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Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(PROMO)..


HEY! Guys I knw u are waiting for the episode 11 but I wanted to post the PROMO 1ST..FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER THAT IS CHAPTER 2..guys 1 more thng i have noticed that i am getting a little less comments than my previous episodes..pls do tell me frankly are u not liking the ff coz there is a drastic change in d comments..I knw i have asked u multiple times abt u liking d ff but…I jst wanted to knw that r u liking it?…


Now I am starting wid d promo…

Both Swaragini and Sanlak have reached their respective homes….They all are missing eachother…Durgaprasad gives a number to Sanskaar and asks him to jst call and tell that person (who picks the call) that he has found him..!

💥Whom did Sanskaar called?

💥Who is he?

💥What is the relation btween durga prasad and the person whom sanskaar called?….

U will get the ans soon but pls its a request pls do tell me whether u r liking it or not…bcause ur comments and u liking the ff is what gives me motivation….and makes me want to write more..😄

I am sorry if I have any ones  feeling..🙏🙏…


Take Care💛


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