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(Swaragini) hamari adhuri kahani episode 28


ragini was hiding behind the tree. when she saw goons left from their she came out and started running on the lonely road to find help. suddenly she came in front of a car which is coming in that direction. ragini closed her eyes thinking now that car I going to hit her. but it stopped just a inch away from her and a man got down the car to see if she got hurt or not. ragini and man both are shocked to see each other. ragini fainted in his arms.


sahil pov
what the hell is happening… who the hell are they now… my plan totally got spoiled I told my men to kidnap ragini so that I will save her and come in good books of swara and Karthik but everything got upside down.. I got msg from my men that before they kidnap ragini she was already kidnapped by someone. who might it be. I am totally confused may be rajat is behind this but he doesn’t have that guts to go against his father. other than us who had the enmity with gododia’s should I inform dad about it or not.

“swara control your self Karthik and others went to find ragini everything will be fine don’t panic come on drink some water” riya tried to console swara who was continuously sobbing. swara was not in this world she was completely lost her sense. “l should inform about this to anyone of gododia’s hope they might help us” riya thought and called shekar and informed about ragini being kidnapped. shekar stumbled by listening about it but controlled himself and asked riya to bring swara back home. riya and swara reached GM with sahil. though sahil intentions were to make gododia’s suffer but he was not feeling good with the recent happenings and he was not able to face swara as he felt he might have been responsible for her pain if his men would have involved in kidnapping.

Karthik was searching madly for ragini . but he was not able to find anything. he was frustrated. dhruv, yuvi, Sanskar and laksh reach their. they see Karthik and feel bad for him. Karthik being hit his hand to the tree on being frustrated for not able to find ragini. his hand was bleeding dhruv stopped him from getting more hurt. Karthik hugged dhruv and cried like a small child. “l think we should take help of Police riya messaged me they are waiting for us in GM. come lets go” dhruv said but Karthik was not ready to go without ragu after convincing he agreed to go with them.
“where are you ragini see how much your brother is tensed for you please come back fast I can’t even think of staying away from you just one hint of you I will do everything to get you back. after my family you are the first one I feel so attached to. I love you ragini you are my everything ” Sanskar thought silently sobbing looking at Karthik condition.
“why I feel like bai is hiding something which I should know. once I know ragini is safe I will confront him. I am not understanding who and why they kidnapped her. I strongly feel something is terribly wrong. why I feel I should be with her at any cost but how can I be with her I don’t even have a clue who are they and what are they up to. by seeing Karthik I think he to don’t know anything. I should do something fast before its too late ” thought Laksh.

in GM…
every one are worried for ragini. it’s mid night still their is no clue about her.
dadi, sunaina and sumi are crying. swara is still in shock. riya and pari are trying to console her. samir, shekar and sanjay are trying hard to trace the vehicle in which kidnapping is done with the help of Police. sahil was also trying to find what exactly happened with the help of his men. Karthik, Sanskar and laksh reached GM along with dhruv and yuvi reached GM after searching surrounding areas around their clg. Karthik was standing at the door he was not in a position to face his family after failing to protect ragini. he remembered sunaina’s words what ever matter is you should always protect your sisters. swayam spotted Karthik standing story the door, he run to him and hugged him sobbing. “bai ragu Di will be fine na” swayam asked sobbing. Karthik was enable to control himself. he hugged swayam tight letting out his tears flow.

Karthik released the hug as he spotted sahil. he went near him in rage and held his collar. “sahil if you are behind this I will kill you” Karthik said in anger. all are looking at them. “Karthik you are misunderstanding I am not involved in this” sahil tried to free him self. sanlak and dhruv freed sahil from his hold. “if you are having dought on him we will take charge” one of the Police officer tried to control the situation. “l had a dought but know by seeing his face I am sure he is behind it” Karthik said in rage. “Karthik why you think sahil is behind all these” samir asked. “Papa you remembered the goons attacked on me and tried to kill me. I saw them talking to sahil first I thought it may be coincidence but I called jailer to confirm why they released that goons then I got confirmed it was sahil as he bailed them. I want to confront him but waiting for a chance and all these happened “Karthik said. all ladies were shocked to know that Karthik was attacked.” arrest this sahil and find where my daughter is ” shekar said to Police.
” no need to arrest sahil. he is not involved in it ” dadaji who came out of his room and standing on the stairs.” but bauji how can we leave him just like that. he was involved in Karthik’s attack and ragini kidnap ” shekar asked him.” he was not. his father was behind Karthik’s attack and he or his father none of them involved in ragini’s kidnap ” dadaji said determined.” but bauji what about ragini ” samir asked concerned.” she is back ” dadaji showed them towards the main door where kunj is standing holding unconscious ragini in bridal style.

kunj lied her down on the couch in the hall. every one was revealed to see ragini but worried because of her unconscious state.” don’t worry ragini is fine he fainted due to shock my dadu is doctor he checked her ” kunj told them.” thanks yaar kunj for saving ragu ” Karthik said hugging kunj.” swara see ragini is back. please talk something look at ragini atleast ” riya said grabbing swara’s attention.” ragu “swara went near ragini and caressed her face. ragini started gaining conscious. sanlak are flying in air to see ragini fine. but something was bothering Laksh. everyone are hugging ragini one after the other.” in one night you became so famous ragu Di ” swayam said just to get glares from others.

” kunj we should leave it’s late ” kunj’s dadu said. everyone are looking at him. sunaina and dadaji got shocked seeing kunj’s dadu.
” vikrant sareen ” dadaji muttered. he was shocked to see sunaina and Dendeyal Gadodia their then he looked at ragini and he remembered kunj saying about ragini. he was in shock. ragini also saw him tears started from her eyes. she muttered ” dadu ” and went near him.
” ladoo ” vikrant said.” ladoo, dadu ragini is ladoo what a surprise. see ragini i told you many times I know you before but you always denied. you are my ladoo I can’t believe it ” saying kunj hugged ragini. gododia’s and sanlak are staring them.” thank God, finally we found you we are searching for you from years ” kunj completed by releasing her from hug. ragini had tears in her eyes
” this girl is mad. she is talking all rubbish. janki’s death is just accident. we should send her to mental asylum ” she remembered vikrant saying. ” dadu believe me they killed maa. I am not mad ” little ragini shouting. but she was forcibly sent to mental asylum.
” ladoo vikrant tried to caress her head but she backed of. “badi maa tell him to leave from here I will not talk to the man who destroyed my life” saying ragini left to her room leaving gododia’s and sanlak confused.

sorry for being late and short update. I know their are many confusions. all will be cleared. it’s all related to ragini’s past only. how it will be revealed in next one.
who kidnapped ragini will also be revealed. after one or two episodes it will be full of ragsanlak. many want swasan so final pair will be swasan only.

sorry for typos

hope you are liking it…. positive and negative comments are welcomed…. keep smiling… spread positivity…stay blessed.. love you all… 😘😘😘

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