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swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 25)

Episode 25.. Silver jubilee…😇😇😇

Ragini is sitting in hotel room.. She takes the letter written by swara… That she find in chitti’s room..

It hurts so much to love and be rejected but it is far worse to never take that chance and tell them how you feel.

This pain is inseparable
Can’t stand it anymore
Being away from you
Is like nothing I’ve felt before
Every breath away from you
is a waste of air

Every second I miss you
Every minute I’m in pain
Every hour I feel like death
Every day I die
Please come back

Save me from this hell
Save me from this pain
Love me like I love you
Save me

When I See You,
My heart skips a beat, and I don’t know what to say
When I See You,
All of my troubles go away.
When I See You,
I Daydream about the day we could say I Do
When I See You,
All I want to say is I Love You

She closes the letter.. And starts crying..

Ragini: “how can u love him that much swara… He doesn’t deserve u.. Not u not ur love.. If I could do anything for u. U would erase the moment when u saw him, when u fall for him.. Ur love is pure.. People says love in teenage is just an attraction.. But it was more than that.. I can’t easily forgive that sanskar.. Sanskar U just wait and watch.. ”

Just then Prateek comes inside with food..:”ragini have something.. Don’t cry she would be alright.. ”

Ragini: “OK Prateek and thanks for ur help… ” they eat their lunch.. Just then someone call ragini..

Ragini: “hello who’s this..”

Man:”r u Miss ragini.. ”

Ragini:”ya but who is this…”

Man:”I’m inspector Amit Kumar.. Mam u have to come at police station right now..”

Ragini: “I’m out of hoogly sir.. ”

Inspector: “OK come back till morning..”

Ragini:”what’s the matter sir…”

Inspector: “ur friend swara Gadodia is dead…”


In Gadodia house..

Shomi: “shekhar I can’t wait for two days.. I want this property now..”

Shekhar: “shomi, dear let’s think about Mr Roy. If he get suspect on us.. First police will solve this matter.. Tomorrow ragini is also coming here. ”

Shomi:”ok ..”😔 just then kavita calls her..

Kavita: “hello ma..”

Shomi:”beta how’s u..”

Kavita: ” ma I’m good. Where’s shona.. I want to talk to her.”

Shomi(tense😨):”beta she didn’t came yet.. Actually she went Bangalore with ragini.. Woh.. Her father called her their and shona is giving her company.. ”

Kavita: “what’s this ma..?? My shona even didn’t congratulate me.. Give me ragini’s no.. I’ll call her.. Shona phone is switched off..”

Shomi:”wo I lost her no.. ”

Kavita: “what ma.. ?? How can u”

Shomi: “offo kavi, it’s ur first night. And u r thinking about shona.. Concentrate on adrash ji..”

Kavita: ” but ma..”

Shomi: “I don’t want to listen anything..(She disconnects the call..) I can’t lie her anymore..”

Shekhar: “just wait for some days.. After that everything will be OK.. Just prepare yourself for tomorrow.” They sleeps..

In Maheshwari mansion..

Sanskar is not getting sleep.. Only swara is coming in his mind..

“sanskar u look too cute , when u eats in anger ”

” I’m not cute .. And if I ate all this, then I’ll will become fatty 😠”

” then U look extra cute … Motu sanskar hehehehehe😁😁😁 hahahahaahahahahah 😂😂😂😂”

” shona stop laughing at me ..😡 I’m not cute not motu …”

“look sanskar U r looking extra cutiepie in this angry face .. Hehehehehehe😁😁”)

He turns his face to other side….(” I hate rain … I will never ever enjoy this rain…I hate it 😡😡.. Rain rain go away and never come again “)

He covers his face with pillow..(“‘ll die without u..sanskar .. ” 😭

” shona will die without sanku.. “)

He tightly hide his face in pillow .. He reminds how swara hugs him.. In phone booth..

Sanskar:” aww.. What is this.. ???? Only shona is coming in my mind.. This same thing happened with me when I kissed her.. Offo sanky what r u thinking… How’s shona ? Did she get conscious..? Uff sanky.. U r mad.. It’s only because she is my friend and that’s why I m caring for her.. Nothing more than that sanky.. ”

Sanskar struggles a lot with the swara’s thoughts.. Still no effect.. :” untill or unless I will not see her I won’t get peace.. ” so finally he goes out to see her..

In sanskar’s room.. Where swara is resting.. Uttra is sleeping beside swara.. Then uttra gets a call from rajat..

Uttra(in a low voice):”hello rajat..😇”

Rajat:”how’s my uttu😘😘😘”

Uttra :”wait..( she comes out of the room and goes to terrace..) Now tell me Y u called so late..”

Rajat:”I’m missing u … Uttu..” 😘 they continues their.. Talk..

Here sanskar is coming to see swara:” sanky it’s not good to meet a girl at late night.. But I just want to know about her health nothing more than that..”

Inside the room.. Swara is ranting :” leave me.. ( all the flashes of molestation is coming in her mind..) Please leave.. Me…” 😭

Sanskar peeps inside the room hears her voice.. He immediately rushes towards her..:”shona r u OK… Shona..”

Swara: ” please… Leave me.. ”

Sanskar tries to compose her.. He pats her cheeks.. :”shona..everything is OK.. I’m with u.. See..”

Swara immediately hugs him..😘..:” save me.. ”

Sanskar feels something.. Good in his heart… She hugs him more tightly.. Same as before her nails.. Hurts him.. But this time he doesn’t fell pain..his Heart skips a beat.. With her closeness.. “They will kill me..”

Sanskar: “relax… Shona I’m with u..”

But she again faints.. And losses her grip.. Sanskar holds her.. :”shona.. Get up.. See I here ur sanku is here..”

But this time no reaction.. He looks towards her tears.. He moves closer to drink her tears. He feels her breaths on his cheeks… But stops himself: ” sanky again u r repeating same mistake.. ”

He places her back on her pillow.. And wipes her tears.. How many time he wipped her tears but this time.. He lost in her innocency..

Sanskar: ” soon.. U will get well.. And these bandage will also remove.. Then she will look extra beautiful… Sanskar again u r thinking worng..”

He covers her with blanket just then he hears.. Uttra footsteps.. He hides under the bed.. After uttra closes light.. He comes out.. He was about to go.. But stops.. Looking her face.. There is considerable moonlight.. And her face glow enough to attract him.. He sits and holds her hand.. He looks towards the marks in her hand.. And cares it..

Sanskar😢:” shona.. They touched u here. (He cries)😢 don’t know how much u struggled to save ur virtue… ( he whiffs on her wounds..) Get up soon shona.. Give me punishment.. I can’t bear this silent shona.. .”

He holds her hand tightly and sleeps.. There..😊

Next day in hoogly police station.. All r present there..

Inspector: ” So ragini.. U have no idea why did swara suicide.. ”

Ragini: ” sir I don’t think so, shona is not coward..”

Shomi:” we r responsible.. For this.. We should accept.. Her love.. ”

Shekhar: “don’t cry shomi..” He hugs her

Sahil:”my shona can’t leave me like this”😭

Inspector: ” we got a dead body.. Identify.. It… It’s face is not clear.. ”

Sahil:”inspector, please let me..😭😭(he breaks down..) She can’t leave like this..”

Ragini: “sahil.. Please.. Let us first check the body..”

They go to identify the body… Inspector shows them body and it’s belongings..

Shekhar wishpers in shomi ears:” I arrange this body …. Now starts ur drama.. ”

Shomi: “oh my shona… Y u leave me… Ur ma loves u.. A lot..”

Shekhar: “how can ur baba live without u..”

Sahil starts slapping himself..:”I’m responsible for it.. Because of me ur baba slapped u.. U eloped and died.. ”

Mr Roy:”what.. Shekhar knows about it…”

Ragini: “Mr Roy I don’t believe shona.. Can’t suicide.. ”

Mr Roy looks towards shekhar..

Shekhar: “woh.. I thought sahil is teasing my daughter.. So I…”

Mr Roy: “ragini and sahil.. U come with me..” And they leave..

Shomi:”shekhar I think he suspected on us..”

Shekhar: “don’t worry I’ll handle it..”

In Maheshwari mansion..

Sanskar sleep gets disturbed by the sun rays.. He tries to move just then he notices how he slept holding her hand.. And smiles.. Just then uttra’s phone beeps.. And she gets up.. And see sanskar.

Uttra:”Bhai what r u doing here.. Holding her hand..”

Sanskar: “wo..woh. Uttra mosquito was in her hand.. Nothing else.. Hehe..😁”

Uttra:”Bhai..did u slept full night here..😕”

Sanskar: “hahaha uttra 😂😂.. Y would I sleep here.. Actually.. Badi ma is calling u.. I came here to call u just then I saw a mosquito sitting on her hand.. So.. Heheh😁”

Uttra:”😕 Bhai, think we should call pest control here…else she will die malaria….( sanskar give her dead look😡) Ok u go I’m coming.. ”

Sanskar: “OK..come soon..”

Sanskar turns to moves.. Just then uttra notices something in his shirt..

Uttra:”bhai, what’s in ur T-shirt..”

Sanskar looks at his shirt: “where uttra..”

Uttra:”bhai in ur back.. Blood.. Spot.. ” sanskar reminds how swara hugs him..

Sanskar: “nothing mosquito… Hehehehehe😁😁.. Uttra u call pest control.. Else ur Bhai will also die..” And he leaves…

Sanskar comes in guest room.. And close the door..

Sanskar: ” uff.. Thank God u save me.. From this detective uttra.. “He removes his T-shirt.. And looks at this back. Through mirror. and touches the marks.. And this times he feels something good..😊

Sanskar: “again.. Shona U gave me ur symbol in my body.. Old marks r also there.. Sanky what r u talking.. About..r u stupid.. ”

He goes inside the bathroom….

In the dining table.. All r taking the breakfast..

Sanskar: “papa when will she get conscious… I’m mean.. She is still unconscious..”

Ram:” don’t know may be one day.. More.. “.

Sanskar is eating fastly..

Sujata:” what happened to u sanskar.. Y r u eating in hurry… Is anything u have to do..”

Sanskar: “mom I have go take care of sho… I mean that girl. She is alone.. And uttra is leaving for collage..”

Sujata:”no need of this sanskar.. U already missed one day office.. ”

Sanskar: “then ma.. Who will take care of her..”

Sujata:” me.. Jeeji.. And lucky.. ”

Sanskar: “but ma.. Bhai left for police station..”

Ap:”no sanskar he is with the girl.. As he took leave for some day.. So u need to worry.. ”

Ram:”Ya sanskar beta.. U concentrate on ur business.. Dp Bhai.. Is coming after someday.. U have responsibility of two office.. U don’t need to tense for her..”

Sanskar ( huh 😑 Bhai never showed any interest for any girl.. Don’t know Y he is roaming around shona.. ):” OK papa.. I’m going office..”

After breakfast.. Sanskar enters into his room.. As soon he enters he see that lucky is holding swara’s hand..

Sanskar😠:”bhai… Y r u holding her hand.. U don’t have manners… ”

Lucky:” sanky bro u r taking me worng.. Actually.. Mosquito was there.. So I was killing it.. See the blood of mosquito.. In her nails..”

Sanskar ( it’s my blood not mosquito..😑😑):” now mosquito gone then Y r u still holding her hand..”

Lucky leaves her hand..:” sanky U go office Y u came here.. 😕”

Sanskar: “it’s my room.. So I came here to take my important files..”

Lucky: “so do it fast.. ”

Sanskar opens his Almera.. And searches his file.. He finds it.. But he notices that lucky is arranging the pillows around her… And he is going soo close during this process.. And then stares the swara.. Lovingly.. Sanskar closes the Almera with full force.. Lucky comes in sense..

Sanskar: “Bhai Y r u staring her.. “😠

Lucky:” what’s ur problem.. U go to office.. Today is ur very important meeting… Wait let me call chachi ji.. ”

Sanskar: “OK fine I’m going..😡😡😡” He leaves..

I wrote this party in hurry… And sorry if it is boring… 😁

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