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Swaragini- Bin tere episode 1

New York

A man with a boy is seen playing video games
A girl comes there
Girl – rudra ashvik
Ash – mom cant you see we are busy right chachu
Ru – ha bhabi lets play


The girl is revealed to be ishani

Ish – no way , morning itself you both started stop it . Ashvik you need to go to school and rudra its time for your collage
Ru & ash – please………….
Ish – no…
Ash – when dad comes i will surely complain about you
Ish – as if i am afraid of your dad
Ash – huuu….
Ashvik goes from there

Ish – Rudra….
Ru – bhabhi you are my sweet cute bubbly bha….
Ish – dont come near with your flattering words i am not going to fall ok so go and get ready.
Rudra was going suddenly a call came

Ru – hello
Å”u – ha ….
Ru – is it
Ru – thank you so much
Cuts the call

Ru – ash…. come fast today no school and collage
Ashvik comes runningly
Ish – hey …. today there is no holiday
Ru – bhabhi sanskar bhai is again nominated for the best business man award
Ish – really
Ru – yes
Ash – yippee no school today
Ish – what
Ash – ha because we need to celebrate the good news. Chachu lets go to sanskar chachu s office he will be there
Ru – bye bhabhi ………
Ish – hey stop ….
They both leaves

SM office

A man is seen sitting on a chair and looking the file in his hands. Looking hot and handsome in his black suit.
Revealed to be our hero Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari

Suddenly rudra and ashvik enters and hugs him
Ru & ash – congrats bhai / chachu
San – hey what happend
Ash – so you dont know
Ru – bhai what is this we thought that the great SM knows everything
Ash – its too bad chachu
San – please stop eating my brain and tell me what is it
Ash – chachu you are nominated for the best business man award
Ru – that too for third time . I know you are gonna hit hat – trick
Ash & ru – and we need party……..
San – ohh thats why you both came
Ash – yes
San – you both will never change

Sanskar Maheshwari : an arrogant business tycoon Known as SM.
(Rest i will reveal it later)



A girl wearing a lehenga was watering the flowers in the garden .
(Revealed to be our heroine)
A girl calls her – rajkumari

Swara rajput rajvanshi : princess of rajapur. Very kind traditional but modern minded girl. Loves everyone.

Sw – ha ragini
Rag – tum kaha thi i was searching for you
Sw – what happend
Rag – i have bought something for you
Sw – what is it show me
Rag – here it is…
Sw – wow.. puchka…thank you rago(kisses her cheeks) you after coming from US first time i am eating it. Thank you sooooo much.
Rag – welcome rajkumari.


Two old man was talking.

One man – gurudev i was thinking to get rajkumari married. Now she is 20 and as you said the troubles in her life is coming i think.
Gu – ha maharaj. May be the man  who made for her came and rescue from her all the troubles.
Mah – yes.. i am searching a perfect match for her .
Gu – their both kundli should be matched 10 out 10. They are and they will be joined by god. Nobody can stop their union if anyone is there then he will have to face death .

Sorry for the short part
Ending here . I think its a boring part because without thinking anything i just wrote it. Forgive me for my mistakes.
Give me comments please �

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