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Swaragini 4th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nikhil asking Ragini, why did she lie to Swara. Even they have right to know. Ragini says Annapurna and Durga Prasad are living with hope of Laksh’s return, and tells that Swara and Sanskar will separate for forever if they come to know about Laksh’s death. She says I don’t want them to separate. She asks Nikhil not to tell this truth to anyone. Nikhil promises her. Ragini sees Laksh’s pic and asks why did you leave me and went Laksh…..She cries badly. Just then A man is shown…A girl comes running to him and calls him baba. She asks him to play badminton with her. He hugs her. Girl smiles. His face is shown, and he resembles Laksh or may be Laksh himself. Ragini cries recalling their marriage and the moments thereafter. A song plays……Noore Khuda plays……Ragini


and Laksh’s moments are shown. Sujata gives 50 Lakhs rupees to Gayatri and says I have kept in bag. Gayatri assures her that Uttara will rule in her house. Swara is about to go there, but Sanskar comes and takes her to his room. Swara asks what you are doing? She says Maa and Papa are giving dowry to Uttara’s inlaws.

Sanskar asks if you have weak memory, and says you have nothing to do with us. Swara says Uttara is your sister, and how can you see Uttara’s life ruined like this. Sanskar says I can’t go and we don’t have a perfect marriage. Whenever I try to tell Mum that she tells me that I don’t have right to speak when I couldn’t handle my own marriage. He says he is worried about Sujata. Swara says relations can’t be brought by money. Sanskar says he says I loved you immensely, but my love….He asks her to handle her work and leave, and says now you have to plan your new life.

Swara says if our relation is weak, then we can’t risk other’s relations. She says you can keep silent, but I will speak. Sanskar asks her not to say. Swara says I will. Sanskar holds her hand and they fall on bed. They have an eye lock. Sujata takes Gayatri to Sanskar’s room to keep the money and stuff. They see Sanskar and Swara sitting romantically and having an eye lock. Sujata says sanskar and is shocked. Gayatri’s husband asks what is happening here? Gayatri scolds Swara and asks about her greedy stomach. She says you are so much greedy for money and asks why did you do this bad work to earn money. She says what do you think that you will trap Sanskar, and says he is a man, but you are a girl, don’t you have any respect. Swara is teary eyes.

Gayatri says I know girls like you, don’t show me fake tears. She says first girls like you dance infront of men, and then do all this stuff. She says you people are dirty insects of gutter. Sanskar shouts asking Gayatri to stop it and asks her to know that Swara is his wife, and whatever she is thinking haven’t happened here. Gayatri looks on shocked.

Nikhil tells Ragini that he can’t face her family after knowing a deep truth. Ragini says if this is the case, then you can’t stay with us or might tell about it unknowingly. Nikhil leaves in car. Durga Prasad asks Annapurna, if Swara told anything about Laksh. Annapurna says no, and says she will ask Ragini. Ragini steps inside Maheshwari house, recalling Laksh’s death and Swara’s oath. Annapurna asks Ragini if she comes to know anything about laksh. Ragini says no, and says he was in that hospital, but left somewhere. Durga Prasad says where he could go. Annapurna cries. Durga Prasad asks Annapurna to take care of herself. Gayatri comes there with her husband and announces to stop the engagement.

Gayatri’s husband demand more money. Uttara refuses to get engaged and breaks the alliance. Ragini asks them to go and tells that she is Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. Swara also asks them to go. Sanskar looks on.

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