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Swasan – Accidently yours Episode 29

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Sorry guyz busy with my project give me one more week. I will not be able to post according to my schedule will try to post at least one episode by next week. Will reply to ur comments next week sorry about that if u like plz do comment.
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Sanhil are searching Kavitha’s room and they did not find anything. Both are frustrated .

Sahil: Bro I think she is very clever and dangerous. Look we did not get anything.
Sanky: Mmm if she would have done something, thn there must be some proof, here nothing is there.
Sahil: Wait, what if we r targeting the wrong person
Sanky: Puzzled by his question. What does that mean
Sahil: Just now u said right, if someone had dne mistake, but we can’t sense any nervousness in her or in her act.
Sanky : thinks ya your right, she shows her anger that’s it. Who else can it beeee
Sahil : KAV KAvyaaaa. Why can’t it be Kavya.
Sanky: Kavya, she is my friend, what will she get out of this
Sahil: I m not sure, its just a guess another possibility, we don’t want to take any chance. She hated ASR
Swara is ASR’s life.
They hear some sound and comes out of room quickly. They see kavitha and rush to their room.
Kav: What were you guys doing in my room
Sanhil: What the hell y will we enter ur room
Kav: Oh really, shows her tab and the time someone entered. As her room is monitored and some one enters she will get a notification
Sanhil are shocked to listen.
Sahil: Ya we went to you room. We thought u were trying to hurt Swasan thats y
KAv: Laughs really Y will I hurt her.
San: Thn what did you do on the fire day in my home.
Kav: I came to give u ur files. ASR asked me drop. I came and asked chotu. If I want to hurt Swara wil I be so stupid to reveal my identity.
San: If it was not you thn who can it be. He sits down with both hands on his head.
Sahi: Dnt worry bro, we ll try to find out.
Kav: Be careful in whatever ur doing, here everything is monitored and I am also trying to figure out something. If u need any help do let me know. Give me some extra dress for Swaut. I will explain everything later.
Now its getting late for the party. Everyone will be waiting for us. Shall we leave. All leaves to party.
Swaut was worried for their respective partners. Though ASR took good care , introduced to all his guest, Swara still was not comfortable without sanky.
She sees them coming and shows a sigh of relief. Uttara hugs Sahil, Swara hugs Sanky.
Swaut: Are you k sahil you feeling better
Sahil: Ya now its better dnt worry about me, I am fine to core.
Swara sense that sanky is not normal.
Swara: sanky you ok,
Sanky assures her that he is fine.
In the whole party Sanhil were continuously thinking about something. Kavi hands over dress and keys to swaut.
Swara: What is all this
Kavi: Actually party will go till late night, I went to get some dress so bought for u also if you want u can change and these are room keys. Bye
Uttara: Dnt knw what she is up to.
Swara: Leave her after sometime we ll change and go out its very suffocating, look outside beach we ll play there for some time.
Uttara: But ur brother, will he allow.
Swara: Leave all that come. They go near sanhil.


Swara: Entwines her fingers with his, you ok.
Sanky, ya
Swara: Pleading with her eyes :There is something, why u want to hide it to me tell me na
Sanky: nthng leave me alone dnt irritate me
Swara: no I wont and will not leave you until u tell me she tries to do hiccups
Sanky: With anger Swara dnt u have any sense told u na not to disturb me, y u r always irritating me get lost.
Swara leaves with teary eyes.

Sanky to himself: What have you done man. Y did u hurt her, showing someones’s anger on her. Go go and pacify her. He leaves.
Sanky goes near swara and sees her crying. He turns her towards his side. But Swara did not see him. He lifts her face, I m sorry u still angry with me. She did not reply and tries to go. He pulls her with force.
Offo my darls this much anger, tucks her hair behind ears, See ur eyes , ur eye makeup got spoilt. She tries to clean, but sanky takes the tissue from her and cleans. He kisses on her eyes.
My darls is looking soo cute in anger and pulls her cheeks. A smile slightly curves in her lips, but she hides immediately. Sanky notices that and kiss her on her cheeks. Swara is losing her by his touch. But she becomes rigid again.
She tries to go, but this time he pulls her closer and leans towards her lips. Swara understood his intention and closes her eyes for positive sign. Sanky tries to tease her. He steps back, no no u r angry with me right then we should not do all this.

Swara opens her eyes with anger, while sanky enjoying. Swara reached up and pulled down to her , rest of his words were lost in her mouth. Sanky eyes is wide open by her sudden bold action. Their noses rubbed together. Swara’s fingers tightened painfully in his hair. Her nails scratched his scalp as she tried to get close. I held her around her waist and deepened the kiss…
Bac ground song:
Aeno Vaanilai Maaruthey (Skies are changing)

Mani Thuli Poguthey( timeis ticking away)
Marbin Vegam Kooduthey (My heart is beating faster)
Manamo Aetho Solla Vaarthai Theduthey (My mind is searching for right words to express)
Kannellam Neeyethaan Irukindrai( It is only ur imge constantly infront of my eyes)
Vizhinyin Mel Naan Kobam Konden (and angry at my own vision,pleading myself to close the eyes)
Imai Moodidu Endraen
Nagarum Nodigal (moments pass)

Kasaiyadi Pole (Like a whiplash)
Muthugin Mele Vizhuvathinale (on my back)
Sanky’s phone rings, swara tries to move but he does not allow her. The phone was continuously ringing. Irritated sanky takes his phone. Sahil 50 msg.
Swara: Ok u talk, I will go change my dress.
Sanky: Bro what happened

Sahil: Tensed : where is Swara :Sanky: She is in washroom
Sahil: Try to come out of the room as soon as possible, I saw someone near ur room. And ya bro it is not Kavitha so we have to leave immediately.
Sanky: But where,
Sahil: First, we ll go out the beach its very near we ll talk over there. Only 5 mns I will be there.
After 5mns all leave to beach. Sanhil are worried and no idea what to do next. Swaut were playing in the beach.
Sanky gets message from Kavitha asking about his whereabouts. She reach there. Swaut came seeing her.

Kavitha: Guys leave from here immediately, swara is in danger
Sanhil: Who is that, we know u know the culprit
Uttara: What is happening here
Sanhil : Be quiet Uttara
Kavitha: Will u guys believe me if I reveal the person name
Sanhil: We will
Kavitha: Closed her eyes, its bhabi
All are shocked for a sec.
Swara: No bhabi cant , u r lying, why will she want to hurt me. She holds sankys dress. Sanky she is lying and cries
Kavitha: I have sent all proofs to ur voice chat. Check it later now u dnt have time. Go away

Khushi: Not soo soon Kavitha with a gun in her hand.
Screen freezes with all shocked faces.


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