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Swaragini 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Laksh asking Sanskar to go. Mishka comes there and calls him Papa. Laksh closes the door. He turns to Mansi and asks who is Nikhil. Mansi gets tensed thinking Laksh came to know about Nikhil. Swara and Sanskar talk to Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad shows Laksh’s Passport and ID cards. Sanskar tells that they trusted the wrong guy. Swara tells that Laksh can’t refuse to give his finger prints and that his finger prints will match with that of Abhimanyu. Mansi tells Laksh that Nikhil is her friend and was helping her. She says everything happened so soon that she couldn’t inform him. Laksh asks why he is involved with Swara and Sanskar. Mansi asks why he is doubting him and emotionally blackmails him taking Mishka’s name and bad health. Mishka calls Papa just then. Laksh runs


to her room. Mansi says I thought to kill you and settled down with Nikhil and Mishka in foreign. Mishka asks Laksh not to leave her. Laksh promises her that he will stay with her until he is alive. Mansi thinks if you leave Mishka then you will die, atleast you have to be here for a month. She thinks to execute her plan sooner without Nikhil.

Next morning, Swara comes to work. Mansi asks where is your husband and asks her to go to Mishka’s room. Swara goes. Sanskar comes there. Laksh tries to close the door, but Sanskar stops him. Laksh sees Sanskar, Ragini, Annapurna and Durga Prasad standing with police. Sanskar says I thought to end this game right here and came here with warrant. He says I didn’t know about your helplessness, and just know that you are my brother and I will take you back home. Laksh looks on.

Swara asks Mishka to have milk and asks her why she didn’t see her father before 6 months back. Mishka tells that they were in Canada before. Swara recalls telling that Nikhil was stayed in Canada since 15 years. Laksh says I went to end this game and that’s why informed my area police. Durga Prasad shows passport, pan card and says these ID proofs will prove that he is Laksh and not Abhimanyu. Laksh provides Abhimanyu’s ID cards and passport and says this is his. Annapurna says Laksh. His area police checks the proves and asks other to verify it. Ragini says okay, I will agree that you are not Laksh and says 1 proof is still needed. She asks him to remove his shirt. Mansi asks how dare you and asks why do you want my husband to remove his shirt. Ragini says I will turn if you want, others will check. She says I want to see the birth mark on his hand which Laksh have. Mansi says they are clever people. Ragini asks why she is having problem. Laksh moves his shirt. Annapurna, Durga Prasad and others see the mark. Annapurna makes Ragini turn and see the mark. Ragini is emotional and teary eyes.

Swara says you mean that you came to India few months back and asks when your papa came, did your mum tell you that he is your dad. Mishka says no, and says Papa told me that he is my Papa. Ragini tells that it is proved that he is Laksh. Annapurna asks him to come home. Laksh tells that it is not a birth mark, but an accident scar. Ragini asks him to stop it. Mansi gives him reports. Laksh shows reports to Inspector and says it is a co incidence. Laksh says what to do to make you believe that I am Abhimanyu. Inspector says we have to confirm this report with the doctor. He calls Doctor and says report is genuine. Annapurna says he is lying. Inspector says that Doctor is a reputed doctor of the city. Sanskar says you can lie, even doctor can, but finger prints can’t. Laksh looks shocked.

Ragini asks Laksh to keep his hand on her head and tell that he is not Laksh. She says if you take fake promise then you have to see my dead face. Laksh is tensed.

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