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SWASAN FF I Hate u & I Hate Myself Because I Still Love U Episode 23

Hai guys , feeling soooooo sad that our swasan & raglak will be no more, but I guess we can keep them alive through tellyupdates.

In Bangalore


Swara was trying hard to get information about the peoples kidnapped by the group but it seemed to be too difficult. One day Swara was with Abhinav in one of his hideouts, as one of their team member was coming to meet them. He informed her that the member whom they are going to meet is on of the main promoter of the group in South India. Not only he but his father also. When they were talking about them they arrived and Swara became numb to see the person.


Ragini was getting ready for college, as she was now teaching in one of their college along with laksh, a photo frame which contains her & swara’s picture fall and break into pieces. She became restless and while cleaning her hands got hurt. Laksh seeing this was sad seeing ragini’s condition. He bring the first-aid kit and do her dressing. But somewhere inside his heart he too was feeling restless.

In Tirupati

Here sanskar was discussing about the mission with his group but he couldn’t concentrate on anything fully. There was a clenching pain in his heart.

Just then ramnath comes in

Ramnath: officers get ready the mission is on

Soooooo sorry my hands are paining like hell. So I’m stopping here. Will try to update soon.

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