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Swasan – Accidently yours 35 Last part

Hi guys thanks for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.It is y last part cum epilogue.
Thank you all for ur support from day 1 to this last chappy. Thanks for supporting me pointing my mistakes and helping me to complete this ff. Thanks to soujanya, anu, s , mou, rabia shan, goldie, s, Anu Ann, Vyshu , Chanu, Chandu, Sammuy, Navi, SNY,Arsh, mica, Kaks, Chandu, Rosey, Xavia, Simin, Purvi,Nagamansa, Dharani, Afra, Mahajbben, Shreeyu, Mumpi,ayonti.
Thank you all for ur contionous support and sorry If I missed someone. Special thanks to goldie and her team for their effort in posting in fb and giving me more readers. Thank you all for ur support.

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ASR and Swara shared a lovely time. Swara came back to MM. All were taking good care of her. She was recovering quickly. She used to spend Mon- Friday in MM and compulsory weekends in ASR mansion. Swara was enjoying brotherly fights, his love his care which she missed all these years.
Swara recovered completely and was helping in Sanky and ASR business. It was Swara’s bday and Sanky planned to surprise her. He informed everyone about the same.
Swara got up early and made everything ready. She wakes sanky.
Swara: Good morning sanky, when she is about tell something.
Sanky: Ohh shit swara, how can I forget today’s day
Swara: becomes very happy really you remember .
Sanky: Ya Swara today is ASG group meeting na
Swara’s bright 1000 volts face changed to 5 volt as he forgot her birthday and this was the first bday she is celebrating with him.
He goes to washroom to get ready he enjoys Swara’s disappointed face but also feels bad for disappointing her.
She wanted to hear the first wish from him so she switched off her mobile and did not meet anyone.
She goes down all wish her . Swara fakes her happiness and smile. Sanky joins her for bf. All have their bf but swara is in her whole World.
DP: Swara you need to sign some tender files be in office at 10
Swara: Smiles and nodes.
Sanky leaves for office. Khushi presents her a beautiful diamond necklace while ASR presents her a beautiful saree. ASR and khushi takes Swara alone to terrace.
ASR : Swara u ok
Swara: ya bhai I m ok what happned to me.
Khushi: Ur not happy wholeheartedly
Swara: Nothing bhabi. I was tired that’s y. Ok bhai need to leave office catch u later bye.
ASR and Khushi leaves. DP calls Swara and asks her not to come the deal got cancelled. Swara is sad and arranging her room.
Dadi: What is my Swara doing
Swara: Dadi hugs her and lies her on her lap.
Dadi: y my buddu grandson did not give you any gift
Swara: I did not except gift and all but a wis. I wanted him to be the first person to wish me but nooo he forgot. When we expect something and if it does not happens it really hurts.
Dadi: Expectation always hurts. Ok leave all evening we ll go somewhere.
Swara: I m not interested dadi.
Dadi: I don’t want to listen anything just get ready . Swara agress. Both leave for shopping and enjoy shopping. When they return home.
They house is beautifully decorated with red and black combo. Pictures of Swasan, Swara with family members, Swara with ASR. Swara’s pics were hanging beautifully. Swara’s eyes were brimmed with tears.
Sanky side hugs her ,Swara looks him with teary eyes.
Sanky: happy bday my love.
Swara: I thought you forgot my bday
Sanky: Wipes her tears, how can I forget my darl’s bday.
Dadi coughs. I am also here. Both feel embarrassed and gets apart. I am waiting for the cake. Will u cut or not dadi in angry tone. Swasan smile aon seeing dadi. Swara cuts the cake, everyone was waiting for the first bite. Sanky, ASR, dadi, Uttara DP, sh sees all eager faces does not want to get into trouble so she eats the first bite. All mouths are wide open seeing her.
Sanky and ASR takes the cakes and apply all over her face. Everyone are enjoying the party. Dadi aks for music. Dadi starts for dandanaka song. All peppy numbers were played. Sanhil, Swasan, Arshi, Raglak, DP AP, Parish and kid all were dancing.
Songs are, Maari thara local, Aluma doluma, Ootha color ribbon, manamatha rasa. At last all were dancing for manmatha rasa and felt tired. After having dinner all went to their respective rooms.
Swara: Hugs Sanky, thank you.
Sanky: hughs her more tightly, thank you mmm so from when did my darls started to say thank you. Swara smiles and stand on her toes kisses him on his cheeks. An immediate smile adorns hid lip while Swara loses her balance and falls on bed. Sanky too falls on her.
Swara: I was tired and sore but did not care about it. I couldn’t get enough of him. I didn’t want to sleep. I wanted the ache. I wanted him in me, all the time. His weight on top of me. I wanted to squeeze him in further and further. I wanted to watch his face. I’d never done it before. I couldn’t really believe it; I was doing this. I was inventing something.

Soon he pressed his hard lips on me. He was kissing me fast, hard, deep, frantic, long and slow. I could sense all his emotions through the kiss. We were tasting the lips, the mouth, the tongue.
He drove himself harder into me. I was whining with pleasure and that was good. I would climax again right away. He kept on, slowing himself. He pushed my knees up higher. He was almost there and so was I, again. We climaxed and slept peacefully in each other’s embrace.

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