …come save her
Sanskar: where is she .. I wanna listen her (calmly)
Bhaiya ji:😏(smirks) if u want to listen her …then u have to come here
Sanskar: then I won’t believe u tat u kidnapped her
Bhaiya ji:😡 aay she in my house only ..I kidnapped her if u want check her house u won’t find her there
Sanskar:huh! If she is there .. Then make her speak i wanna listen her voice or else I won’t believe u
Bhaiya:😣😤 argggg….wait

Sanskar smiles…ragini and shlok looks confusedly


Bhaiya ji : swara …swara .. Swara

Swara comes there and looks at them confusedly

Bhaiya ji :speak him

Saying thz he keeps mobile in speaker *

Sanskar: (smiles) hello darling

Swara gets happy hearing his voice …she feels butter flies in her stomach
Sanskar thinks she angry and gets sad but doesn’t shows it

Sanskar: swara r u angry baby ..
(She was abt say but stops hearing the nxt) if yes then be angry I don’t care waise bhi nice they kidnapped u

Bhaiya ji and birju looks shock whereas swara looks confusedly at 1st…but later thinks something and smiles

Sanskar: hey r u there ..wild cat .. Bark I mean tell something
Swara:😠 even I don’t care okay. . and it’s nice only Bhaiya ji kidnapped me at least I will be free from ur irritating
Sanskar: (smiles) oh nice Bhaiya ji …plz keep her with u only and don’t give her anything to eat .. She had my brain enough
Swara:😳 it’s u who always eat my brain not me …
Sanskar: not only brain I wish I could eat u full

Swara:😣agrrr …go to hell

She cuts the call and gives the mobile to Bhaiya ji who was looking shock ..she was abt to go but stops looking at birju…. She stares him doubtedly ..birju see’s thz and

Bhaiya ji:😠 birju wat is thz .. He isn’t caring abt her ..u said swara only is his weakness ..he loves her and all then wat is thz!!
Birju:😠 Bhaiya ji ..I’m sure he is acting making us fool ..cause tat day in bus when I just complimented her (points swara) he beated me like a animal .. Didn’t u saw my condition
Bhaiya ji :haan u r right

Swara reminces the bus incident now she understand y tat day sanskar stopped the bus and pushed him outside the bus …and made swaragini to leave from there … She feels so proud of him ..she feels his love which is only for her …and blushes …As her heart had given her the answer finally



Ragini and Shlok were still looking at sanskar in shock with widen eyes …sanskar looks at them raising his eyebrows

Ragini:😡 how can u bhai ..aren’t u worried abt swara
Shlok:😮 do u really love swara

Sanskar looks at him

Sanskar: ohh listen ..hmm leave it u will never understand

He smiles and leaves from

Shlok:y is he so complicated ..

He scratches his head confusedly


So guys how was the epi hope u all liked it …
Thank u all guys
Love u all😘😘😘😘

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