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Swaragini-The Secret Reopens..(Episode -18)

Hey.. i m back ✌..Meethi is back with another episode of Swaragini-The Secret Reopens yes..i m so sorry again..i told that i will it update it on friday…but dur 2 loads of study load..i was not able to 2…❤❤I knw u all r waiting for this epi and i hope i am able to stnd on ur expectations..?..

So widout wasting ny time further i will start..


The screen starts on ragini and sanskaar..Ragini is continuously running n sanskaar.is running behind her…and to save herself Ragini enters a room..and locks it..
Ragini-Haash…now he can not come inside..Ragu u r so smart na..ek dum intelligent and pats herself..her back is facing d door..suddenly she hears..amd turns..and is shocked to see non other than sanskaar..
Ragini-Sanky..how did u come inside..
Sanskaar-Ms junglee billi 4 ur kind info this is my room..and i obviously have a spare key..hahaa..now u cannot run anywhere..

Ragini bits her tongue and says..oh gosh ragu wat have u done..u got his room only to hide..now wat shd i do..she thinks..and yes.she says..
Sanskaar looks at her in confusion..
Ragini-Sanskaar… she walks towards d bed..u cannot catch me..and winks at him and thudd…
Sanksaar got hit by a pillow..

Ragini-Wat did u think i wil surrender so easily!huh..never..Ragini G..she stops..Ragini can never loose so easily..??
Sanskaar-Acha bachu and he also take d cushion frm the sofa and starts hitting her..they both r continuously throwing pillow..wen sanskaar hold ragini and pins her  2 d wall..he pins her hand also..and says where will u go now?..
Ragini-Vvvohh sanskaaaar…
Sanskaar-Bolo!..or now ragini d jungli billi is afraid…
They are very close to eachother…
Ragini-Ragini is not scared of u ..??
Sanskaar moves more closer and now they passionately share an eyelock..they are seeing eachother…Sanskaar gets lost in her beauty..whereas ragini is lost in his eyes..which r  deep n passionate..
Ragini-Aunty aap yaha?..
Sanskaar gets away hearing this..!and turns and closes his eyes and says..ma..aapp yaha..!but not getting any response he opens his one eyes slightly and sees that no one is here!..he turns and finds ragini missing..
He smiles..and thinks..

Wat happened sanky u r getting attracted that to 2 ragu..u consider as a bst frnd only u cannot..misplace her frndship..by getting into this luv shuv..and rubs his hair

And here ragini stops outside her room..
Why did bot i stop him.why did i feel good wen i was with himm..ragu its jst a infatuation..tats it..and smiles..

The scene now shifts to Swalak..

Swara is running and whereas laksh is running behind her…while running swara enters d guest room..and tries bolting d door but laksh enters…swara gets nervous and starts walking back..whereas laksh starts moving back wards..swara is moving back but she is stopped by d wall..she says..
Swara-La…laksh..wooh..wwat i said down na..was toh all lie..u knw na..i can not tease u..
Laksh also comes near her..swara tries escaping frm left but laksh puts his hand there on d wall stopping her way…now stries running frm right but is again stopped by laksh’s hand..
Now swara is kinda pinned in d wall by laksh..

Swara-Laksh i said na i did not mean it..mujhe jane do na pls..
Laksh-Arre i m toh a darpok na!..so i will not let u go..because i m ziddi also?…

Swara-Mr zidddi!pls let me go na…
But laksh moves closer….swara gets nervous and closes her eyes out of fear..laksh sees this and smiles!..he moves closer and kisses her cheeks..on both d side..and her forehead…and moves apart and leaves..while smiling or her innocent act….
After he goes swara slowly opens her one eye and sees no one..she holds her cheecks..and blushes remembering that incident and covers her face with a pillow and falls on d bed ???????…

Swara’s Pov…
He kissed me!….but y am i feeling these butterflies in my stomach..all of my frnds have kissed me on my cheek…but y am i feeling spcl wen laksh kissed me..oh go..wats this feeling…is this….love…but does…he love me tooo?..

Laksh reaches his room…..and closes d door…
Laksh Pov…

Oh god what did I do!…i kissed..her…wat will she think abt me…will she again assume me to be d old flirty laksh…U shd have been patient laksh…U love her…but u dont knw whether she feels d same abt u…Now wat if she…misunderstands me!….


Ragini-Aunty..me and di..will be gng for shpping..today..is it fine?…
Ap-Arre..beta why r u asking me…u both go n enjoy..and wait…Laksh..and Sanskaar will be gng 2 u…
Sanskaar and Laksh..who were eating food starts coughing..
Ap-What happened beta..
Sanskaar-Ma let them go na..what will we do..
Laksh stamps Sanskaar’s feet..and whisphers..

I want to go!…
Sanksaar smiles seeing him…and thinks..i ma happy lucky that u have find ur soul mate..n i will help u…to fulfil ur love❤..

Ap-What r u both whispering…And thats my order u both will be gng..
Ragini-Aunty it is fine..we will manage..aap tension mat leejiye..
This tym..swara stamps Ragini’s feet..
Swara whispers..ginu..i want laksh to come..pls..dont refuse!…
Ragini smiles at her antics..and thinks..di i will do everythng..to make u happy..and if u like laksh..i will support u always..

Ap-knw… wat r u both whispering?

Swara-Nthng aunty..
Ap-So my decision is final..swara and ragini.will b gng for shpping….and laksh…and sanksaar will accompany u….

Swara and Laksh smile whole heartedly…whereas..Sanskaar and Ragini give a fake smile….

Precap-The trailer❤……

Hope u all lyk the epi…pls do comment ur views…and tell me whether u liked it or not⛧

Thanks for reading…❤

Take Care❤


Loads of Love❤❤

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