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Swaragini-we will die for each other(pt 13)

Lets begin

Swalak are shocked to see rt..
Rt:kya saali sahiba..aap humare pyaar se dhoor rakna chahti hai…ab batao aap dono ne mere rani ko kaha beja hai..
Sw:if u kill me also..i wont say..
Rt:i cant kill u before getting my thakuraain..
Bt i can….


San:do u love me?
Rag was still crying
San scream:do u love me RAGINI GADODIYA?
Rag:(screams):YESSSSS…I LOVE YOU..
cries harder..san smiles with tears..he hugs her into bone crushing hug
Rag:nw i hv to say my past…
Rag:i hv to..

Rag house..
Rag was crying harder(shekmi knws the incident)
Sw tries to console her..bt failed..
Lak to rag:rag dont worry i complained to police station..

Doorbell rings..
Shek opened the door..shocked to see rt with police officer
Swalak comes there
Rt:laksh ji aapne yeh accha nahi..kiya..
Shek:why r u bothering us plzzz..
Rt:sasur ji.. aapki beti ko hum apni takuraain banana chahte hai
Shek holds his collar hw dare u..
Rt:u hv to wecome me..
Rt calks his mens..
His mens comes and holds all..pointing gun..
Rt:wr is my bride?
Shomi:plzzz leave our daughter..
Shek:plzzz..he cries
Rt goes and brings rag he was holding rag hand
Sw:leave her hand..
Rt:chodne ke liye pakda nahi hai..
Rt:we vl do engmnt today itself
Shek:plzz aap
Rt:sasur ji…
Sw pushes the men and comes to rag..

As a men abt to shoot sw..shomi comes in middle shomi falls..
Rt kill the men who shooted
Rt(angry):u killed my saas…
W holds her maa
She takes her las breath..
They screams:maa/shomi..
Rt:ok nw v vl do engmnt
He forcefully puts engmnt ring..
Shek gets heart attack..
Swalak runs to him
Sw:papa papa
Rag too comes
They had tears in their eyes…
Shek dies.


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