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Swaragini: You stole my heart episode 23

Episode 23

SujRam’s convo
“These girls are very amazing, they are fighting for justice and for the betterment of other people.” Sujata said to Ram. “Yes, but I miss my brother, my bhabhi, my good old friend and his wife, the saddest part of it is, that we couldn’t fulfil their last wish of taking care of their daughters.” An upset Ram said. “No, you guys always took care of us, by sending us to Sujata chachi’s brother’s home and he, Mr. Yash Khurana, is a great man.” Nidhi said, cause she heard about what they were talking. “You guys and Mr. Khurana did so much for us.” “We wanted to say thank you and we ❤️you.” “We love you too.” SujRam said together.

Masked angels convo
“We should do something, to defeat our enemy MT.” Astha said. “But how we don’t even know his real name.” Crazy said. “I know him!” Jack said. “Who is he?” A confused Malika asked him. “He is my father Marc Tomson, he never cared for me, he always cared and loved Alec, cause Alec is alike to our father.” Jack explained everything about MT. “Marc Tomson lives in Australia with his “wife””. Jack told us. “Why do you call him by his name?” “Cause, he isn’t worth of calling the name dad or anything like that.”

MT’s pov
“I hate you Jack, you ruined my life, my son Alec is in jail, cause of you and that girl Sarah.” “Alec is the heir of the underworld and the humantraffiking, so beware Jack, your death is coming to you very soon.” “Hahahahahaha!” “I don’t think so, Mr. Marc Tomson.” Someone shouted at me.

Sorry guys for the small update, wasn’t feeling well, but I promise that the next part will be longer.

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