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Swaragini secret love episode 7

Hello I’m back i’m do sorry actually i’m busy with my exams and assignments till now I didn’t complete thise assignments u know after completing my inter I so happy that i’m go to b. tech we will havr fun Happy days its a Telugu movie if u ppl see yhat movie u will also think that engineering is so happy life but no yaar it just like a inter is better than engineering.
Now I’m stopping my bak bak

Lets start
Swara is about to fall someone holds her
Both swaragini were shocked( many of guessed as rahul but sorry it’s not rahul lets see who was he)
Swaragini : u
Person makes swaea stand and starts moving from there
Swara: thanx …….laksh
Laksh didn’t bother abt her words
Sanky: Lucky u know them
Lucky: yes bhai but not important saying this he left karan and asha also went but sanskae continuously staring ragini
Laksh room:
Sanky : lucky who were they
Lucky: bhai I said na not important
Saky: ok then take rest .sanky leaves
Lucky : sorry bhai how can I say that she is my life I LOVE HER no will accept neither our family nor her and even she hates me. I have to h keep this secret
On other side
Swaragini flat
One of them is crying bitterly y laksh u said u won’t come to me ever y u came back I know u hates me now but what should I do u hurt me a lot I LOVE YOU laksh when I saw u I can’t say this becoz u hates me I have to keep my love secret ( I can’t say who is she becoz if I say who was she its my end of.ff)



Bye….. for today…..

I little busy with my assignments and they suddenly keeping test and saying surprise test but it is shock for us so I can’t give lengthy episode sorry guy’s I know this episode is too boring and not good plz bare me
And once again.sorry for late update
And I’m sorry today no karan sanskar asha and rahul scenes……
Thank you

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