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Swaragini – FS (Few shots) Shot 3

Guess whose back? Me!! Sorry for keeping you longing so much, the next shot will be up soon too but after Sangini which will be as usual tonight, hope you like it and Next shot here we come…

Shot 3: There’s always a villain in every story.


“Lucky!” Sanskar rushes towards Laksh and hugs him, “My brother!” Laksh holds on and doesn’t hug him back. He just stares at Ahaana coldly, Ragini who is teary eyed has her gaze fixed on Laksh, “He isn’t Laksh, Sanskar can’t you see he is… “
“Abhimanyu Khurana!” Ahaana completes her and Laksh closes his eyes in pain. Durgaprasad is emotional too but confused at the same time while Sanskar doesn’t believe their words, “You guys have gone mad, can’t you see he’s Lucky, Laksh Maheshwari! My brother” he walks to Ragini, “Your husband” he turns to Durgaprasad, “And your son Badepapa” Durgaprasad closes his eyes in pain as Ram holds him.
“I’m sorry Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari, but I guess you’ve mistaken me to be someone else” Laksh interrupts replying back normally. As their eyes meet Sanskar is shocked, “You’re lying.”
“No I’m not!” Laksh argues, “Besides if the drama’s over can we just start the meeting and get completed with our work? I have many more works to do than to waste my time on some stupid Dramas.”
Ahaana glares at Laksh who doesn’t meet her gaze, “Even we don’t have free time to waste here, Mr. Khurana!” Ragini retorts making Ahaana smirk.

“I’m a reputed wedding planner of kolkatta and if my sister wouldn’t have asked me to have a meeting with you, I would have been doing more better things than just sheer Drama Mr. Khurana!” she completes bluntly making Laksh stare at her shocked.
Ahaana holds on her smile and comes forward, “So sorry Ragini, I just wanted you to meet our CEO” Laksh gives her a look which she returns with a same intense, “Come I’ll inform you about everything and show you some of the plans in my mind.”
“Uh, And yeah Maheshwari’s you can go to the meeting room, Khurana sir will be following you in a moment” Sanskar is in utter disbelief as Durgarasad and Ram pass by Laksh he smiles at them. Sanskar keeps a hand on his shoulder, “I’m sorry!” Laksh nods, “Abhimanyu Khurana.”
“How was the surprise?” Ahaana chirps entering Laksh’s cabin. He gets up as she comes near him he lifts his hand and acts as if trying to strangulate her, “You little thing don’t frustrate me just because I don’t scold you.”
“Huh! As if I did something wrong” she turns her face aside. “By the way you didn’t tell me how was it meeting her after a long long time?”

He points his finger at her, “That! Was really very cruel Ahaana, you didn’t even warn me it’s cheating.”
“This is not a game Laksh and I never play even plus here I’m your teacher who’s taking you on a right path” she raises her hand as if giving him a ashirwad and he joins his hands bowing low infront of her.
“Maata Ahaana, thanq for the surprise but don’t forget I won” he brushes his hair proudly. “Hahaha! I have even more better things to do than this sheer Drama Mr. Khurana!” she mimics Ragini’s style and sticks out her tongue at him.
He blushes, “She’s become so…
“Bold?” Laksh nods. “Well that news made her so and its not only you who can do good deeds for their dear ones right? The difference is just that she’s doing it for her own sister while you’re” she stares into his proud eyes, “BEING STUPID as always!” she taunts.
“Cut the crap, there’s a party tomorrow so exciting na?”
“Yeah, that reminds me” he stands in front of her crossing his hands, “What’s the party for Madam?”
She grins.

“CHILDRENS DAY PARTY?” Swara asks amused while Ragini and Nikhil both start laughing and nod in a yes, “How stupid na only girls can think of such idea’s” Nikhil snorts making both the sisters frown and retort in unison, “No!”
“She’s so cute, what sort of a company holds an childrens day party for the kids of their business associates” Ragini states while Swara continues, “Aww and plus it’s such a unique idea.”
Nikhil makes a face, “Why do you boys behave so stupid?” Swara asks frustrated leaving from there angrily.
“What did I do?” He asks innocently making Ragini chuckle and rub his shoulder.
“Wonderful!” Laksh scoffs putting on his seat belt, “Only you my friend can think of such ideas” he puts in the key and starts the car. Ahaana makes a face, “Try complimenting your bestie sometimes Buddy, she’s a generous person!”
“Yeah, poking her nose all the time in others business” he pokes her nose tip with his finger making her frown. She crosses her hands and turns her face towards the car window, “Aww, bacha got angry?”
“Huh!” she doesn’t respond and he thinks of something, “How about an icecream treat?” Laksh tries bribing her but she doesn’t seem to be interested. “Fine! Baadi it is” he sighs defeated and she squeals happily sidehugging him more of crushing him, “I love you lucky!”

He widens his eyes at her, “Lucky Jeeju!! My Lucky charm! My lucky Bacha!”
“That’s copy righted Darling” he winks at her and she giggles, “I know for whom it’s copyrighted baby” she replies with a wink and he shakes his head, “What in the world do you not know Ahaana?” she giggles.
“Lets practice or you’ll never get perfect!” Ragini remarks and he huffs. “Really, with A) An adolf hitler types father, B) A killer Jeth and C) A remarkably looking clone of your Husband!”
“Ex!” Ragini stops him, “My Ex husband Nikhil, that’s what he is now for me. A person who left his whole family desolated to die for him everyday, breaking a relationship which was unbreakable, Swara and Sanskar don’t even talk to each other properly and Me. Well after all that happened one thing is for sure Nikhil, I’m a dumb woman” Nikhil stares at her sadly as she walks closer to him. “Never love anyone more than your own family my friend, because may come what it’s always your loved ones your family that stays with you till the end while at the same time, it doesn’t take a millisecond for the love of your life, your so called better half to leave you and not even look behind once to see how broken and dead you are…”
Nikhil can’t help it as his hands move forward to wipe her tears, “I’m sorry, but maybe what if there’s a reason to it… “
“What reason are you talking about?” Swara yells at Sanskar, “He left her like that, married someone else and has a six year old daughter!” Swara bites her tongue, “Wait, 6 what?”
“6Years! You dumb woman” Sanskar states frustrated holding her tightly, “He’s in some trouble Swara and I fear it to be something related to that girl.”
“Then what do we do now?”
“Pretend, Ignore and try to move on” Ahana replies standing behind them and smirks, “Why are you two always in such a position, are you sure you guys hate each other?” she pats on Sanskar’s shoulder and walks inside followed by her is Abhimanyu at a distance. Sanskar smiles at him but then remembers about something as he shifts his gaze towards the woman next to him, she seems extremely normal.

Abhimanyu passes by smiling at the duo and when he’s completely disappeared into the baadi, “What was she saying and what happened to you? Does all that yelling and throwing tantrums come in just my package?” he asks in disbelief.
Swara smirks, “She was right! Pretend, Ignore and try to move on” she turns to face Sanskar, “You Jerk of a husband!” she retorts pulling him closer to her as their fingers intertwine, a tingle runs through her body whilst Sanskar is still at shock with her sudden change in behavior. Swara shakes of the feelings and nearly drags him inside the baadi.
Ragini laughs at a sulking Nikhil as he rubs his jeans getting up from the floor, she suddenly takes his hand and stares into his eyes, “I love you Nikhil… “ They share an eyelock but not for long as they hear something break. Nikhil cocks his head to the right seeing behind Ragini he murmurs, “Abhimanyu!”
Abhimanyu is taken aback as Ahaana interferres, “You forgot Ahaana!” she states hitting Abhimanyu with her elbow and signs to shut his open jaw. He covers his mouth with his hand and acts as if yawning, “Yeah, Uhm actually Ahaana wanted to discuss something about tomorrow’s stupid party so… “

The two women throw daggers at him, “He meant, cupid party didn’t you mate?”
Abhimanyu shakes his head, Ragini and Ahaana stare at each other and then the boys amused, “When did you guys get mated?” Ahaana asks as if shocked, “Oh my God! Is that the reason you’ve been running away from my sister since the past six months? Are you that type of a guy jeeju?” she widens her eyes shocked and he holds her ear making her wince, “You change topics so easy and convincingly don’t you?” he leaves her ear and looks back at Ragini who has a small smile which ultimately brings one on his face too.
Nikhil stares at the duo and then at a smirking Ahaana thinking, “Why does she look like a cupid with no bow and arrow to me?”

“And she’s a grown up woman too!” the evil side whispers and he glares at it.
After a few hours seem like seconds to them, Ragini has a different way in her concludes Laksh to himself. The way she has moved on has taken Laksh aka Abhimanyu to hell and back to earth it seems, she’s all flattering over her Nikhil! She has never been so frank with anyone even not with him, it was always Laksh ji or even when she called him Laksh there was always respect which was for sure lost now. Though a side of him was happy that she didn’t call him Nikhil ji but the way she was pampering him, holding his hand and laughing at his lame jokes! What? He’s jokes are really lame for him well you know why.
“Hmm…” Ahaana hums taking in the aroma of the yummy food as Abhimanyu takes a sip of his orange juice, “I must say he’s got a way of his own” she winks at Ragini.

Ragini turns to Nikhil and smiles at him with adoration, “He’s the best Ahaana” she states keeping her hands around his shoulders and he doesn’t back off making Laksh squirm.
“Afterall he’s my fiancée!” Laksh spits out the juice from his mouth and everyone stare at him shocked confused mixed emotions I guess. Ahaana rubs his back making him feel better as Swara gets a tissue for him, “Here!” she hands it over. He wipes his face and feels a bit hurt, both Ragini and Sanskar don’t even move from their faces, “Are you fine now?” Sanskar asks him coldly while Ragini doesn’t even say a word to him.
“Baby!” Oh my god Laksh’s heart feels like would pop out of his mouth any moment as Ahaana purposefully hits him a bit harder on his back. “Was that necessary?” he whisper yells at her and she smiles sheepishly.
“Offcourse, remember you said to me that whenever you try to go into Laksh mode” Laksh flinches at that name, and she lowers her voice even more, “ That whenever you try to go into Laksh mode” she whisper, “Better!” Laksh remarks.
“I’ll slap you back to being Abhimanyu!” she slaps him making tremble two steps further and fall off the couch. “Thank you!” Ahaana smiles politely, “It’s our little silly way of jeeju saali interaction!” Ahaana flusters.
“So! Menu done, flowers and decorations selected, guest list prepared and they’ll be invited till evening or lets consider tomorrow morning. Party venue… “

“Khurana Mansion!” Ahaana chirps, making Swara suspicious. “Is… it… Okay? If we hold the party at our Mansion sir?” Laksh cocks his brows in suspsicion this time but Ahaana pleads with her eyes and he nods. “Offcourse, what’s need in asking Bacha!” Ragini’s eyes get widened at that word and she stares at Abhimanyu who senses it, “So I guess it’s all done then shall we leave now?” He asks Swara who nods and the duo leave from there.
After they are gone Sanskar gets his car keys from his jacket and turns to leave but to everyone’s amusement Swara holds his arm and drags him to her room. “Nice, seems abhimanyu brought a good change in their lives” Nikhil concludes.
“And in our lives too” Ragini remarks coldly and rubs her arms, “Its getting cold can we go inside please”
“What if I say no?” Nikhil moves his brows up in a gesture and she hits him lightly, “Papa will throw you out so simple!”

Nikhil slaps his own cheeks and runs inside making Ragini chuckle.
“Where were you two?” Vibha reprimands them as Abhimanyu tries to reason, “At the Baadi for tomorrows party… “
“What? At where?” Vibha gasps. “Oh! I forgot long story di, lets talk it over at dinner no Viya would be there then how about we talk about it never?” Vibha glares at her and she sighs. “Just a small try, a contract for us to spread our business in India, the Maheshwari’s are amazing at business and tomorrow is childrens day, Viya would love to have new friends!”
“First of all, No need of extending business in India we are here for sometime only let it be like that, I don’t want to join or make any new relationships of any sorts here. Secondly, Viya doesn’t make new friends, you abhimanyu and me are all that she has got and I guess its enough for her.”
Suddenly Abhimanyu’s phone starts ringing, “Excuse me” he walks upstairs, “So someone is getting really emotional nowadays haan?”
Laksh grits his teeth, “What do you want?”
“Well to be more frank, you and me both know what I want”
Abhimanyu stands on the railings and stares at Vibha who is scolding Ahaana, “You’ll never get her, she hates you, You Bas***d!” he whisper yells punching the railing and the person laughs.

Precap : “What are you upto Ahaana?” Nikhil pins her to the wall, “Exactly, the same thing that you want to happen Nik!” her eyes are moist. “He’s dead gone forever isn’t he or are you both hiding something?” she questions him and his grip on her loosens.
“Welcome to the party, Mr. Khurana” Nikhil hugs Abhimanyu, “Don’t even dare to touch her Nik, or I might kill you within a sec” Abhimanyu warns smiling at Ragini whose standing at a distance talking to someone. “Isn’t it awfully funny, our womens exchanged?” Nikhil taunts as they separate, “She’s just my friend… ”
“Best Friend!” Nikhil retorts.

Cliffhanger at its best in the end any guesses whose the caller? Precap so confusing I know you feel like punching me I guess. Sorry No much Swasan moments today because I have saved them for the next so is for our Raglak. Something big is awaiting in the next shot friends, till then Keep reading ?

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