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(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 30

“today I ignored dadu maa I know you would not like what I did but how can I talk to him maa if once he would have listened to me on that day, yours culprit would have punished but now he may be living happily. I promise maa the day I found him I will not let a single min to live him in peace. I should have thought first only kunj is yours God gifted son. you always irritated me by saying kunj is your son. I just never thought I would come across them. I am happy he is fit and fine. if you are here you would have felt happy to see kunj. I also know you love him a lot not more than me but you love him and consider him as your son. may be that is why I accepted his friendship so easily and never felt any sort of fear in talking with him ” ragini who was in tears spoke to janki portrait.” why you left me alone maa. I am missing you so much ” she said sobbing.
“l know my mistake can’t be justified by asking sorry, please forgive me and just once convince ladoo to talk to us. I will be thankful to you all ” saying vikrant folded hus hands.” ni vikrant don’t fold your hands and make us feel ashamed. it’s our fate that all these happened. once ragu is willing to talk ti you we will let you know “said Dendeyal.”I think we should leave kunj” vikrant said. kunj want to talk to Karthik who was lost in tears but he can’t face him because unknowingly is was also responsible for ragini condition. they both left.

“me and bauji know that someone are behind ragu but janki was murdered ragu never told us about it. who killed my sis and why” sunaina said sobbing. “we tried a lot to reach you but we were not able to” vikrant said. “everything happens for a reason. now our priority should be ragu not what happened” Dendeyal said.
“I failed to be a good father, may be that is why ragu hates you me” shekar said sobbing. “ragu never hated you shekar she was upset that when she needed you the most you are not with her” sunaina tried to console him. “why babhi after knowing everything also how can you forgive me. janki was dead may be unknowingly I was the reason. I failed in handling my responsibility” shekar said. “you are not at fault shekar, janki had not even let you know that ragu was your daughter it was few days before her death even we got to know about it. so don’t feel guilty” sunaina said.


Karthik headed out not able to control himself riya followed him. he was weeping silently sitting in the garden riya kept her hand on his shoulder and Sat behind him “ragu is suffering from so much. I always thought that she is introvert that is the reason she is like that but she suffered a lot. how stupid of me. I never tried to see her pain” saying he sobbed hugging riya. “it’s not your fault Karthik it’s just our fate. please don’t be upset now you should stand by your family. if you will break then what about others” riya explained him. “thanku riya for making me understand and sorry for hugging you without your permission I was not in my senses” he said which made riya angry but she composed as it was not the right time to fight with him at this time.

“pari look after them I had some work left to finish I will be back soon” sanjay said and went.
pari passed water to everyone. parvathi is weeping, Dendeyal is trying to control her. sunaina is also crying thinking about janki. samir is helpless his wife and brother are suffering so much but he can’t console them as he was himself lost as he treated janki as his own sis and the truth of her death being not natural effected him a lot. “shekar please stop blaming your self and try to talk to ragu, we should punish them who killed janki” sumi said tear eyed.

Karthik and riya had come inside. “Karthik are you fine” saying dhruv hugged him. “I am k and thanku all for helping us” Karthik said to yuvi, Sanskar and laksh. “Karthik we are really sorry yaar we don’t know about ragini and we talked about her badly really sorry” yuvi said. “please yuvi don’t say sorry but I should say thanku to you all because of you all ragu started to over come her fear” Karthik said. “Karthik if you need any help please don’t hesitate we are always their for you” Sanskar said while hugging Karthik. Karthik gave a warm smile to Sanskar. Laksh stormed out without saying to any one. “sanky I think lucky needs you” said yuvi who saw Laksh leaving. “I need to go Karthik lucky needs me. take care of ragini” saying Sanskar left. “is everything fine with Laksh” Karthik asked yuvi. “we will talk about it later Karthik your family needs you more now. we will meet in clg. I will leave now” yuvi said “wait a min yuvi I will come with you. Karthik be strong” saying dhruv and yuvi left.

“Karthik from yesterday no one slept or ate. see it’s early morning 4. you convince them to take rest. I will make tear for all and riya please once go and check on shona don’t know how is she ” pari said. ” k pari Di I will check on Swara but where is swayam ” riya asked. Karthik and pari scanned to find swayam but he was not their.
Karthik convinced all to get fresh and behave normal. he also asked them not to say or talk to ragini about anything unless she her self wishes to. every one agreed to him.
” ragu suffered so much that to at that age. if I was not their may be janki maa would have returned to Papa anything like this would have not happened. but not any more now I will make everything right by standing with my sis. ragu you are not alone I am always with you now we will fight together. I now still those dreams of your childhood are haunting you. how stupid I am you said to me on that day when I heard you shouting dev that you are just afraid of a dream but at that time I said not to think about it. if I say to anyone that you are still getting those nightmares they may get even more worry. first I will talk to you then I will think of saying it or not. this time you should face your fear ragu ” Swara thought determined.” Swara are you fine ” saying riya came to her.” I am fine but need by best frnd hug “saying Swara hugged riya and let her tears flow.” now I am perfectly fine ” said Swara breaking the hug.” Swara swayam is not their ” riya told tensed.” I know where he will be come with me ” Swara said.

swayam was standing in front of ragini room. he wiped his tears and looked deyermined. he knocked the door” ragu di please open the door I am sleepy. Karthik bai and shona Di are not letting me sleep ” ragini opened the door her eyes were red and swollen.” di you are also crying”. “wo swayam I got hurt na. I can’t bare the pain that is why I cried know I am perfectly fine don’t worry” ragini tried to cover up. but swayam sensing her inner meaning of pain he tried to cheer her up. “di I am also crying. see my eyes” ragini looking at swayam confused ” don’t you ask me why I am crying. k I will only say I failed di I failed in my first love ” swayam said dramatically.
ragini smiled a bit by hearing swayam “first love what are you talking swayam” ragini asked being puzzled. “ha di my english teacher my first love she is getting married” swayam fake cried. ragini laughed at his antics and held his ear “swayam you are going to school to do all these” ragini said pulling his ear. “di sorry next time I will not think about english teacher. please leave my ear” ragini left swayam ear saying “good”. “any how she is getting married this time I will try on maths teacher” saying he started running while ragini is chasing him saying “badmaash. wait I will not leave you”.
Karthik, Swara and riya were standing out side the room and looking at ragini and swayam. they felt happy seeing them laughing. “you are laughing but your eyes are showing how much pain you are in. I will be with you” Swara thought and hugged Karthik. “I will find out who are those people trying to hurt you ragu. I will not leave them at any cost. I convinced all not to talk about it but I will find out the exact truth and sanjay uncle can help me in this” Karthik thought.
“Laksh ” Sanskar tried to speak” bai I want to go home ” Laksh said. sanlak reached MM. all the maheshwari’s are waiting for them in hall and they were in tension as yesterday sanlak had not come home. as soon as they entered ” Sanskar and laksh you people are out of mind if you are not coming home you should have informed us. party was over still you had not reached home and not even attending our calls” adharsh shouted. Laksh left to his room without answering. “Laksh answer me” adharsh tried to stop him but Sanskar sighned him not to stop Laksh.
“what happened Sanskar. Laksh is looking lost ” sujatha asked being tensed.
” nothing mom. actually bai you know ragini right she was kidnapped yesterday” Sanskar said. “what??” adharsh exclaimed. “who is ragini” dp asked. “Papa ragini daughter of shekar Gadodia ” adharsh replied. “don’t worry bade Papa now she was fine and she was at home one of our frnd saved her and we were at GM. so much happened that I why we had not got time to inform you” Sanskar replied. “thank God evo is fine now, baisa I think once we should go and talk to them. now they are our business partners nd even they became our frnds” rp said. “ya we will go tmrw” dp said. “but why Laksh is upset” ap asked. “oh no if they got to know Laksh got upset by knowing about ragini health condition they may get worried it’s better not to say them” Sanskar thought and said “badi maa Laksh is tired that’s it. after sometime he will be fine. now I will also go and take rest” saying he left.

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