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Swaragini ff-Love increases because of hatred (Part-7)

Scene 1
Swaragini was about to remove the mask.Sanlak also comes there.Swara removes the mask.Everyone are left shocked.They all see each other and then the face of the black mask is shown she is none other then pinki.Ragini says you but why why u have done this what was the reason.Swara says yes we dont have any enemity then why u have done this.Sanlak says yes answer us.Pinki runs from there.They try to catch but she goes.Then swara says let us all go we will ask her tomorrow in the college.

Scene 2
At maheshwari house
Laksh thinks of ragini and smiles.Sanskar comes and laksh hugs him.Laksh says i want to tell u something sanskar.Sanskar says yes tell laksh.Laksh says sanskar i love ragini i love her very much.Sanskar hugs him again and says this is very good that u find your love i am very happy for u and i think ragini also love u.Lakshsays we both love that swaragini sisters.We should tell them.

Scene 3
Gadodia house
Swara tells ragini that the ways laksh was searching i think he is in love with u should propose him.Ragini smiles and yes now i will propose him.Screen freezes.

Precap:Laksh says to ragini i love u ragini i love you so much.Ragini hugs him.Swara thinks of sanskar and tell that is i am in love with him.

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