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(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 29

“badi maa tell him to leave from here I will not talk to the man who destroyed my life” saying ragini left to her room leaving gododia’s and sanlak confused.
“ladoo please let me explain, don’t go ” vikrant tried to stop but in vain.
” dadu I will talk to her and explain, you please don’t take tension kunj tried to cool his dadu.
“their is nothing left to explain kunj, ragu is happy with us don’t try to bring strom in her life ” sunaina said.

” aunty we were searching for ragini since 7 years, she is our family too. let us talk to her once ” kunj said.
“vikrant ji please you can at least understand we can’t lose her at any cost. I don’t want her past to effect her present and future” sunaina tried to convince.
“will any one explain what is happening here ” parvathi shouted.
” maa ji please calm down, their is nothing left to say ” sunaina said giving cold look to vikrant.


” sunaina we had right to know about our ragu, I never asked about anything anytime, I always respected your decisions 7 years back you brought ragu home and told us janki was dead but I think their is something you are hiding from us. what was it ” samir asked being confused.
” babhi for God Sake at least now you say what happened. ragu is my daughter I had right to know about her ” shekar requested sunaina.
” bauji please at least you say something “samir said.
” I will tell you what happened ” vikrant said determined.
” I know you all are confused but today I will clear all your confusions ” he continued..

” it’s all started when janki and shekar got divorced and shekar married sharmista. janki was pregnant at the time of your divorce but she was stubborn and don’t want anyone to know about her pregnancy. after that she left from here breaking the ties with you all. janki was strong and independent woman. her weakness is ragini her ladoo. she can do anything and everything for her same as with ragini. both share a very close bond when compared to other mother and daughter ” sunaina is on verge of crying sumi is holding her and consoling. shekar was in guilt of not giving janki support when she needed him the most and not giving father love to ragini for so many years. all are listening to vikrant very curiously. vikrant continued..

“janki and ragini shifted next to our house in shimla when ragini was 8. janki is so friendly soon she bonded very well with us. ragini is so naughty and happy go child. she always used to laugh and make others laugh same like her mother. she started spending time with our family more when janki goes to work. we used to call her ladoo and she used to call us dadu and my wife as dadi. janki was not willing to send ragini to school even after she was 8 years. every time we asked her she used to give some or the other reason. my son and his wife (kunj’s mom and dad) used to stay in other city because of business. once kunj came to us for his holidays without his parents. he started feeling lonely staying away from his mother. janki gave mother love to kunj in that few days kunj became very close to janki he started calling her maa. but ragini was not happy to share her mother with any one. she used to be jealous of kunj when ever he spends time with us or janki. I started observing ragini’s change in behaviour after kunj’s arrival. I got a dought that she may be suffering from any mental illness. kunj always tried to befriend her but she was not interested with it. after his holidays finished kunj went back and ragini became normal. being a doctor I sensed her change in behaviour immediately.

I confronted janki then I got to that she was suffering from nightmare disorder. it’s a psychiatric disorder in which the victim gets nightmare, even day dreams sometimes and believe it to be true. they become stressed on small things and go into depression ” vikrant said sitting on sofa. everyone were tear eyed knowing ragini suffered from psychiatric disorder. Laksh closed his eyes and let down his tears. Sanskar was looking at his Laksh tear eyed he kept his hand on Laksh shoulder to say I am with you.
“I know ragini how it feels. it feels like everything around you is temporary. emotions, thoughts, people, relations everything seems to be just a dream and those nightmares are real and if they come true we lose these temporary things. in fear of losing our present we can’t live it fully. I felt the same as even I was victim like you. for me my whole family is with me but you are away from your family thank God at least you had your mom with you ” Laksh thought and was looking at the way tear eyed, where ragini went few min before.
” ragini suffered so much. I saw my Laksh suffering from nightmares from his childhood every time I used to be with him. how he used to be stressed and he goes into depression. after lot of effects he got cured and I am thankful to God for making him fine.from then Laksh was my priority I requested bade Papa that I will demote to his class so that I can be with him always and protect him. I promise ragini now I will not let any grief enter into your life I will always be their to protect you as I am with Laksh ” Sanskar thought looking at Laksh.
” my ragu suffered so much ” dadi cried out. vikrant smiled weakly and said ” if you think so then I would say she suffered more than it ” he continued ” I asked janki to undergo treatment for ragini. she agreed to me. we consulted one of my friend who was psychiatrist. she was under counseling for almost two years”.
“then what happened ” shekar asked being curious to know.

” during her counseling sessions we got to know lot of things ” vikrant said.
” lot of things in the sense. what you got to know ” shekar asked.
” he told about her nightmares in which she used to see how a boy and girl are killed brutally, she used to mention some names of some places which were real. janki is working in archeology department so she can easily sense the places ragini mentioning were real not just imaginary. at that small age she used to talk about love, betrayal, relations as if she was a teenage girl. one day janki stopped sending ragini to councilling sessions. I asked her she refused to answer me, she said we are snatching ragini childhood. we are sending her more into depression.

then janki started to maintain distance from us not even let us meet ragini. kunj again came to us for holidays he went to meet his janki maa at that time janki was not at home only ragini was their we don’t know about it. I was waiting out side for kunj. janki came from out side. suddenly we heard screaming kunj had fallen for terrace, he was lying on ground with pool of blood when we saw up we found ragini standing their looking down ” vikrant stopped and he was looking at gododia’s in guilt.
kunj continued ” dadu thought ragini pushed me from terrace as she was jealous of me ”
vikrant continued” kunj condition was serious.

I know in conditions like ragini suffering from patients lose their sense. I balmed janki for not continuing her therapy. I forced janki to send ragini to mental asylum for treat meant but janki was determinant she was not ready to believe her ladoo would do such a thing. with out informing any of us janki left with ragini but next day Police brought janki dead body and ragini is in semi consious state. Police enquired about your family but janki never talked or mentioned about you all. she just told us that she was divorced. janki misses sunaina but we never asked her where she will live. we done her last rituals and… “he stopped..
” and then what happened.. “shekar asked.

” I sent ragini to mental asylum for her betterment ” vikrant completed.
shekar collapsed by listening. samir was in tears but supported shekar.
” when my daughter needed me the most I was not with her bai ” shekar said sobbing.
every one are in tears.

Dendeyal continued ” one day sunaina got call from janki. she told her about ragini being shekar daughter and she want shekar to handle ragini’s responsibility ” all were looking at him and sunaina.” sunaina told me about it but I told her not to say about it to any one as I don’t want to disturb shekar and sumi relation and even swara was un aware of janki and swayam was small. sunaina asked janki to return. janki agreed for it. but after that we had not got the call from her she not even told where is she living. it took us almost 2 months to trace their location. we went and met vikrant he told us about janki death and ragini health condition. we went to asylum and we brought ragini with us. ragini changed so much from what we got to know for vikrant is ragini is naughty, talkative and happy go child. but when we brought her home you all know she rarely used to talk to us. she became a silent girl.

it took her years even to mingle with us. ragu is afraid of simple things like sudden sounds even music, she started to be alone, she was afraid of being noticed, to meet new people”
“I got to know about sunaina and Dendeyal ji when they approached me but I don’t know they are gododia’s. after they left with ragini, kunj started recovering slowly we got to know that ragini had not pushed kunj. when kunj went inside he found no one but by hearing sounds he reached terrace their he found a man trying to kill ragini, kunj tried too save ragini but instead he fallen down from terrace ” vikrant said by keeping his head down.” then I remembered ragini saying janki was killed, it was not an accident at that time I had not believed her ” he completed. all were shocked now.
” and still they are behind our ragu. I tried a lot finding about them with the help of sanjay but I failed ” Dendeyal said.” who are they and why they are behind our ragu ” dadi cried.

” when Karthik was attacked. I insisted sanjay to find whole truth. then we got to know that it was one of our ex employee but the mastermind behind him was sahil’s father. but we don’t know why he was doing it. we kept an eye on him, to find the truth. even today sanjay men are behind sahil he had a plan to kidnap ragini but before them some one kidnapped her ” Dendeyal said.” ragu escaped from them and kunj found her. my men followed that van when ragu got kidnapped when she escaped they captured that kidnappers and followed ragu bit she thought even they are kidnappers and ran away but at last she was safe ” sanjay completed.

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