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Swaragini- my friend (Episode 32)

Hello friends, it’s bala and Sara here. Actually it’s not a episode for thanking everyone for their support. Eventhough I didn’t reply to your comment but I read everyone comment. Actually I am little bit shy type .
Shana98: thanks for your support Shana
Raglakholic: thanks for your support friend
Asmaara: thanks for your views Asmaara

Bharathi: my dear little sissy whenever I see your comment, you remind me . yes, I also don’t have any friends in college but I made my family as my friend especially my choti. I love you so much sissy and bala is elder than you so you can call him as anna. I will try my best to be connected with you.
Fairy: you are really a fairy dear sissy. Your comments always encouraged me and it’s so harder to me to end this but I don’t want to lose its charm. I am waiting for your jab love hua, it’s one of my fav ff.
Sindhura: thanks for your comments Sindhura. I like your ragsan ff especially Ragini’s naughty side.
Lovely: my first friend in tu, from my first ff even it’s littlebit boring you encouraged me. thanks for your support friend.
Naina: your comment always make me think different naina. Thanks for your support.
Sraviya sri: thanks for your support sri.
Ammu: thanks for your support ammu.


Dharani: thanks for your support dharani
Megha 123: hi sissy, thanks for your support dear and your views also .
Keerthu: thanks for your support keerthu.
Ashnoor: thanks for supporting me Ashnoor. You encouraged me from my first episode.
Astra: thanks for your views Astra.
Chanda: thanks for your views chandu.
Malu: thanks for your views and support malu.
Renukom: thanks for your views Renukom and your support Renukom. I am happy that my ff made you remember your good moments with your best friend.
Maha016: don’t say sorry sissy one side you are calling me akka and other side saying sorry. We all are busy in own world and I like your ff once we were friend.
Mithu: thanks for your views Mithu .

Febi: thanks for your support friend.
Ragz teju: I always admire your ff’s ragz teju especially pyarr ka dusra naam sangini. Sometime I feel pity for Sanskar. Sometimes I wonder how you write both ff at the same time because both the characterization of Ragsanlak is different in different. In PKDNS, Ragini is chirpy and carefree girl but in hamar adhura kahani, just opposite She is shy type.
S: thanks for your constant support friend
VK: thanks for your support VK. I will start a ragsan ff soon .
Kutty: hi kutty my long commenter, I always waited for your comment . I felt something is special in it. the way you expresses about the episode . thanks for your support friend.
Silent writer: hi my mystery queen, thanks for your constant support friend. If you have time, please upload your ff. I am so eager to know about that mystery of Dp,Rp and Shekar.

Sreevijayan: thanks my friend your comment always encouraged me.
Anju: thanks for your support anju.
Fats: thanks for your views and support fats.
Asra: my little sis, from my first episode you always encouraged me by your views, as you asked I will start Ragsanff after completing Loveme or not 3. Because I already promised xavia. All the best for your future.
Rekha: thanks for supporting me Rekha.
Tani:thanks for your support tani.
Sherin:thanks for your support sherin.
Thanks all my friend and sissies to make this journey wonderful to me.
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