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Swasan – Accidently yours 32

Hi guys thank for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
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Sorry last part it was Swara on the pool of blood.
Both Swara and Khushi are injured. ASR and Kavitha runs towards Khushi. Uthil and Sanky goes near Swara. By then DP , AP , Dadi has arrived with Police.
Police arrest Shemish, Kavya and goons. They rush Khushi and Swara to hospital. Both are taken to ICU.AP consoles ASR, Dadi consoles Sanky. Sanky hugd Dadi
Sanky: With tears : I a amm stammers. Everything happened in front of eyes but I could not do anything. I failed dadi I failed as husband. I did not protect her cries badly.
Dadi: Cups his face, listen you have not failed. It was not your mistake. How will you know that he will stab her. Come, drags him to the idol in the hospital.
Pray pray to God only God can help you in all these tough situation. He looks dadi with same teary eyes. Fold your hands, fold ur hands she insisted. He fold his hands and closes his eyes with continuous flow of tears.


Sanky: I never believed you nor had faith in you. I even made fun of my mo when she arranged for any pooja. Even now I am not able to believe I am praying. I am praying bcoz of my Swara. I know its all my mistake, I failed but plzzz dnt punish me, try to forgive me I promise I will not do this again. I want my Swara back. I can’t live without her, she is my soul, without her I am just a corpse. Plz nthng should happen to her. He fell in his knees. Dadi pats his shoulder and take him to the ICU.
ASR: What’s happening with me, y the person whom I love never stays with me. First you took my parents away from me. I thought Swara was dead. I became a emotionless person. Thn Khushi came to my life. She brought back my smile, colors to my life. Now she is struggling for her life. Shona whom I thought was dead, you gave her back to me. I was very happy before I could enjoy all my moments with her, you are planning to take away from her. May be I am not destined to have relation at all. Am I that unlucky.
Just then the lights of both ICU gets off. Doctors come out.
DP: How are they, both are fine na . There is nthg to worry abt them na.
Doc: Out of the 2patients. Kushi’s cut was not that severe, she had minor injury and she is out of danger. But Swara…..
DP: What about Swara, tell na doctor.

Doc: Her injury is very severe and there is a severe blood loss. So next 24 hrs is critical for her. After 24hrs nly we can come to an conclusion.TIG
DP : Confused TIG means
Doc: Trust in God. Only he can help u now. Khushi will be shifted to ward but Swara will remain in ICU. If you want you can go and see her, but plzz make sure that you don’t disturb her.
Sanky after listening steps backwards. He moves to the corner.
ASR: I will see Khushi and cme.
Uttara goes near ASR. U must be happy right.
ASR: Confused: wht What are you saying Uttara.
Uttara: Its because of u. nooo wait u and ur wife she is fighting for her life. Before you came there was no problem, the moment u came to our lives, our lives were hell. Ur wife is safe now so u should be happy.

Kavitha: Uttara what r u saying, he is worried as you are. Dnt try to blame him it is no his mistake.
Sahil takes Uttara from there.
Nurse comes out shouting : Doctor the patient is breathing heavily. All are shocked and tries to go inside but doctors stop them and ask them to wait for some time. After 15 mts Doctors come out and tell that she is stable now but still 24 hrs time is there .
Dadi : Can we meet her.
Doc: Yes any one person can go but make sure that you dnt disturb her.
Dadi goes near Sanky and asks him to go inside.
Sanky: No dadi, I can’t . How can I

Dadi: You are her strength go to her. You can bring her back. I want my DIL I dnt want to listen to anything . U can I have full faith in you.
Sanky composes himself an takes baby steps and slowly opens the door. He saw his life lying unconscious with lot of tubes inserted to her soft delicate skin. Blood stains near her wound. Her charming and cute face was replaced by pale and dull face. The smile in her lips were missing but her lips were dried and tore due to dryness.
She was not even able to breathe by herself. She is given an oxygen mask to help her breathing. I could not see her in that state. I was broken completely. I went near her and pulled the chair towards bed and sat near her.
I gently took her hands without disturbing the needles and the tubes. I placed her palm in between my hands. My both hands were protecting her hand. I wish I could have protected you like this before. He kiss her on the forehead.
Swara plzz come back to me. I can’t see you like this. Dnt punish me. I missing you, missing you talking its been 9 hrs that you spoke to me not even a word. You did not fight with me, talk with me, missing your care. I was accidently yours but now ur my everything. You know what today I prayed also. Its all for u only. Tears were flowing, while he tries to get up his watch get stuck to her dress. See even this watch does not want to leave you think then what will I do.
He sits again and falls asleep. After few hours Swara tries to open her eyes. But it was very difficult. She closes her eyes immediately and opens slowly in her next attempt. This time it was blurred images so she could not see clearly. She once again closes her eyes but this time she opens her eyes confidently.
She saw sanky sitting by holding her. Immediately a smile is visible on her face. Nurse sess her opening her eyes and goes to call Doctor. She tries to free her hand, Sanky wakes up with a jerk and find swara seeing him.

Sanky: Happily swara… you fine cups her face, she change her reaction due to pain dur to his strong grip.
Sany: Ohh I mm m sorry Swara, pecks on her forehead. Doctors comes and examines her.
Doc: She is out of danger , there is nothing to worry and removes the oxygen mask. Whole family gathered near her and happy for Swara.


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