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Swaragini – we will die for each other

Hi..friends..tanks for your good response..so lets start

2 girls are sitting either sides of the bench in railway station one is wearing burqa and the other one is wearing saree tears are flowing from both of their eyes.girl1 is sitting in left and girl2 is sitting in right..


Girl1:tum sun rahi hona mein kya keh rahi hun
Girl2 is crying
Girl1:i cant even take ur name so listen wat nm saying
Girl1:watever happend wid u think it as a worst nightmare…so we r sending u to an other place so start ur new life there..tum bhool jao ki tumhari bhi koi behen aur jiju the
boy1 comes at that time stands next to girl one
Boy1:tumhari behen theek kehrahi hai
Girl2:jiju di mein apko kaise chodkar jaa sakti hun..agar unhone apko kuch kiya tho mein…papa ma ko bhi unhone maara hai mein nahi jaaungi
Girl1:woh hume kuch nahi karenge aur tum jaaogi tumhe meri kasam
Boy1:train ka samay hogaya
Girl2 cries mein aap donon ko chodkar nahi jaa sakti
Girl1:hume yahan kuch nahi hoga tum daro mat aur u have to be brave…agar tum yaha rahi nahane tumhare saath woh kya kareng tum jaao
Girl2:plzz di
Boy1:tum apni di aur jiju ke baath nahi maanoge..ab chalo
Train starts to move
Boy1:chalo..nahi tho…ye aakhri mauka hai
Girl2:i cant even hug u both
Girl1:hume contact bhi mat karna..nahi tho woh jaan jaayenge ki tum sheher chodkar chali gayi ho…nw go

Girl2 goes and gets in the train…boy1 and girl1 both cries they both sees the train till invisible girl1 hugs boy1 and cries

She goes in and sees that a guy has slept in her seat he covered his face with a cap

Girl1:excuse me this is my seat..excuse me
Guy is in deep sleep
Girl1:sir excuseme this is my seat.

An old couple sees her

Old man:son getup this is her seat..

Guy:nobody wants me to sleep

He sees her he gets mesmerise by seeing her eyes he can feel the pain in her eyes he stared her..his heart ached by seeing her eyes he cant see her face because she covered it

Old man: arey ap tho

Guy: ha mein..kya aap muhe jante hai
He sighns old man not to say

Girl2 sits there..guy again stares her..couple watches him they smiles seeing him

Guy to girl:hi i m..
Gir2:gets upa and goes
Guy: meine kya kiya
Old wom:abhi tho apne apna naam batanese inkaar kardiya aur us ladki ko khud hi bata rahe ho
Guy:first of all aap ye mujhe respect dena band kijiye main apko buddha lag raha hun..
Old man:kya mein tumhe buddha lag raha hoon
Guy: nahi tho..mujhe maaf kar dije aap 25 ke lag rahe hai…aur woh ladki kaha gayi
Old woman:shayad woh apne gharwalon ko miss kar rahi hai and i saw tears in her eyes
Ok son now u sleep she will come dont worry
And winks at him

Guy:y i will be worried
He thinks to himself:kaun thi woh uski ankon main itna dard kyon hai

End of this chapter

Can u guess dear frnds who is girl1 girl2 boy1 and guy?plzz reply me in comments

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