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Swaragini (His Love for her and Her love for him) Episode 15

Hey guys Firstly I would like to apologize to all of u…..I know the importance of marriage and how it is a sacred relationship….I didnt know that one day ny FF will disappoint u so much ,in fact I myself didnt expect that I will disappoint my fans that much….I am really really very very sorry fans and I got to know there are some of u who have been reading my ff since a passionate love story.I really thank u for that….To rectify my mistake I will change ths story and make it Swalak and Ragsan only becaude ffs are for fans and if they only are hating it…It wont be good….Really sorry again guys….hope u all forgive me…..

Recap:Swasan got married.Raglak got married.


Swasan and Raglak are married.The panchayat dorn garland on each of them.The panchayat smirks and leaves with his goons.Parineeta runs to Swaragini while Adarsh walks to Sanlak.Parineeta cups their faces.
Parineeta(cryingly):Dont u worry ok I will talk to Papaji,he will make everything alright.

Ragini runs from there.Swara breaks down.Sanlak look on.

Its evening,Sujata asks Annapurna to call them and asks where are they.Annapurna takes the phone just then she sees them coming.She gets happy and brings pooja thali for them.She gets shocked seeing them wearing garlands and Sanskaar holding Swara’s hand and Laksh holding Ragini’s hand.Swaragini are in shock and dishevelled state.Annapurna drops the thali and shouts no.Sujata comes to them and asks whats wrong.
Sujata:Pari,what happened?
Parineeta tells them everything while crying.Whole family is shocked.Annapurna cries and says to Dp.
Annapurna:What is happening ji? Our whole family has broke down.

Swaragini go to their room.Swara was about to go to her room and remembers the marriage.She goes to Laksh’s room.Ragini goes to Sanskaar’s room.Swaragini sad plays…….

Sanskaar goes to his room and sees Swara.Channa mereya…..plays…..He goes to her and keeps his hand on her shoulder.She turns and apologzies to him.He says we are friends naa and wipes her tears. ..

Ragini is crying.She remembers Sanskaar.Channa mereya…..plays…..Laksh comes and gets sad seeing her.He comes to her.
Laksh:Ragini I know we shouldnt have done that.Even I got seperated from Swara naa…I am sorry.
He gets up to leave.She holds his hand and stops him.She apologizes and cries.He wipes her tears

Its night,Swara goes to Sanskaar.
Swara:Sanskaar if we dismiss our marriage infront of government as we are already married,this marriage will be null.
Sanskaar:He already talked to one of his men and they cancelled our first marriage.
Swara is shocked and cries.
Swara:But we havent sign any divorce papers.
Sanskaar:We did sign.Remember when the receptionist asked us to sign on a paper in the pretext of a game,it was dicorce papers.Meaning that this marriage is valid because in the eyes of the law,we were already divorced.
Swara cries.

Ragini:But Laksh if we divorce each other and remarry our partners.
Laksh:He already talked to his men in government and he will not accept our divorce also.
Ragini sits and cries.

Its been two months and still Swasan and Raglak are sad.All are dining,Sanskaar asks Ragini to pass the plates.She gives it to him.He asks for more curry.He realizes and looks at crying Ragini who looks at him sadly.Swara cries and looks at Laksh.They also cry.Ae dil hain Mushkil….plays….

After dinner,Ragini and Swara are in the kitchen.They look at each other but does not talk.
Swara:Hmm?(without looking at her)
Swara says goodnight and goes.Ragini cries .
Ragini:Why this distance between us Swara? Why? Why we didnt talk to each other well in this two months?
Swaragini plays…….Swara is also crying in her room.

Annapurna sees thats and thinks its enough now.She comes in the hall and shouts for everyone.Everyone come there.Swara looks at Sanskaar.
Annapurna:Stop now!!! Enough is enough!
Swara:But what happened Badimaa?
Annapurna:That panchayat man made u sign some papers naa.Now I will make u sign some papers.She brings two papers and asks Swasan and Raglak to sign on it and says its divorce papers.
Ragini:But Maa we cant do this otherwise….
Annapurna:Warna kya Ragini? Kya tum log uss admi ko apne Zindagi barbaad karne do ge?(Otherwise what Ragini? Will u let that man ruin ur lives?).I thought Swara and U are strong and will one day fight for their husbands.But why r u all silent and bearing the pain silently when there is still ways for u both to be together.Why r u all ruining ur lives by ur hands.Why?
She cries.All cry.She gets unwell.All rush to her.
Annapurna:I will not be fine till I see my all children happy.Please return urself the happiness that u deserve.Please.
Swasan and Raglak cry and look at each other.
Laksh:Ok maa if u want us to be happy then we are ready to get married with our partners again.
Annapurna smiles and gives them the papers.Swaragini says u r right maa we cant bear the pain like this We must do what makes us happy.We are not that weak to cry in a corner whole life.They sign the papers.
Ragini cries.(this scene is to apologize to all of u fans…..hope u forgive me)
Sujata:Why r u crying Ragini?
Ragini:Kuch nahi chachiji, bas yeh soch rahi thi ke shaadi ek bohat bara pavitra rishta hain aur hum logo ne shaadi ka mazak banaya hain! Pehle humne shaadi ki aur phir se shaadi ki aur ab…..ab phir se kar rahe hain.Main tho samajti thi ke shaadi ek hi baar hota hain wo bhi apne jeevan saathi ke saath par yahan tho humne shaadi ko ek khel samajh rakha hain chachiji.(Nothing Aunty,I was just thinking that marriage is such a true and pure and sacred relation and people have made marriage a joke!first we got married to our lovers then we got married again and now…..now we are again getting married.I always thought that marriage is done only once with our life partners but here we have made marriage a joke and a play.).We cant take marriages so lightly right chachiji?
Swara wipes her tears and comes to her.
Swara:Ragini,humne shaadi ko ek pavitra rishta hi samjha hain par logo ko yeh baat samaj mein nahi aati.Wo panchayat wale uncle ne shaadi ko ek khel samaj rakha hain aur hum, hum uske katputli….(Ragini,we always considered marriage as a pure relation but some people dont understand that.The panchayat uncle made marriage a play and made us the puppets).And by this,we often tend to think that we are wrong but no Ragini.Wrong are those who have such thoughts.And we must never consider us weak because of them.
She cups her face.
Ragini(cryingly):Swara Have u forgiven me?
Swara:Stupid , when was I angry on u?
They smile and hug.Swaragini plays…..All smile

Swaragini and Sanlak proceed towards the inhouse temple.Sanskaar takes the sindoor and looks at Ragini.Laksh also takes the sindoor and looks at smiling Swara.Sanlak fill Swaragini’s maang with sindoor respectively.They then make them wear mangalsutra.Sita ram jai jai Ram…..plays…..Swaragini happily cry and hug their husbands.

They turn and are shocked seeing The panchayat men and his goons.They look on.

Precap:Ragini snatches the panchayat’s phone and breaks it Swara smiles and tortures the man.Swaragini….plays….

Hey guys hope u have forgiven me….I seriously had no idea that u would be that hurt guys….Trust me I wouldnt do such a thing if I knew…..Please forgive me….Please Please Please Please Please Please….I will continue saying sorry if u dnt agree guys…..please help me bring the charm back in Swaragini…..Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry….

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