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Swaragini lovers ATTENTION !! (zuzu)

We have one very last chance to save swaragini n our fave couple..
Pls do watch Swaragini this week on Television..all Indian viewers are requested to watch it. If we will gain TRP this week, it will not go off air but slot will be changed.
Do u wanna loose it ? Or save it ? It’s in our hands now.. Pls watch on TV avoid watching Online.. Plzz 🙏🙏
Repeat timing are
Night 1am
Morning 6am and
Noon 12 pm
We know 9:30 is main time of new telecast so please do watch to save SR..
If u can on TVs at repeat time please do to contribute to TRp if u can’t watch also just on the TV on time…
9:30 should watch must.. Please

Tell ur neighbours, frnds on SNS, school, collage, cousins and relatives, maids in ur house to watch SR.. From today please..

The ppl who are sincere n seriously die heart fans, will pay heed to it..
We beg u guys plss !!


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