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Swaragini-we will die for each other(pt 17)

Let’s begin

Ragsan comes back to hall
Ishra: u both r getting engaged
Swaadâsh: that toi tomrw itself..
Rag: but im not going to marry him
All: great news
Sanky: wat?
Rag: wat u listened.. Same thing..
Sanky: this is cheating..i asked forgiveness frm u but still..
Rag: but i didn’t forgived u.. Remember that
She leaves

All laughs..
Ruhi: wat Hpnd chachuuuu.. Can’t u even ask for forgiveness frm chachi..
Sanky: mein kya karoon..
She call s him down. She says something in his ears,. Sanky widens his eyes..
Sanky:u R Sooo.. Small hw u got t this much big ideas
Ish: wat she said..
Ruhi: chachuuuu… Don’t say to anyone this plan vl workout
Adar: is chachu ko bhi bataougi nahi
Ruhi: nahi
Adar pouts
Sanky; ok.. vl it work.. Tumhara is chotu dimag mein Irma kuch Kaise reh Salta hai..
Ruhi: if my buddu chachu,.. Can’t do his work properly na theni i have to wojk Mr mind na

Sanky: wat??? Buddu
All laughs
Adar: even i vl to come to ask ideas with u
Ruhi: ok..
Sanky: tho drama shuru..

Ruhi: swad chachi i want ur help
Swad: ok.. Wat should i do?
She says something in her ears..
All: do all of us have any role?
Ruhi: when time comes..u all hv to join one by one
All: ok.. Madam
Ruhi: hmm
All smiles..
Ruhi: ok then start…

Rt mansion
Rt: do u get any news abt my queen my ragu
Man: bhaiyyaji.. We got to knew that she s in Delhi..
Rt: wow.. Ragu i vl soon come to take u..

Lak: swâra.. They got to knew abt rag is in Delhi
Swara: they can’t get her as rag is dead
Lak: ya but
Swara: she is dead.. That s it…
She leaves

Sharma mansion
Ruhi comes tu hall
Ruhi:Chachu u go out and be ready..
San: ok.. Cutie pie..
Ruhi: Adar Chachu.. New u shld show ur talent bcs chachi can’t do acting..
Swad pouts..
Adar: ok.. Chotu as u say..
He goes with swad ruhi..

Precap: watt’s the plan

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