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swasan ff – love is waste of time ( teaser)

Sorry friends.. For not posting my ff… But I’ll post it soon…

In Karma industry..


Sanskar is busy in taking the interview.. Just then someone knocks.. The door..

Sanskar: “whose this..? I’m busy talk to u later..”

Girl opens the the door:” it’s me sanku…”

Sanskar looks towards and becomes shocked and stands up: ” shona U…”

Swara:”ya it’s me sanku😘( she comes close to him) sßsßssh.. Sanku.. U sit down..( she made him sit back)”.

Sanskar: “shona, Y u came here? r u OK… ?? When did u got conscious..??? ”

Swara sits on his lap..

Sanskar: “shona..”😨he notices she is crying

Sanskar:” shona y r u crying…? ”

Swara: “sanku..Y u left.. Me alone. Y u ignored me… 😢😭😭.. U don’t trust me..” He hugs him..

Sanskar releases the hug: “I’m sorry shona.. ( he wipes her tears) I trust u.. But shona Y u came here.? How do u know I’m here.? And..”

Swara:” sßsßssh.. Sanku..(she place finger on his lips) u talk too much.. ( she cares his hair) sanky i came here to complete our incomplete work..”

Sanskar: “what incomplete work..??”

Swara:” offo sanku.. U forget u left.. Me with.. Our incomplete kiss..😘”

Sanskar becomes shocked..😱..

Swara:” sanku tell me do u want to kiss me..”

Sanskar doesn’t say anything..

Swara :” do u want kiss me.. ?? ”

Again no reply…

Swara:”u want it.. Or not”

No answer

Swara:” OK then I’m going.. ” swara is about to open the door..

Sanskar stands up..:”wait.. I want to kiss u..”

Rajat:” sanky.. What r u saying… ”

Sanskar: ” woh.. Rajat I want to kiss her..”

Rajat: ” seriously ”

Sanskar nodes…. Yes😘

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