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‘This is Ragini.’ My father introduces his colleague to me while hauling her bags inside the house. According to what he told me , Ragini was born in India but moved to Canada when she five , and grew up and lived there. Two large American Touristers block our entrance. Ragini smiles at him .’Thank u, Mr Ranade. you shoudnt have’, she says. Dad waves his had dismissively and they both turn to look at me. Keeping her smile intact, Ragini extends a hand. I hesitate. Dad narrows his eyes behind her, mouthing, ‘Take it.’ I slip my hand into hers and pull away after a quick shake. ‘She’ll be staying here for a month. I will be in the office mostly. So it’s ur responsibility to take care of her,’ he says for the umpteenth time and walks around Ragini to mat my shoulder. He gives her an encouraging smile. ‘She’ll guide u through now .I’ve to get back to work if u don’t mind.’ ‘Oh, sure,’ she says in her heavily accented voice. Her fair complexion is reddened by the Mumbai heat. Her short brunette hair falls along her heart-shaped face and her long, pointed nose gives her otherwise soft features an edge. She wears a loose beige top falls over her black leggings. She isn’t actually fat, but more tall and curvy. ‘Feel at home,’ Dad says before walking out of the room. When he leaves, an awkward silence lingers between the two of us. The room fills with the strong fragrance of rose perfume that overpowers Dad’s musk scented aftershave that I’m so used to. It’s an unsettling feeling. Ragini politely looks around the living room where we stand, checking it out—-the paintings ,the bookshelf ,the ceiling. It’s not very fancy ,just like any other room in this house, but it’s more than enough for two people. An empty bookshelf over a television, a few paintings scattered across white walls and a contrasting green sofa set in the middle is pretty much all there is. The only thing worth noticing is the balcony attached to it. If u stand there u can see the back of our garden and hear the traffic bustling in the late evenings. Ragini’s body remains still while her eyes travel and along with them, comes her approval. Going by her look, she seems impressed. ‘Nice house.’ Her eyes finally rest on me and crinkle with warmth. I force a smile back at her.
Two days ago, Dad announced the news that one of his colleagues , Ragini Barnes was coming to India for some work .She’d stay with us for little more than a month before heading back. I was indifferent to the idea, but when he said I’d be the only one with her all day ands she knew no one else in India, I stomped my foot down hard and protested. A guest was okay, but Dad should have to look after her since she was HIS colleague, and therefore HIS guest. The thought that I’d have to live with a person completely unknown to me, entertain her every now and then and then make sure she was comfortable for as long as a month freaked me out. It wasn’t something I was used to. I explained this to him. ‘Well,’ he said that night avoiding eye contact, ‘she wasn’t the one who said she wanted to live with us. I invited her.’ ‘Why.’ He put aside the egg beater and added salt, onion and chili powder to the bowl. He slowly poured the mixture into the pan, now testing my patience. When he looked pleased by the way it spread, he said,’ When I was in Canada for three years, I left u here with ur nani. Ragini was one of my subordinates and she made sure I felt at home. She showed me around the country and helped me digest the cultural shock. So I m obliged to do the same for her now.’ Of course, he was obliged, but then he should have stayed at home and fulfilled his obligations. Why throw this responsibilities at me? ‘And I invited her out of politeness,’ he added. ‘Now it’s not my fault that she accepted it. I just asked her, like once, and she said she wudnt mind a little vacation.’ I snorted. Vacations r always fun for the person who decides to take one, but a nightmare for the host, especially when u barge into someone’s house knowing they’ll be busy. ‘We have a facility for people like her, you know,’ I said. ‘It’s called a hotel.’ ‘I cant send her to a hotel when I live in the city!’ he exclaimed, tapping the spatula on the pan a little to forcefully. Then he sighed, ‘A month, two months, how does it matter? And now that she’s coming, we don’t have a choice, do we? Have a heart ,hon. What ia ur problem?’ I groaned. ‘I don’t mind her coming, not too much anyway. What I mind is that I’ll be stuck with her all day when I’ll have important stuff to do at college. And I m sure u will ask me to “Show her around” Mumbai to keep her amused.’ Dad turned from the stove, made a sad face and switched to a tone that was meant to emotionally blackmail me, knowing that wud melt my heart. ‘Cant you do this one thing for daddy?’ I shook my head vehemently. ‘What kind of a daughter are u!’ he said in a mock indignation. I crossed my hands over my chest. I wasn’t going to budge—not this time. Dad sighed and met my eyes with a final I-m-the-dad-and-I-will-have-the-last-word look. it was rare, but when he gave me that look, I had no other option but to oblige. ‘She’s coming—like either of us has a choice anyway—-and staying here with us. And ur duty ,as a daughter and a gud person, is to take care of her.’ Seeing my expression, his tone softened. ‘Swara, it is only for a month, BETA. Why is it so difficult? You can even be friends with her. She has got interesting foreign stories to share. u can tell her about ur college. Don’t look at it as it is going to be a prison sentence. Try to enjoy her visit.’ I knew I was fighting a losing battle, so I decided to let it rest. One thing that was gud about agreeing to it was Dad seemed happy. And his happiness meant the world to me. Besides, the sight and aroma of those hot, steaming eggs made my stomach rumble. I was too hungry to fight anyway.
‘Swarr-rah’, Ragini calls me , my name sounds funny on her tongue, she was nudging my shoulder. Realizing she has been saying something to me, I bring my wandering mind back to the room and look up to her. ‘May I use ur washroom?’ she asks. I nod. Then I realize she is new to the place and doesn’t know where to look for one. Not bothering to appear polite or welcoming, I tell her to follow me, wondering how I’d deal with this awkwardness for the whole month. I also wonder what I’ll need to do for her next… cook lunch maybe? Or she’ll ask me to order something from a restaurant. I doubt she can cook Indian meals, or cook any meal for that matter. She doesn’t come across as a person who wud stay indoors and concoct meals for families.. When I show her to the washroom, she puts a hand on the door knob and turns to face me. ‘Don’t worry, Swarr-rah. I m not a pushy guest. I wont demand ur time or expect u to keep me amused all the time. You’re free to act the way u want, even when I m around. So, cheer up.’ She smiles and closes the door behind her. I arch a brow at the closed door. I have never met an aunt who has asked me to cheer up. In fact, I’m always the one who says such things to older people. Maybe Ragini is different, I hope distantly. Maybe I’ll survive this month after all. ‘And I m easy to please. Just a smile will do it.’ Her voice, loud and friendly , comes from inside the washroom, while I try to shrug off the uneasiness I felt at her arrival. I look at the closed door for a second and smile. For the first time in past couple of days, I find my shoulders relaxing.

Hi frnds, first of all sorry , bcoz I wont be able to continue my last ff as I have lost all the mails and even when I try to post from the starting again every time tu rejects the post. So I started another ff, don’t worry I wont disappoint u in this one. I will continue till end but only if u give me gud response in return. Low response means this is the end. Coming to the story this ff does have couple love but not very much . The main motive of it is SWARAGINI not swasan or raglak but still I will try to give their scenes as I love them too! But the thing is that this show started about SWARAGINI and that’s what I want it to be. So this ff is about their bond and relationship. Here is the list of characters~
LAKSH RANADE (Swara’s Father)- Namish Taneja
SWARA RANADE (Daughter of Laksh)- Helly Shah
RAGINI BARNES (The guest)- Tejaswi Prakash
SANSKAR (Singer boyfriend of Swara)-Varun Kapoor
PURTI(Best friend of Swara)-Shritama Mukherjee


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