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swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 30

Hey guys i know i was not active there are two reasons first my wifi wasnt working and second swaragini is going off air i was so stressed i cant loose swasan at any cose so do eatch swaragini at 9:30 plz to save swasan raglak plz plz

And yeah do read my ss with duggu and mohini…HIRED TO LOVE…

swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 29

The episode starts with

Sanskaar : you have given me such a wonderful surprise so let me too give you one….
Swara : what ???
Sanskaar : just few minutes…
He gestures all to come out
All goes out leaving swara alone
Swara : uff this sanakaar i will kill him he is making me die in surprise….

Sanskaar : bhabhi bhai you both go first home and make necesaary arrangements we are coming back
Adi : yeah right chal pankhuri…
Pankhuri : ok come soon
Sanskaar : lakdh you go and sign discharge papers and ragini will take swara to car….
Ragini : kk bhai
Laksh goes ragini and sanskaar goes inside…
Swara : sanskaar tell me na
Sanskaar : ragini i am taking her you plz rake her bag i have told nurse to pack her things so plz bring that bag
Ragini : yeah bhai ok
Sanskaar goes to swara
Sanskaar smiles seeing swara then slowly picks swara up as she was having already bandage
Swara winces in pain
Swara : aah
Sanskaar gets tensed he made her dit on wheel chair slowly
Sanskaar : sorry jaan

Swara : its ok sanskaar but where are we going
Sanskaar : come you will get to know
Sanskaar takes swara on wheel chair while ragini nd laksh to comes to him…
In car laksh drives the car while ragini sits beside him and sanskaar made swara sit cormfatably in car and sit beside her….
Laksh drives the car
Swara : laksh ragini tell na where are we going
Sanskaar : offo swarra just have some patience…. plz for me
Swara signs at him
Sanskaar then holds her hand and kisses it….
Swara blushes while raglak smiles at them
Soon they reached maheshwari mansion swara became teary eye to come home after 2 weeks
Swara : sanskaar this..
Sanskaar : i know you were missing home kids so i thought to bring you here and all family members will take good care of you
Swara : i know that and i know when you are there how can anything happen to me i just love you so much…
Sanskaar : love u too
While raglak coughs swasan became shy then sanskaar make swara sit on wheel chair and they cae at entrance of mansion
All members reached there of mm and gm
Anu does her aarti and then she comes in
Shekhar : beta how are you feeling
Sharmishta : yeah swara does it paining
Sanskaar was beside swara she clutches his hand
Swara : when he is with me how can i feel pain maa
Sharmishta : god bless you both my child

Karan : diii now chalo get well soon tou have to fit and fine ok
Swara : are maa papa youll go dont take my tension i am fine plz youll dont worry all are there sanskaar is also here…
Sanskaar : yeah maa from swara’s operation day youll were in so much tension plz relax and take rest in home swara is fine i promise i will take care of her…
Shekhar : beta we know when you are there how can something can happen to her we know she will be gine because she has you… take care beta
Saying this shekhar sharmishta and karan greet everyone and left..
Dp : waise bringing swara home it wasa big desicion he should have inform us… or he has forgot he has parents too whom have rights to know about it
He taunt sanskaar indirectly… sanskaar felt sad
Adi : papa its not his fault he asked me and told to inform youll but i forgot… papa plz forgive him papa
Dp : you can forgive him adi i cant and ragini pankhuri take care of swara properly… and swara beta need anything call them no need to depend on sanskaar…
Sayong this he left anupurna too left behind him
Meanwhile sanskaar was about to leave when swara hold his hand tightly…
Swara : you will not take me to our room
Sanskaar : ragini and bhabhi will take you
He says wiping his tear…
She made him bend down she wipes his tear
Swara : sanskaar you know na papa told everything in anger he is also hurt to see you hurt dont worry he will forgive you soon
Sanskaar : but swara this is the truth you are here because of me
Swara : shut up dont dare to blame yourself and you are taking me or not or should i go by myself…
She tries to get up while sanskaar hold her and picks her up in his arms slowly and takes her to room slowly…
While raglak and adri were feeling so proud of them
Sanskaar was climbing stairs

Sanskaar : swara you are not feeling pain na
Swara : sanskaar i am in the most safest place in the world… i am in your arms the most wonderful place how will i feel pain…
Sanskaar : baate karna koi tumse seekhe…
Swara : aur pyaar karna koi tumse…
They both touch their noses with eachother and smiles
Soon sanskaar took her to bed while kids got to know about her aarival they all goes to meet her
Aarav : mumma you back
Jhanvi : chachi how are you know
Khushi : you will be here na mumma from now
Swara : are are aaram se one by one so aarav yeah i am back back to my kids and jhanvi my doll i am good because of your prayers and khushi my princess yeah i will be here with youll because mumma/chachi miss youll so much
They all hugs swara slowly as they knew her condtion
Sanskaar : are this isnt fair doll you change your team to chachi
Jhanvi : haha chachu now chavhi is my favourite…
All does masti like this

Guys i know its short but net will be long do watch swaragini at 9:30 and yeah do read swasan ss hired to love
Bye tc

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