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Swasan- Being a Devil’s slave (Chapter 8)


Chapter 8



Swara’s pov.

I moved towards his house thinking how to tell him about this.
But I have to tell him. I cant spoil the future of my unborn baby. I thought keeping hand on my belly.

I reached at the door and opened it with the spare keys.

I was about to call for him but I was shocked to see the scene in front of him. I saw him hugging some other girl closely. I felt a deep pain in my heart and a great feeling of rejection washed over me.

I was shocked and started to move forward but stopped on seeing his father. He congratulated him but for what?
“Congratulation Sanskar and Kavita, I am happy kavita you accepted the proposal for MARRIAGE….” he was saying further but my mind stopped registering all the things after marriage.

Sanskar is getting married with Kavita. They did the last movie together and everyone praised them as for them they were perfect couple.

I was shattered. My all hopes for him loving me back got dispersed in a minute.

He chose someone else in my absence. I checked my phone and even der was not a single missed call from him.

Tears started to well up in my eyes and I left the place and ran from der.

What I have done to myself.?
I wanted to tell him but still his happiness matters to me most.

I know he will not go against his Dad and even I don’t want him to separate from his dad.

I know I m so stupid but I can say I still love him. He never gave me false hopes. It was me who was living in fantasies. It was my decision and this is the result of my decision. I looked at his house for the last time and wished him best of luck.

Then left the place. Here is the end of the slave of this devil and the beginning of the mother of this child.

I wiped my tears and sat in the car.

The driver drove off.

Now I have to face my parents. Don’t know what they will be thinking of.

Swara’s pov ends.

Sanskar’s pov.

I am Sanskar Maheshwari. The most stupid man in the world.

The most coward one who is not able to do anything for his loved one’s never.

First I lost my doll. My sister. At the age of 7 when she was just 3.

I always thought I will take care of her as my baby. But no she was gone, gone forever.

Then my mother. My mother whom I loved more than anything. Who was the only support system for me. Who gave her lap to me for crying.

I lost her. I lost her in an accident.

I was unable to save her. She died in my arms.

Now I am on the stage of lossing MY SWARA.
Yes. I am feared to loose her. She was only person who did this much for a looser and a lonely person like me without her selfishness. I know she loved me. Loves me from the very first moment we met or I can say I was the one who make her believe she fell for me.

That day when she kissed me in the park was the first time I felt relaxed. I loved it. But i cant trust any girl like this. But she was one who attracted me to the core. I followed her from that day and came to know all about her.

Then at the day of her first walk. I went inside her green room and wished her.

I just loved the confused looks over her face.
Then that time I offered her, offered her as a slave. Being a Devil’s Slave.

But she refused. She wanted to melt in my arms but she was not ready to accept me.

I know she was not a girl who sleeps over. But I needed her at any cost.

“I will make you want me as much as I want you” these were the lines I said to her as a challenge.

After that I followed her for 2 weeks. She knew i followed her but still she was silent. I think she liked being followed by me. She was safe. May be her heart started making a soft corner for me.

Then officially we met at the party. Where I went along with Kavita. Because I wanted to make her jealous. But she was not. I was disappointed.

I went behind her for asking her but she was adamant not to accept while her face shows something else.

I went inside when my so called dad called me.
And gave me a stupid proposal of signing a movie with Kavita. I hate her. She is like chewn gum and her attitude is what I hate the most.

I was already hurt. And with a heating argument with him make me loose my senses. I went to a corner and started punching the wall. But it showed no effect on me. I took a blade and cut my wrist thankfully it was not deep but i felt unconscious.

She came and carried me to my house and bandaged my bleeding wrist and other wounds.

I gained consciousness. And saw her and can she sympathy in her eyes which i hated the most.
She said she is ready.

I asked her if it is of sympathy.

She denied and said she wants me.
I know she lied but I believed that lie and we made out.

From that day she is my slave and I was her devil.

But I never loved her. Never.
Love was never meant for me.

I don’t Love her.

To be continued…

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