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Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 30

Hi guys thanks for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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Planning to finish this ff hardly 3- 4 episode to go so do bare with me . Thnk for ur support.
Kav: I have sent all the proof to ur voice chat. I know it is difficult to believe. But u have to go from here as quickly as possible.

Swara holds sanky’s hand in fear. Sanky hugs swara.
Sanky: Swara, he tightens his grip, look at me. Do u have trust in me.
Swara nods positively.
Sanky: Then believe me nothing will happen to you. We will face it together either life or death no matter what. We will not run but face bravely.

Kav: Guys plzzzzzzz leave understand the situation.
Sahil: Ya he is right, we are also with his decision hold’s sanky’s hand. Y shoud we run. No way we r going to run.
Sanky: No sahil, uttara and u should leave, I can’t risk ur lives . I am here na I can handle all this
Sahil: Do you think I am a coward or a selfish guy who will run in problem leaving you alone. Then let me clarify Mr. Maheswari I am not going anywhere we will be together and solve this . Sanky could sense his anger, hugs him. All four holds each other hands.

Kavi: Guys dnt u understand the seriousness
Khushi: May be they dnt understand. Y u want to waste ur energy
Kavi shocked bhabi. All are equally shocked with her.
Khushi: May be they are not that smart like u and pulls her while kavi back is with Khush’s front (imagine) points the gun towards her forehead. All are shocked by her sudden action.
Swa : Boldly: Bhabi, see how low you could steep, did u think abt bhai not even once, what he will go through after he comes to know ur true face.
Khush: Come on swara dnt be so dramatic, today u will get to know everything. The game will get over today so relax. Ya I should appreciate the boldness in u same like ur parents.

Khushi points the gun towards Kavi: It’s because of her everything is happening fast, if she did not find anything, no one would have known anything. I would have completed my job quietly. Kavi closes her eyes in fear.
Swa: Bhabi, no no plzzzz no dnt do anything to her, U want me right. I am here. I will do whatever u want. Leave her. If u want kill me nt her.
Sanky: Swara have u lost it. Y are you begging her.
Swara: Do u think I am that weak to let someone die for me no. I can’t. You should trust me now. I can handle.

Khushi: Wow that’s like a good girl and understanding I am impressed. Khushi signals, 4 men are surrounded by them. Swasan, uthil are tied by two men, while Kavi is still under gun point.
Khushi: now move quietly, no one should suspect anything be natural the party is almost over only 2- 3 guest are there rest all are my men. Dnt try something smart, the result sees towards gun nd Kavitha. All understands her motive. She takes them to the hotel in a dark sound proof room. The room is filled with goons, no one can find out they are goons. Perfect in their suit looking like some officers. ASR was sitting unconsciously on one end.

Swara: Bhai, tears in her eyes. The goons push them inside and all are tied same like ASR. Khushi gets call all leave the room immediately.
Swara: O god what is happening to me for me am like a complete stranger to these problem, but for them I am the one who is causing all the problem. Because of me all of u are suffering, no I won’t leave them and cries. All gets teary eyed listening her pour out.
Sahil: Swara you are brave girl na be strong, u can’t fall apart were here and always will be.
After 15mns. A couple enters the room. Swara squinted her eyes, as she was not able to see them clearly. A goon comes and lifts Swara. Swara opposes for his actions.
Sanhil: Leave her damm it what are u dng, i told leave her. The goons take her near the person.

Swara shouts in fear seeing the half burnt face of the person. He gives Swara a tight slap which she whirls round and fall.
Sanhil’s blood are boiling in anger, suppressing their frustration while ASR regain his conscious.
OP: Why are fearing u know this beautiful gift is given by your father to me. Now u will repay all his deeds, since u were his princess his shonaaaa. I was waiting for u this long years, I thought u were dead.
Interrupted by a voice

ASR: Not so soon Mr. Shekhar. I am here to fulfil my father’s half done work. I will finish it today. Shamista slaps Swara.
Shamsita: Torturing her will be the best thing to do.
Swara: I m ready for anything ,but before killing me do u have the guts to tell me the truth.
Kavya: Oh Swara u want to know the truth ya I will tell u baby and caresses her cheek.
ASR: Kavyaaaa u .
Kavya: Ya ASR is its meee. Kavya Gadodia, daughter of Shemish.
ASR: You lied to mee.
Kavya: Do I have any other choice smirks.
ASR: Kavi was right she always had doubted ur intentions that’s y she kept u near he. I was the fool did not believe her with anger in his eyes.
Shekar lifts Swara. You want to know the truth right.

Your parents Shyam and Anjali Rzaida one of the well known business tycoon in Mumbai. We were partners in your company. Shamista and me came from a normal background worked hard to attain this position.
Money was everything for us. We were working like cats and dogs for money. We hardly slept for 2- 3 hours. Your parents were not that money minded. They worked hard but not like us. They were smart in their decisions and investments.
Always helping the poor and needy. ASR was the only kid, but your parents always longed for a girl baby. After few years, Shyam got a new boon in the name of Shona. Yes u were born, Shyam was always right. You were his luck charm. Within 15 days of ur birth all his profits doubled. He always praised u for that but u were also the same reason for his death.

One day he wanted to give our partnership business share to orphanage. I did not like the idea, and I could not oppose because he was holding 75% of the company’s share and rest by us. I told him politely but he did not listen but he gave the whole company to them so thought to teach a lesson to your father.
For him, it was just a business and satisfaction but for its my life and my hard work. Shyam agreed to give me another business deal but I wanted this because, it was the best business one could profit so I did not want to leave this project at any cost.


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