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Swasan ff – Pyaar ki ek anokhi kahani Teaser 1

Sanskaar is going to office and when he reaches office BOOM!
1 man: is the work done?
2 man: yes bhayya ji
1 man: now sanskaar maheshwari is finished
Swara is pacing in her room restlessly waiting for sanskaar but he is not there yet suddenly someone keeps a hand on her shoulder and she is shocked seeing the man
Sanskaar looks for swara and finds her unconscious and shouts SWARAAAAAAA!
Really sorry guys for not posting for a long time actually my exams are going on and I’m very busy please pray for me soo… how do you like my 1st teaser
. what will happen to sanskaar?
. who are the 2 men?
. who is the man who enters Swara’s room?
. why is swara unconcious?
To know all these answers stay tuned to pyaar ki ek anokhi kahani I will post after 15th December 2016 untill then this teaser for you all take care! Bye!

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