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Swasan- Being A devil’s Slave (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9

Sanskar’s pov.


I lost her. She left me. I wanted her to leave because I said to yes to marry Kavita but why am I feeling pain if she left me.

“Its over. I am no more your slave. Best of luck for your future. Never try to come back again.” Her text read.

I felt a deep pain in my heart but I wanted to know the reason she left me. I also wanted to tell her about Kavita.

I wanted to see her for the last time.

Thinking this I called her but instead of her someone else answered. It’s Laksh. Yes its Laksh.

“I wanted to talk to Swara, Laksh. Where is she?” I asked.

“Who are you? And who is Swara? I don’t know anyone named this.” He said.

What the f**k ?

How can he say he don’t know her. She is his sister dammit.
“Laksh. I am Sanskar. Just tell me where is Swara?” I sounded a bit angry now.

“O. So Mr. Casanova. You are the perv whose seed she is carrying. Isn’t it.? And moreover don’t try to call here again. She is dead. Dead for us.” He said angrily but at the end his voice choked.

But what he meant by this.
Did he get to know about our relation.? Shit Shit Shit..

What they did to her? Where is she then? What happened to her? Recently she met with accident and now this.

“Laksh. Tell me where is she?” i shouted at him.

“Find yourself Mr. Maheshwari. We have not kept a record of lost people. If you want find your slave and your baby.” He said and cut the call.




She is pregnant. She is pregnant. She is carrying my baby. O god. I m so happy. So happy. But where is she.?

I sat down keeping my head in my palms.

Cursing my destiny.

What should I do know? Should I be happy or should I be sad.?

I am going to have my baby. But i lost my baby’s mother.

I sat der crying.

A minute. A hour. A day passed but I was still der crying on my helplessness.

But No. Not more.

I went down to say my dad that I cant marry Kavita. No never.

The face I hate the most. I can never.

Not even for him.

But when I reached outside his room. I heard something which left me horrified.

How much cheap the people can be.?

My Dad sold me to Kavita for his business.
Not because he felt Kavita is right for me. But he is making me marry her because he wanted to join his business with her dad and rule the nation.

I started to walk back but stopped on hearing something.

“That b***c, Swara survived even after the accident. I did the best to kill her. Her car damaged very badly but she survived.” Kavita said.

Wait. Her accident was not accident but plan to murder her.

“Now, What will you do kavita?” her dad said.

“Don’t worry Dad. She will not be able to come between me and Sanskar at any cost. Before her I told her family with the spices. By now they would have thrown her out. I will not leave anyone who will come in between us.” She said and all three laughed.

Anger boiled inside me. I entered the room and slapped her hard.

She looked shocked.

“You bl**dy b***c. How dare you do this to my Swara?” i shouted strangling her neck.
I wanted to kill her now. How can she even think of doing this to Swara?.

My dad pushed me back.

“Stay away from Kavita, Sanskar. She did right by talking out that sl*t from your life.” He said.

I don’t believe he is my dad.
How can he.?

“Mr. Maheshwari. You are no one to me from now onwards. Just think you never had a son, and leave my house in next 2 minutes.” I said and was leaving towards the door.

“And Ms. Kavita. Just try to hold everything you have. If you will be able to save anything.” I said and left.

After coming out I punched the wall hardly and sat down crying.

How could they do this? My Swara.
Thank God! I reached der on time otherwise.. No! No! No! I cant even think of it.
Stop thinking rubbish, Sanskar.

But before anything I have to find. Sanskar you have to find her.

What happened to her? Where is she? If she did something wrong?


I thought and left the house to find her.

To be continued.

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