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Swaragini (Stages of Love) intro

Hi guys….I m new here so I I’ll give ma small intro of me.. my name is Saba ..I m studying in class 9…I m from Bangalore…I was a silent reader but now I I’ll start an ff on our favourite serial Swaragini

So here is a small intro of a story



A boy is in the cliff..

Boy’s POV:

Why always me? I always get hurt by the person whom I love the most……First ma parents I loved them more dan than myself but they used me for their selfish needs ….dan ma best friend whom I loved more than a brother but he broke ma trust….nd then ma gf whom I cared the most and did not let her feel sad or unhappy.. but she ..she ditched me and ran with my best friend …….I am all alone….I have nothing left in ma life….

Who is the boy???

This is a small intro….I hope u like it…nd I will post the first episode as soon as possible…..

Please leave comment +ve nd -ve all are welcmed

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