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swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 21)

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Episode 21
Pain ….😢💔
Swara’s POV….


I was standing in the middle of the road. He was gone yet these eyes were not ready to believe in that fact. Tears were continuously flowing nonstop.😭. But no one could see it, as it was raining. This heart always loitered around him. Now he was not there, he went away with our incomplete kiss 😢. I couldn’t able to go back to home if ragini didn’t came there.

Ragini: ” shona what r u doing in here, it’s raining. Kavita di called me that u didn’t reach home”

I was not in the state of reacting. And ragini understood my condition.

Ragini: ” come shona” she took me to home. As I reached home kavita di was ready with her queries.

Kavita: ” shona, ragini is this the time of ur party to end.”

Ragini: ” sorry, di party was over. But we were busy in gossiping. ”

Kavita: ” what happened to u shona, Y r u quite ?. How u r fully drenched?”

Ragini: ” di, she was enjoying the rain. And I scold her that’s why she is upset. Di let me took her to the room.” After changing the clothes, she gave me coffee and asked to take rest. But this heart couldn’t able hold it anymore. I busted out crying.😭

I:” ragini he is gone away forever. Tell me how can I live without him. ”

Ragini: ” shona, I was scared about it. Please forget him. He never loved u. For him u r only his friend nothing more than that. ”

I:” he loves me “( her reaction was quite shocked but I tell her everything.) Ragini how can he leave me in-between. He took my heart, he took my everything. Please ragu take me to him. ”

Ragini: ” tomorrow we will go to see off him. Then U asked him directly. This time no need to think about everything.” But it was not that simple, next day when we went there they were already left from there. Ragini called to her home.

Ragini: ” kaka, did sanskar came there to take his gifts”

Kaka :” ya bitya, he and his brother came. We called u but u didn’t lift the phone. So I gave him that. ”

Ragini: ” OK kaka” my legs had no strength I was broken down. 😭 ragini hold me.

I:” I’m that much bad that he left without saying anything. How can he..😭 I know it was all my fault. But ragu what to do. His incomplete kiss took my complete soul. ”

Ragini: ” shona, let’s move out from here.”

This was not end soo easily. My di also went back ,as she got a new job. After that I called him many time but he didn’t picked my calls, it finally ended, when he finally blocked my number. Ragini called him as, he was ready to talk to her, but when I came in call he ignored.

Ragini: ” hi sanskar, how’s u ?”

Sanskar:” I’m all good. U tell about u.”

Ragini: ” me too good sanskar, missing our old days.”

Sanskar: ” school days r best. I m missing all my friends. I hope I can see them.”

Ragini: ” no worries u can talk to them ”

Sanskar: ” ya but all r not in my touch. ”

Ragini: ” two r there, sanskar shona wants to talk to u. ”

Sanskar: ” wo..ragini Bhai is calling me. I’ll talk to u later. ” with this he disconnected the call, disconnected all the relationship with me. Forgot our friendship I was only remembering his words.( ” shona I’ll daily call u, in the morning, in the afternoon ,in the evening and in the night..”). My all sleepless nights, and if these eyes got sleep then this heart was not ready to compromise. It was paining as if some one pinched it with thousands of arrows. I couldn’t able to hold his pain anymore… I cried, I screemed a loud …

Ma:” shona, what happened to Y r u shouting. ” how could I told her.

I:” ma, nothing. It’s just a horrible dream.” Horrible dream haha what a joke, my whole life became the horrible dream, a joke. Daily drama.. And finally.. My parents also couldn’t able to hold me anymore.

Ma :” shona, what is this u don’t have any work. So u think we r ready for seeing ur drama.”

Baba:” shona, ur ma is right. What is ur new drama of screaming at night what if Mr. Roy came to know about it. He will only blame us. ”

I:” baba, ma I’m sorry. ”

Baba :” no sorry, I have bought some sleeping tablets for u eat it daily but don’t disturb us.”

I started taking sleeping tablets. Now I didn’t cried at night, but soon there effect also faded. I started to take more and more pills. My became addicted of the sleeping pills… And this heart is addicted of him.. This heart was bearing so much pain. It’s seemed that no one care for me but I was worng there was one to whom I exist Ragini. She found sleeping pills in my bag..

Ragini: ” shona what is this. U r taking these pill without the consult to the doctor. ”

I:” baba, and ma r disturbed due to my screaming. So baba gave me this. I started taking it more and more now I’m addicted to it. ”

Ragini: ” u r not going to take it anymore ”

I:” ragini but what about ma and baba ”

Ragini: ” u stay with me. I’ll take care of u. What kind of parents r they ? Pack ur bag and come with me.”

She talked to baba and he agreed because they need peace not a psycho girl like me. I never thought that this love will become poisonous for me. Condition again became like before she take me to the psychologist. And their therapy is very much helpful to me. But they also can’t erase his memories from my mind. (“Shona u r especial for me”) was these words really matters for him now. Not at all in these years he even didn’t tried to know about my condition at once. Doctor said I need a love and they don’t know this love hurted me a lot. Now they took sahil as a hope.

I:” ragini , I don’t want to meet him ”

Ragini: ” shona, give it a try.. ”

I:” I can’t, this heart only beats for him.”

Ragini: ” he is the only one for u, I didn’t matter for u. Ya who I’m to u ”

I:” OK fine ” I agreed. But this time I didn’t want love. But she wanted my well being. I meet sahil.

Sahil:” hello shona, how’s u ?”

I:” I’m good sahil. Tell about u. Did u find anyone. ”

Sahil :” not at all. Shona U too single na. ”

I:” love is far away from my destiny. Anyways leave it. ”

Sahil :” coffee.. Or soft drink ”

I:” coffee.. ”

We used to spend time together frequently. This will also help me. I find a new friend. Ragini was happy for me.

I:” Y did u bring me this sweet shop.”

Sahil:” I cleared my interview. Soon I’ll join so for the celebration with my especial friend. Shona ur especial for me. What u want rasgullas.. ”

But his company also couldn’t helped me, to forget him. Now I hate rasgullas, it deepend my heart’s wound. Sahil reminded me my screams which I was forget for few days…

Ragini: ” shona. R u alright.. ”

I:” ragini u too leave me. This heart became burden on me. I want to die.. ”

She hugged me :” sßsßssh, shona everything will be alright. He took everything.. Even ur smile.. Come with me ”

She took me to garden and ordered me to burn all his memories. His birthday pics, his hanky, all his pictures in school magazine, all those copies in which he taught me.

I:” ragini I can’t ” I was continuously begging to her.

Ragini: ” shona, burn it. Now ”

I:” no, I won’t ”

Ragini: ” OK, then I’ll burn myself.. ” she poured kerosene oil over her body. I agreed.. I burned his all the belongings. I wish I could burn this heart also. Day passed I started smiling a little bit. Because of cheeku. Ragini made all efforts to cure my pain.

It was my birthday, I stopped celebrating it. But baba threw a big party. Roy uncle also came.

Roy:” shona, Since past few time I saw u sad, did anything is there u want to share ”

I:” it’s nothing, just exam tension.uncle R u coming in the party”

Roy:” no beta I have some work. Just came here to meet u ” he left.

Sahil called me. :” shona meet me at park, I have to tell u something. ”

I:” sahil, u can come to my home”

Sahil: ” I’ll come to party in the evening.. But u come na please… ”

I:” OK.”. As I went to park. I was shocked to see the decorations. I can react further. Sahil bend before me on his knees.

Sahil:” shona ur birthday is lucky for me. From today I’m joining.. ”

I:” congratulations sahil”.

Sahil:” swara, I don’t know how ? When? It happened.. But I want to say that I love u. Will u marry me.”

I was shocked..:” sahil ”

he kept finger on my lips. And hugged me :” I love u shona, u r my life. I know u too love me.. ”

I:” sahil listen to me. ”

“Swara….” 😡Someone shouted. I turned and shocked to see

I:” baba”

Baba :” how dare u to touch my daughter.. ” baba started beating him.

I:” baba leave him..”

Baba :” u shut ur mouth swara, what u think, u will get her property just by roaming around him. now u wait what I’ll do to u.”he grab my hand and took me home . baba told ma everything and she slapped me.

I:” baba I don’t love him. Trust me.”

Shekhar: ” how.. ?”

I:” I will do anything u want baba ”

Shomi :” sign on this blank paper to proof ur innocence.. ( I had no choice. I did.) Now go to ur room. No need to go ragini’s home.”I agreed. But that night was the worst night for me. I went down for water but I listen I was terribly shocked.

Shomi :” shekhar, now we get the property. Tomorrow u will submit the paper in the court. Then what about swara.”..

Shekhar: ” shomi dear. First let me get her property after that she is no more useful for us. Kill her ”

Shomi :” no killing is not suitable, we can sell her in market we will get good money. ”

Shekhar: ” wao dear ur very intelligent.”

Shomi:” But what about kavita, when our daughter asked about her. ”

Shekhar: ” I’ll tell her that she elope with sahil. ”

Was I dreaming? Ma baba wants to kill me for the property.. 😭 when they slept I secretly entered in room and tore that papers ..but suddenly light on. And baba slapped me.

Shekhar:” how dare u, bl**dy cheap girl.”

Shomi: ” u orphan, how dare u ?”

I:” ma baba, Y r u doing this ”

Shomi: ” we r not ur parents “..

I:” what???”

Shekhar:” ur the daughter of my brother aman Gadodia. My Bhai was a big business tycoon I always wanted be like him. Everyone compare me with him. My parents only loved him. So I thought to kill him. But before that I got his will paper, in which he assigned his full property to his daughter. And she will fully get it after her graduation at 23 year. So we adopted u and Mr. Roy Is ur father’s best friend he frequently came to see u that’s why we were always good with u. Shona U r soo stupid.. Hahahhahah😂”

I was not ready to believe it :” baba U r lying na. I told u na I dont like that sahil.”

Shomi: ” shut up, u r not my daughter only kavita is my only daughter. That’s why we send her abroad not u. Now no more arguments. Tomorrow I’ll sell u. Then live ur life and we will get peace.”

I:”u can’t because I tore these papers.”

Shomi: ” arey, dear shona it’s just a photocopy. Do u think we r a big fool for having only one copy of such a importantly thing.”

Shekhar: ” don’t waste time in talking locked her in the room and snatch her mobile also ”

I:” don’t do this please.. ” she dragged me and locked me inside the room.. What was happening to me? Sanskar left me . my MA baba were not my real parents… What to do ? Whom to believe? Nothing was coming in my mind except ragini. “Ya ragu can help me.” I had no phone, I found a sari and tied it at window and eloped to ragini’s home. As soon as she opened the door I hugged her.

Ragini: ” shona what happened..? ”

I was continuously crying. She took me inside and I told her everything.. My life became a joke.

I:” ragini they would sell me. No how can they do this..”

Ragini: ” shona don’t worry I’m with u we will complain against them.”

But before that someone knocked the door. Ragini and me hide in her underground room. They were the goons.

Goons :” hey old man we r searching for this girl. Where is ur Malkin.. Call her she must knew about her.”

Kaka:” she went to Bangalore with her papa.”

But goons didn’t believe him they searched whole house. Luckily we were safe. But how long..? After their departure ragini asked me to go to police station. But as I moved. I was shocked to see the news.. ” we r searching for our daughter she eloped please if u find her contact us. And the informer will get reward of 5 lakh rupees ”

How cheap r they. Nothing is coming my mind. I know either those goon or police would definitely caught me. I closed my eyes.” Kisan ji help me show me some way to escape out. ” then only one face came before me. It was his. “Sanskar”.

I:” ragini, I want to meet sanskar at once he would definitely help me.”

Ragini: ” shona, r u mad? He doesn’t care about u. ”

I :” please last chance… ” I begged to her.

Ragini: ” OK but for that, we have to go Kolkata. Shona.”

Ragini made plan. She also called sahil, but our bad luck police arrested him for enquiry. So only Prateek helped us. We all changed our get up. I and ragini was in veil and Prateek wore a big kurta with moustaches and long beard. We were lucky to passed out the checking. As I crossed the check post I called him from prateek’s mobile.

Sanskar: ” hi Prateek.” Tears were flowing through my eyes. I heard his voice after a era..

I:” sanskar”.. He was about to cut the phone.

I:” please, don’t cut the call. For our friendship please listen to me last time. I’ll not disturb u, never call u again. ”

Sanskar: ” OK swara, what u want to say I have no time say it fast.”

I:” sanskar I want to meet u. It’s urgent please don’t deny. I’m here in Kolkata.”

Sanskar: ” OK , 12pm. At xyz park. ” and he cut the call.

After reaching Kolkata. We stay in a hotel. Everywhere the my news were spread. I was about to go.

Ragini: ” shona r u going alone. ”

I:” ya ragini, ”

Ragini: ” but shona it’s risky. ”

I:” no ragini, they don’t know I’m here. Please I want to meet him alone.. Don’t deny. I’ll call u “and I left.

In the way when I was near the park I found some is following me. But I saw him. I was very happy. I tried to tell him everything but he didn’t believe me. Nor he care for me nor for my love. ” i don’t love u”.. He didn’t believe me.. He thought I was lying.. I left from there.unhappy, then I saw ur son chitti and I came here, those goons were also behind me . and unknowingly sanskar inform them..

Flashback end…..

Meena:” shona I can’t understand ur pain. But u can stay here. I always want a sister.like u.”

Swara:” I don’t want to be burden on U..”

Meena:” u can’t be.”

Swara:” but..”

Meena:” no more arguments.. Now u take rest..”

Swara agrees..

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