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Swaragini – we will die for each other (Part 1)

Hi..i m a silent reader i want to write a ff on swaragini plzz support me..

So here we begin with intro..

Girl1:sweet caring..married and loves her sis a lot she can die for her and can do anything for her..she loves hubby too bt not as her sis

Girl2:matured caring…she loves her sister a lot can do anything for her even can die for her sis of girl1

Boy1:married to girl1 he loves her a lot..he too loves girl2 as friend and a sis

Boy2:he is one of the top most buisinessman and a kind hearted person..and funny too

Ranadheer takur:a oldy don who is aged about 60 he loves girl2 and wants to marry her at any cost.girl1 and boy 2 trying to save girl2 from him he also killed the parents of the sister just bcz the rejected his proposal


So this is my small intro of my ff..i decided the pairs bt still you guess..the pairs and if didnt like it then plzz give your comments and i will discontinue it..

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