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Swaragini 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Annapurna crying seeing Laksh refusing to be their son. Laksh asks her not to cry and says he understands her pain. Sanskar tells him that he doesn’t care for his own family for a stranger woman and a girl. Inspector says we have to close this case right now. Sanskar asks what about Nikhil and says I am sure this woman is with him. Mansi says I don’t know Nikhil. Sanskar says how can a same person have different finger prints and asks Inspector to check if he did something. Inspector says we can’t do anything now. Ragini asks Laksh to take promise of her head and say that he is not Laksh, but Abhimanyu Khanna. She says if you take my wrong promise, then you will have to see my dead face. Mansi asks what is this nonsense. Ragini signs her to be quiet. Laksh folds his palm


and gets tensed. He keeps his hand on her head. Ragini is shocked and teary eyes. Swara comes and says stop it, what is the hurry? Lets sort out few things. She says I am going to stop a wrong work. Mansi asks what?

Swara says Laksh is going to promise keeping hand on his real wife’s head. She says she wants to prove something, and says today it will be proved that Laksh is alive and declared dead to come with new identity. She tells Inspector that anything is possible, and says lets begin with 6 months back. She says my sister’s husband Laksh Maheshwari went missing on that day, I can’t forget it as two brothers became enemies. She says he went from there, but didn’t reach home. She says we took 6 months to reach here, and says one day a car agent told Sanskar about Laksh’s car. Car Agent comes there and tells a man asked him to call Sanskar and inform that Laksh’s car is with him. Sanskar asks who was that man? Car Agent says that he didn’t see man’s face and he asked him to keep Laksh’s car and tell a fake story to Sanskar. Everyone hears them. Swara says that man must be Nikhil. Mansi is tensed.

Swara says Laksh is helpless and was trapped in a big game plan. She says we have to find out first if Laksh is alive or dead. She calls doctor and asks if that man is dead or alive. Doctor says Laksh Maheshwari is dead and says I have signed on the death certificate after checking the body. Inspector says we can’t suspect the doctor as he is reputed doctor. Swara asks Mansi, why she is tensed and says they are talking about Laksh. Doctor says he didn’t see the patient’s face as his face was ruined and was with bandage. When he checked him, he was dead and they identified him with ID in his wallet. Swara says so you didn’t see his face and says it is all staged to look patient like Laksh.

Swara says now it is proved that Laksh is alive and this is all big plan. She tells Durga Prasad and Annapurna that she will prove soon that he is Laksh and not Abhimanyu Khanna. She asks Laksh to call Mishka. Laksh says she is a little girl. Inspector asks Constable to bring the girl and go with Mansi. Mansi comes to Mishka and asks her to tell Inspector about her Papa. Constable asks Mansi not to talk to her. Mansi asks about aarti. Mishka says she went to take breakfast for me. Swara asks Mishka not to worry. Mansi says you are scaring her and now asking not to get scared. Swara asks where did you meet your papa first. Mansi says she met him when she was born. Swara asks her to let Mishka answer. Mishka says I met Papa 6 months back.

Laksh cooks up a fake story that he stayed away from Mansi because of his parents, but finally met her 6 months back. Swara asks why he is lying and want to go far from Ragini. Laksh asks why she is staying far from her husband. Swara tells that she will prove that he is Laksh and not Abhimanyu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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